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January 4, 2009 Show

090104tech-001   Winegard pre amplifiers - what features are important?
    The function of a rig's RF Gain control
    Are there filters available that cut off above Ch. 51?
    What is "dB noise figure?"
    Can I connect a DTV decoder to my scanner to get DTV audio?
090104tech-002   DTV converter portability
    Using the DTV converter RCA output jacks
    DTV antenna design vs. analog TV antenna design
    How WNET's antennas are positioned on top of the Empire State Building
    How can you get DTV on your portable Sony WatchMan?
    How can you get DTV on your car mobile TV?
090104tech-003   The growth of G3, G4 streaming technology
    DTV converter portability revisited
    Noise figure definition and amplifiers
    Cablevision's fate after the DTV conversion
    What output are on the back of a DTV converter?
    Analog TV Peak Envelope Power vs. DTV PEP
    Portable TV's with a built in DTV converter revisited from 081228tech-003 and 004
090104tech-004   The EI&Z Discussions- Diagram 1
    What would motivate a TV station to broadcast DT in VHF Lo?
    The EI&Z Discussions- Diagram 2 --1/2wave plain wire antenna

January 11, 2009 Show

090111tech-001   Does Dish Network or DirectTV offer 1080 transmission?
    Blue ray quality vs. DVD quality
    What DTV flickering looks like
    Bad picture quality - is it the DTV box or the TV station?
    Interlace vs. progressive DTV
090111tech-002   Group delay vs. phase delay
    DTV power dividers and wave guides used at the Empire State Building
    Is it worth it to upgrade to a 40" DTV with a 120Mhz refresh rate?
    Burn in characteristics of LCD and Plasma DTV screens
    Comparing US and UK TV transmission signals
    Portable DTV possibilities and reception test results revisited
090111tech-003   KE2EJ Eric's new digital repeater being built
    Portable DTV possibilities and reception test results revisited
    Mel's home DTV reception results
    What is the minimum micro volts needed for a good DTV signal VS an analog TV signal?
    Will the Feb. 2009 DTV conversion date be delayed?
    Are we better off with analog TV than DTV?
    Manually getting TV signals from a DTV converter box
090111tech-004   Mel's Email #01 The EI&Z Discussions feedback to date
    Dick's "Impedance Light bulb" example
    Being a fugal ham radio operator pays off
    Mel's Email #02 Looking at sloping wire (TVB) antennas


January 18, 2009 Show

090118tech-001   Can I intercept the ID that a CDMA cell phones sends to a cell site?
    Using Blue tooth to identify your cell phone
    Measuring current to identify your cell phone
    Anti-Cloning software used to battle against cell phone theft
    SimCard duplication with a laptop
090118tech-002   Using a cell phone as an RF ID device
    Cell phone duty cycle and battery drainage
    Measuring cell phone output with a spectrum analyzer
    GPS technology that's integrated in cell phones
    How much power can a black box with three large resistors and dummy load take?
090118tech-003   Evaluation and uses of Bird Dummy Loads
    Some valuable uses of a light bulb used in a series circuit in the ham shack
    Debate over QST VHF Spring 2009 article "DTV requires more power than analog "
    Viewing DTV pilot tones on a network analyzer
    Low insertion loss sealants for coax connectors
090118tech-004   700 Mhz cut-off filters for DTV reception revisited
    Low insertion loss sealants for coax connectors revisited
    Terminating 750 Hard Line and LMR 400 cable
    3am DTV reception reports
    Sensitivity of a DTV receiver on www.vtechnology.com and www.rabbitears.info


January 25, 2009 Show

090125tech-001   Using a Screwdriver antenna as a base antenna
    DTV converter box attenuator effects
    DTV equalization in the RF statement
    FFE and DRF in relation to DTV transmission
    Discussion of Gary Spignoli's DTV pilot tone report
    Low Pass 700Mhz filters revisited
090125tech-002   Measuring DTV bandwidth in relation to noise floor and signal ratio
    Will the DTV conversion date be delayed?
    What NYC TV stations NOT to use for testing your DTV converter box
    Dish Network dish loses its lock on a signal after six minutes - why?
    MELS EMAIL 01: Sloping wire (TVB) antennas revisited from 090111tech-004
090125tech-003   Is the TVB similar to a FishBone antenna?
    Discussion of the KU4AB antenna
    Tuning horizontal and vertical elements with the correct delay
    Faraday rotation and the E skip and F skip
    Using power dividers with phased antennas
    Discussion of the Halo Loop / Vertical Polarity 1/4 Wave combo antenna
    Discussion of the KU4AB antenna revisited
    Examples of antennas that have circular polarization in all directions
090125tech-004   Discussion of the Lynden Black (sp?) array antenna design and polarization
    Multi path with 2 or 3 hops and its effect on fade
    Z1BPU web site about how signals split in the ionosphere
    Performance of wide-spaced beams vs. narrow-spaced beams
    Linear and circular antenna fading


February 1, 2009 Show

090201tech-001   The history of the Collins KWM1 transceiver
    Repairing the coax of Sirius satellite receiver antenna
    Examining a microwave oven magnetron magnets
    A magnetron load pull test explained
    Dick shares his "hen in a microwave test"
    How the size of a microwave's size effects performance
090201tech-002   Does lead in a cups glazing effect temperature performance in a microwave oven?
    Soufside (sp?) cooking - a new way of cooking
    How water behaves in a microwave oven
    Measuring the speed of light with a microwave oven
    Lead and other poisons in municipal water supplies
    How effective are water filters?
    Misunderstandings of RF radiation
090201tech-003   RF radiation created by the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
    How radiation effects human DNA
    RF induced thermal heating as a cure for cancer
    U of San Diego research report on the effect of RF exposure
    The effects of RF exposure on heart fibulators and stints
    Consumer Reports Jan 2009 article on Sodium Content in American Food
    Lead dust from grinding pc board components
090201tech-004   The dangers on lead solder
    MELS EMAIL 01: What size and color wire do I use for a stealth HF antenna?
    Antenna challenges for apartment dwellers
    Reviewing the CAC antenna
    Fluorescent lights and radio interference


February 8, 2009 Show

090208tech-001   Examining DTV reception and selective fading from different NYC TV stations
    TV station antennas and multi path
    DTV switchover date is postponed
    Range of analog WNET Ch.13 vs. digital WNET Ch.13
    Examining antenna pattern measurement and its relation to polarazation
    Depolarization Effect explained
    The KCRC Meeting building at Floyd Bennett Field is shutting down
090208tech-002   Dick's article on UHF Antenna/Radiometry in QST 2/76
    Operational amplifiers and differential voltage
    Examining fluorescent lights and radio interference revisited from 090201tech-004 (above)
    How LED lights work
    How far do LED lights radiate?
    LED QRM at traffic intersections
    FCC Part 15 Standards for radio emissions
090208tech-003   MELS EMAIL 01: What is the proper way to use a light bulb as a dummy load
    MELS EMAIL 02: How to find a good value in used ham equipment.
    Buying above vs. buying below "Blue Book" value
090208tech-004   Review of Mel's Email rules
    Mystery SSB "ding ding" sound heard on 40m and 80m
    MELS EMAIL 03: How good are older rigs' selectivity?
    QST Feb 2009 article "Keeping current with antenna performance" discussed
    Does the SWR meter have the final say in antenna performance?
    RF Amp meter vs. an SWR meter
    How do you know when a LED light reaches it maximum brightness?

February 15, 2009 Show

090215tech-001   DTV modulator signal transmission through closed circuit system
    Is it better to place a meter at the antenna?
    Project suggestions for a ham class of 30
    Venus is presently the brightest star in the night sky
    The misunderstanding of a telescope's gain
    The future of software defined radio
    The need for more RF engineering courses for graduates and undergraduates
    The small size of surface mount components
090215tech-002   Using a network analyzer as an "antenna laboratory"
    The need for more RF engineering courses for graduates and undergraduates revisited
    SPACE REPORT w/WS2N Paul Satellite collision / Lunar Orbitor update / Rotary Joint failures
    Buffalo NY air crash: Airplane icing - how common is it?
090215tech-003   MELS EMAIL 01: Installing effective dipoles in attic crawl spaces
    Good stealth antenna info in "Practical HF Radio Command and Control" by AS Christianson
    What happens when you transmits on HF to a "line of sight" station?
    MELS EMAIL 02: How good does a Fan Dipole perform on 80m?
090215tech-004   Examining the Turnstile antenna and the Wilkinson Hybrid antenna
    The role of a Wilkinson power divider
    The Cho (sp?) Wheeler Criteria


February 22, 2009 Show

090222tech-001   WADX and the era of the spinning disk TV technology
    Looking back at Farnswort, Sarnoff and the early years of TV
    TV technology circa 1939
    Early days of TV programming up to Telstar technology
    Hams share their first experiences with TV and TV/electronic repair
    tubecollectors.org/tubecall.htm good source of tube images and tube magazine
    Basics of Directional Couplers
090222tech-002   K5RMG.org good source for directional couplers
    Power handling capabilities of directional couplers
    Directivity principles and directional couplers
    Review of a report on Coupler Coefficient
    Tom Mullen and directional couplers
    Directional Couplers in relation to transmission lines and auxilary lines
090222tech-003   Building a directional couplers with 2 parallel lines
    Signal behavior in a waveguide
    Wireless Design Feb 2009 good source for directional couplers
    Making an antenna from Home Depot's plumbing department
    Looking back at the coffee can antenna
090222tech-004   MELS EMAIL 01: Continuing with tinfoil stealth antennas from 090215tech-003
    MELS EMAIL 02: Using copper piping a ground
    MELS EMAIL 03: What's the best direction to bend the end of a dipole?
    The Brown and Woodward charts a good source for wire and elelment dimensions
    Kraus' theory on the dipole
090222tech-004   How do adjust Yagi element so you can work a lower part of the 70cm band
090222tech-005   MELS EMAIL 04: Where do you put coils in 1/4 wave 80m dipole?
    Can you loop the ends of an 80m dipole instead of making coils?
    MELS EMAIL 05: Will ham radio have a band in the ultraviolet light range?
    The overlapping grey area of radio waves and optical waves


March 1, 2009 Show

090301tech-001   How do I cut the elements of a 22' 420Mhz yagi so it can work at a higher frequency?
    QST February 76 good article on a radiometry antenna range
    The DL6WU yagi design formula
    Experimenting with placing foil between a yagi elements
090301tech-002   Gamma fed antennas
    The challenge of tuning Halo antennas
    Buying and experimenting with dopler antennas
    Transmitter hunting with dopler antenna equipment
    SPACE REPORT w/Paul WS2N ISS new solar panel / High res pictures of Mars
    Finding the tuned frequency on a long multi element yagi
090301tech-003   K1WHS K1FO websites are good sources for large yagis
    MELS EMAIL 01: 6m & 19m ionospheric noise vs. UHF galactic noise
    MELS EMAIL 02: How much time does it take to put together an Elekraft K2 or K3
    Kenwood tech support vs. Icom tech support
    MELS EMAIL 03: Can I make a vertical 1/2 wave for 15m without needing radials
090301tech-004   Are there SWR changes between vertical and horizontal antennas?
    The reliability of DC brushless motors

Air Date
First Topic Discussed in Segment
March 8, 2009
Examining DTV signal signatures on a network analyzer
WNET TV DTV video bandwidth
How does a radio signal travel through space?
Measuring 160m and 80m antenna radiation efficiency
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
March 15, 2009
Are CBS and PBS broadcasting DTV yet?
Why we give long answers to TechNet questions
Mel's shares how he got an ear full from a antenna manufacturer engineer
Making antennas for 160m
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
March 22, 2009
Transmitting on a super conductive wire antenna
heavensabove.com to track the ISS
MELS EMAIL Ways to bend the end of a dipole
VE3CV elevated feed verticals
 QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
March 29, 2009
Why aren't there anymore TV picture tubes on the market?
Dick: Skeptical of latest antenna modeling programs
The Drake TR6 and clover leaf antennas
MELS EMAIL: Zig Zag matching networks
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
April 5, 2009
What equipment is needed to contact satellites?
Variations between DTV signal "dips"
Yagi boom elements for Vertical and Horizontal Polarization
Dangers of installing a relay in the engine compartment
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
April 12, 2009
HF frequency measurement tests scheduled
Impedance matching with yagi elements
Elevated zig zag fed HF verticals (ie Titan DX)
Surge impedance
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
April 19, 2009
All about grounding
Freq/signal tone shifts switching between two antennas
Infinitesable (sp?) dipole discussion
The practicality of a manned mission to Mars
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
April 26, 2009
Full-size ladder line and G5RVs
Transversing of planes from one polarity to another
Copper oxide rectifiers
MEL'S EMAIL: Can I put 2 HF mobile antennas end to end to make a base HF dipole?
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
May 3, 2009
High stability oscillators
Charging lead acid batteries
MELS EMAIL: What is a Hex Beam?
MELS EMAIL: Can a 20m antenna fit in a 10 foot square space?
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
May 10, 2009
HF Propagation and the Sun Cycle
800v power supply chokes
How good is Crimping?
MELS EMAIL: Why does an SWR meter change along a transmission line?
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
May 17, 2006
Double Precision feature in a calculator
Dish wind load at the top of antenna tower
What NYC repeaters rebroadcast the space shuttle
Helical-wound antennas
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
May 21, 2009
Wall dimmer switches revisited
Review of different DTV Converters
DTV filters used at the transmitter
Oscillator "Lock and Roll"
May 31, 2009
How does a dipole handle concurrent transmitting and receiving signals
Field and Wave Engineering courses have to be done better
The nature of not so good looking DTV images
The importance of wanting to know why and how things work
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
June 7, 2009
Making a ground plane on a fiberglass car roof
High voltage experiments using sharp metal points
Voltage Plates
Global economy effects on the US
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
June 14, 2009
Day 2 of DTV across America
Zooming and cropping the DTV display
Yagis that are vertically polarized on a horizontal mast
Comparing DTV signals from WCBS and WPIX
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
June 21,2009
Yagis and variable capacitors
Nasty things in the way transmission lines work
Using a tuner as a band pass filer
Close Caption on DTV
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
June 28, 2009
Restoring boat anchors by use of a dishwasher
Efficiency of solar cells
SPACE REPORT: Hubble repair update
Weapons Replaceable Assemblies
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
July 5, 2009
Digital info being transmitted over AM broadcast radio channels
Experiments conducted in Anechoic Chambers
Performance and the diameter of a yagi radiator
Modifying a CB mag mount for ham use
4QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
Reel 1
starts at 11:20
July 12, 2009
Antenna efficiency and high return loss (1hr 30mins)
Input and Output impedance of an amplifier an dB ratio
What causes lagging in phase or leading in phase
SPACE REPORT: Fuels used on the lunar module
July 19, 2009
Blue emitting diode's late arrival
The effects of using a notch filter
HF antenna take-off angles
Apollo 14 color wheel camera
July 26, 2009
The real locations of NYC DTV stations
Supplemental transmitting DTV antennas for TV stations
Antenna guy wires and TVI
Pros and Cons of ROHS solder
4QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
 August 2, 2009
 Improving the AM audio on 70m
 The "liquid" in Liquid Displays
 Antenna gain equations
 Yagi phase shifting
 4QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
 August 9, 2009
The coax inside a GAP vertical
The Carolina Windham antenna comparison
SWR vs Radiation efficiency
Sprinklers activate when Txing
RF energy in control circuitry
RFI and the Balun Debate
Cable leakage effects on signal strength
RF interference: Dealing with neighbors
Cable leakage detection
Jung's book "Operational Amplifiers"
Audio Oscillators
Life on Exoplanets
Civilization stages on planets
MELS EMAIL: Converting an Am amp into a SSB amp
 What makes a good transformer
 August 16, 2009
Sprinklers go off when I transmit
Using a 2 element co-linear 2m antenna on 70cm
Deviation adjustments for the
Icom 208
Examples of unique CW DXCCs on 30m
 August 23, 2009
Cable-eating squirrels cause reception problems
Crystal Diode Detector and Absorption Wave Meters
Book:  "13 Things That Do Not Make Sense"
Pioneer 10 mysteries
Heating swimming pools with solar power.
Fractal Antennas
 August 30, 2009
The history of the "Wow" signal
Book:  "13 Things That Do Not Make Sense"
Unfounded RF Radiation scare in France
 Unfounded RF Radiation scare in Bayville, NY
 QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
 September 6, 2009
Cell phone pops popcorn (hoax?)
RF interference and electronic susceptibility
From sprinklers going off when Txing to doorbells ringing
Troubleshooting interference problems
Troubleshoot CATV cable leakage
The Cumulative Leakage Index
Setting up camp on the Moon's South Pole
FRACTAL ANTENNAS: Langsdorf Antenna
MELS EMAIL: FRACTAL ANTENNAS: The Minkowski Island design
 September 13, 2009
 The HW202 power supply
 Using a TV to measure field sensitivity with Joe W2HYY.
Measuring cable leakage after landscaper cuts coax.
Measuring intermittent signals with two independent sweeping devices.
 109-120Mhz wireless microphones- legal?
SPACE REPORT: Hubble repair update.
FRACTAL ANTENNAS: Reexamination of the Landsdorf antenna.
 FRACTAL ANTENNAS: The Landsdorf antenna vs. the Log Periodic.
FRACTAL ANTENNAS: Patterns of array antennas.
MELS EMAIL: HFing on Mars?
  QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
 September 20, 2009
 Working on Cantennas
Cleaning VCR video and audio heads
All about VCR heads
 Troubleshooting VCR tape transport systems
VCR heads and VHS HiFi
Review of articles discussing perceived risk of cell phone tower radiation
 The Bayville NY RF radiation hysteria.
TechNet hams speak out to take action against anti cell tower advocates
MELS EMAIL: What is the best way to feed a dipole: Twin Lead, Ladder line, of Coax?
September 27,2009
Antenna manufacturers SWR claims.
PI Networks, variable capacitors and rotary inductor tuners.
Www.buddypole.com and accessories with nanophosphate battery technology.
Review of the NEAT Conference.
QST 9/09 Article on power analyzers for battery charging systems.
Proper stacking distance for a Halo antenna.
Trying to find true north with a GPS.
Earth tilt and the effects of the Sun's exposure.
Good web sites showing before and after Hubble's repair.
Good astronomy freeware.
MELS EMAIL: Silver plating and HF coils.
How much would Collins equipment sell for today.
Collins contribution to WW2
The infamous 813 tube and the BC221 frequency meter.
The birth of the microwave oven.
The days of the acorn tube.
Renovators to the Floyd Bennett Field.
 Tinning the braids of a coax.
Crimp or not to crimp a cable?
NYC DTV receiving signal update.
MELS EMAIL: Turning a a TV antenna to a vertical position, and circular polarization.
October 4, 2009 

Salvaging 18' fiberglass dishes.
Calibrating a network analyzer for S1 and S2.
What's on C Band these days - an in depth look.
Why the US is using 70cm for missile defense.

 The mysterious signal on 146.575 Mhz when the UN was active.
SPACE REPORT: The search for water on the moon.
A 2m repeater on the moon?
Troubleshooting the LIMARC repeater.
(TechNet ends early)
 QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
 October 11, 2009
Does the twin lead of a G5RV need to be in a straight line?
Differential attenuators.
Using active attenuators during a fox hunt.
What makes a good fox hunter and what equipment is good to use?
What happens when radio waves hit a human.
Charts on cell phone absorption rates now appearing in magazines.
Germany claim cell phone industry workers "take home" radiation to their families.
The danger of soldering fumes.
Fox hunt attenuators revisited.
Lights in the night sky appear over a LIMARC member's house.
SPACE REPORT-NASA crashes craft into moon's South Pole.
Update on VCR head cleaning.
October 18, 2009
Examining the director, reflector and elements of a Yagi.
Replacing the last element on a Yagi with a coat hanger- what would be the performance?
Measuring the charactaristic impedance of a transmission line.
Electronphonic sound.
Hams share their experiences of lightning strikes.
10' mast on a ham's bicycle that got struck by lightning.
The danger of inhaling ozone and other substances.
CBS's 60 Minutes segment on a ham using RF energy to battle cancer cells.
Is there any 9913 performance loss when mixing connecting it with different types of coax.
How to get cheap 750 hardline.
Dick and Mel Linux/Windows email problems.
SPACE REPORT: Update on Polar South Pole water mission.
Update on the Balloon Bay hoax.
MELS EMAIL: The great debate over antenna height.
 The benefits of a vertical 1/2 wave dipole.
Rotating from horizontal to vertical with the Cushcraft MA5V.
Using the Kenpro KR500 rotator with the Cushcraft MA5V
  QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
October 27, 2009
Extending a Wavetek serivce monitor to 1.2 Ghz.
High marks using a Bowtie antenna for DTV reception.
Placement of preamps for DTV reception.
Radome antennas and water damage.
The quality (or lack of) of foam filled cable.
How to get cheap 750 hardline.

How ground testers work.
SPACE REPORT: Water on the moon update.
Mel's handcrank wooden Dialectic Constant box.
Scarce documentation on use of vertical dipoles.
Artificial dialectic material with negative refractive index.
Lots of radar pulses heard lately on 449 Mhz.
MELS EMAIL 01: Letter from a son of a store owner from "Radio Row"
MELS EMAIL 02: What is the burnt out piece inside of a Gonset Stripline Unbalanced Tuner.
Review of the recent LIMARC flea market.
Dick's ham friends who now has a windmill fram next to his repeater.
FRACTAL ANTENNAS: Article from 10/09 Antennas and Propagation from th e IEEE about the Landsdorf antenna.
  QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
November 1, 2009
Youtube video on Electromagnetic Reactive Armour.
Receiving DTV carrier frequencies on a omnidirectional antenna.
Dick shares when using different polarizations on the NY Thruway.
Analysis of cross polarization and Faraday Rotation.
Is it possible to transmit with a beverage antenna?
Beverage antennas performance vs. other antennas.
Brooklyn hams who moonbounce.
The conductivity of water.
When parts of NYC were on DC current.
A look at Mel's antique books including one on The Edison Company.
Keeping water out of cables.
Comparing two closely mounted repeater antennas.
The job requirements for a Edison Co wiring person.
Review of the NYC Marathon.
 In search for Motorola amp schematics and a look at www.repeater-builder.com
ARCS amd K1FO products.
April/May 2009 QST article on amplifier protection techniques.
Mel gives high marks for RF amplifiers by ARRL.
Air cooling vs water cooling.
6360, 4CX250R, 6188, and 4CX250D amplifier tube discussion.
November 8, 2009
Extracting a jammed screw/lug bolt.
"Nut Busting" products.
091101tech-003 update on Comparing two closely mounted repeater antennas.
Internet hack causes Brazil power outage.
Using APRS with balloons.
Sending a radio-controlled airplane across the Atlantic.

 How much amperage can you put through a certain guage of wire.
Can you use CAT5 cable for DC power?
CAT5 vs CAT6e cable.
Using coax to wire a computer network.
Characteristic impedance and physical design of CAT5e cable.
All about Turbey (sp?) bits and 64 Quam (sp?).
Group delayed distortion.
DTV converter crashes when receiving two simultaneous signals-why?
Is there a scanner module that enables DTV audio listening?
The future of the 700Mhz region.
Are DTV frequencies purposely programmed to be off-set?
 Are the new Homeland Security frequencies now going to be NFM?
Light modulation from stars and their planets.
MELS EMAIL 01: How do I find the correct transistor parts for electronic projects?
  QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
November 15, 2009
Where do you place your atomic clock for best reception?
Dos and don'ts when installing a screw driver antenna.
Capacitor reactance explained.
Law of conservation and energy explained.
Over-reliance on SWR and S meters.
WAAS and GPS reception.

GPS technology used in air travel.
The Geocaching hobby.
All about LITHARC.
Fresnel Zone and multi path.
The present state of RF Engineering education.
SPACE REPORT: NASA finds water at moon's pole.
Update on the Dawn Spacecraft to the asteroid belt.
N2XJN shares his career in resonant acoustic technologies.
Designing U shaped channel Yagi elements.
Mel and Dick repeat rules for the emailing the Technet.
MELS EMAIL 01: Replacing a 3-tap bleeder resistor.
What is the best method of operation when using a screw driver antenna.
www.k0bg.com - good source for info on mobile antenna wind resistance.
Mel talks about mobile transcievers he owned.
MEL EMAIL 02: How do you shop for aluminum piping to make antennas?
Examining HF vertical antennas
November 22, 2009
Ham frustrated over his comments were rebroadcasted from amateurradio.tv
Do you need a tuner when using a solid state amplifier?
Solid state SWR tolerance vs Tube SWR tolerance.
W2EEO 4th generation ham signs into TechNet.
S Meter reading and S Meter sensitivity.
What is a Scotch S Meter?
Examining The KAY Company step attenuator.
Why is there WiFi restrictions in Israel?
RF radiation scare news - this time from France.
Examining The KAY Company step attenuator -revisited.
Is it safe to use a duplexer with a step attenuator with the Kenwood TS2000?
When a signal generator is "dirty"
The advantages of buying good used equipment.
When a signal generator is "dirty" revisited.
RF radiation scare news - revisited.
Resonant frequencies (2.4 Ghz) that effect the human body.
The American diet vs the French diet.
Examining the salt content in Kosher food.
The unhealthy American lifestyle.
Resonant frequencies (2.4 Ghz) that effect the human body.
Focusing RF Energy, multipath, and reflection
The need for more research on RF insertion depth.
The 94Ghz RF Crowd Control Gun.
Specific Absorption Rate explained.
900 MHz transmitters being installed on water meters.
Electric standards for alarm systems.
MELS EMAIL 01: Update on the bleeder resistor email from 091117tech-003.
MELS EMAIL 02: Can I use a zip cord to make an antenna?
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
November 29, 2009
Where does one donate classic Tektronix 551, 556 dual beam scope equipment?
Tektronix 551, 556 plugins.
Will dropping a wire from a 2nd story window to the sidewalk work as an antenna for a Yaesu 817?
Yaesu 817's delicate final stage.
Using an old TV antenna antenna with a tuner and a Yaesu 817.
Hot air soldering techniques on surface mounts.
How to use a microscope's gain.
Unsoldering components from a board.
ESSD's precautions

Precautions when wearing a wrist grounding strap.
Precautions when using Scotch tape to avoid electrostatic shock.
www.contactinc.com good source for static dissipation station equipment.
Millivacs, Variacs, and high impedance meters.
Examining Chopper stabilized operational amplifiers.
Shining an LED flashnight on a scanner LED display.
The large Toyota recall and its poor media coverage


All about the Toyota full vehicle acceleration recall- how it happens and how to survive it.
What could cause the Toyota instant acceleration?
How does cruise control relate to instant acceleration?
Tire "Squirm" explained.

When and how do you change your oil and rotate your tires?
Squelch Tails and Motorola's "Anti-Squelch" feature.
December 6, 2009
Increasing the output wattage of a 6m transistor transmitter, and how to find the parts.
6m transistors for amplifiers.
Transistor class grades.
50.10 Mhz data streams - what are they?
Testing a power supply's choke.
Repairing a PSD30S cathode resistor.
A ham wants to add 400Mhz elements to a 20 element 2m Long John beam.
K1FO yagi calculator (found in the QST archives) good source for building yagis.
Installing a floppy drive on a a new PC - Do I use the CMOS to recognize it?
N3FJP.com good source for contesting software.
Installing a floppy drive on a a new PC - Do I use the CMOS to recognize it - revisited.
A ham calls in from 90 miles away.
9913 vs 9914 cable.
9913A vs 9914 cable.
Continued discussion on the Toyota full vehicle acceleration recall revisited.
How do you stop a fully-accelerated car?
How do you start a DStar repeater?
 What is DStar and a DStar "hotspot?"
The Icom ID800 DStar rig.
Tri-state area DStar repeaters.
Can simultaneous QSOs take place on a DStar repeater?
Wikipedia.com good source on info on DStar.
MELS EMAIL 01: How do you modify an antenna for a solid-state amp the won't require an antenna? (from 091122tech-001)
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY 
December 13, 2009
Conclusion regarding the Toyota full vehicle acceleration recall.
The unfounded fear of cell phone RF radiation.
A ham has a 220v European tape recorder- How do you change the transformer winding so it will work on 110V?
Transformer winding and phase.
Voltage doubler rectifier networks.

Could you install a DC jack in the 220v tape recorder?
Solid state recorders vs. analog tape recorders.
A ham suggested using a universal adapter to power the 220v tape recorder.
How does a Radar Echo Box work?
SPACE REPORT: Looking underground on Mars; Spirit's stuck wheel; the WISE telescope.

The technology used to look at Mar's underground.
regarding the Toyota full vehicle acceleration recall.
 Faulty carburetors also can cause a run-away engine.
MELS EMAIL 01: How do you fix a missing trap on a Compact Beam?
December 20, 2009
Inductive reactance question regarding the conversion of a 220v tape recorder to 110v - first discussed on 091213tech-001.
The cost of repairing the 200v tape recorder buy purchasing a drive circuit.
Cyclo converters that are found in newer air conditioners.
Naturalization of the final circuit.
Inside a directional coupler and how it rectifies a network.
The directional coupler debate.
What happens when you going down in frequency with a directional coupler.
The purpose of a Return Loss Bridge.
The concept of a Zeppelin antennas.
Yaesu 817's low tolerance of high voltage.
Mods for the Yaesu 817
QST June 2005 good article on Yaesu 817 mods.
Antennas to use for QRP.
Yaesu 817 mods in detail.
How to make a QRP ladder-line folded dipole antenna (Found on the W2IK website)
Science News Dec 5, 2009 article on terrestrial lightning storms.
Are mass extinctions linked to gamma ray bursts?
Precautions when back feeding a jumper from a portable generator
What causes Eddy (Sp?) currents?
Grenela baluns.
How a Yagi director is similar to a balun.
How RF Chokes are similar to a balun.
An antenna with a balun VS. an antenna without a balun.
How baluns came along
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY
December 27, 2009
Why aren't high-powered solid state amps on the market anymore?
Stories of hams having high-powered mobile amps.
SPACE REPORT- Future NASA space missions.
SPACE REPORT- The Juno space mission.
In search of W2OTA ATV ham.
High voltage tubes and filament voltage.
Do coax have to be replaced every three years?
Ham says he's apprehensive to put 1Kw through his Windham and G5RV antennas.
The performance of a G5RV in an inverted V.
28.389Mhz is the frequency for the Sunday Night 10m Net.
The left side of the dipole vs. the right side of the dipole.
How harmonics play a role in G5RV performance.

Checking coax cable inductance.
Baluns as an isolation transformer.
The original meaning of the term "balun."
How wavelengths play a role in choosing a balun.
Will TVI occur if you put you coax and an electrical wire in a conduit.
When is the next manned mission to the moon?
Baluns that are wrapped around a torroid coil.

Reviewing the Guenella balun.
Ham has a kilowatt tuner and the balun failed-why?

How ferrites playa role in baluns.
How baluns handle heat from inefficiency.
A Yagi's driven element has some characteristics of a baluning device.
W3DZZ antenna designs
Dick: "Do not saturate the iron"
QSOs from 146.850 repeater Long Island NY