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January 6, 2008 Show

080106tech-001 0.00 N2EO Rich: Need information on aftermarket software for the Kenwood TS-2000?
080106tech-001 6.50 N4PY website and Ham Radio Deluxe good sources for radio control software
080106tech-001 11.14 The latest in software defined radios
080106tech-001 14.02 Software that runs multiple brand name radios
080106tech-001 17.10 Eric: Slim chance for having a standard radio/computer protocol
080106tech-001 21.40 The basics of PayPal
080106tech-001 25.35 KC2MPD Steve: Comparison of coax line loss due to water
080106tech-001 34.09 What is a TDR/TDA (Time Domain Refectometer) How it works and where to buy one
080106tech-001 40.35 What type of coax do you use outside and how long should it last?
080106tech-001 44.52 How do you bring hard line into the house?
080106tech-001 47.52 The myth of connectors and cable loss
080106tech-001 50.20 Precautions when putting up a dipole above your roof.
080106tech-001 58.04 Can a single engine airplane strike a ham antenna?
080106tech-002 0.00 Con't Can a single engine airplane strike a ham antenna?
080106tech-002 1.50 Mel shares what he had to go through to get his tower up in his town
080106tech-002 9.33 KC2OES Fred: N3SVO J-Beam Project discussed
080106tech-002 11.49 Dick: All about resonating, radiating, and phasing
080106tech-002 18.03 Is there an antenna formula for what size material for what wattage?
080106tech-002 20.25 KC2OES Fred: N3SVO J-Beam Project discussed
080106tech-002 23.18 Phase delays in co-linear beam antennas
080106tech-002 30.04 WB5LIA good web site for Kenwood TS2000 software
080106tech-002 31.35 The changing definition of "valid contact" in ham radio
080106tech-002 40.08 Mel: "Straight Key Night" on held on New Year's Eve
080106tech-002 42.07 MEL'S EMAIL 01: How do you improve the B-Point impedance of a Cubical Quad?
080106tech-002 49.28 Dick: Is there a way to knock out the proper size cable hole in a fuse box?
080106tech-002 56.55 MEL'S EMAIL 02: Ham bought a pseudomorphic amplifier- can he salvage it for transistors?
080106tech-003 0.00 Con't MELS' EMAIL 02: Ham bought a pseudomorphic amplifier- can he salvage it for transistors?
080106tech-003 5.51 MEL'S EMAIL 03: How do I shunt feed a ground mounted tower?
080106tech-003 18.19 Mel: QST article "Ground mounted short vertical for 160m" ,website and books by Jerry W2FMI
080106tech-003 22.04 MELS EMAIL 04: What does "transinductive type" mean on a Weston Tubetester?
080106tech-003 31.09 Dick and Mel examine different types of tube testers
080106tech-003 35.57 Dick and Mel look back at drug stores that had tube testers
080106tech-003 36.33 Common early day tube failures
080106tech-003 40.37 Precautions when testing wall sockets
080106tech-003 46.16 New standards in home wall outlet wiring
080106tech-003 50.01 DX cables in home wiring discussed
080106tech-003 55.11 Ham Radio Univ. and its website good source for ham info. Next HRU 1/13/08 Briarcliff College
080106tech-004 0.00 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: Spirit's 4th year anniversary this month on Mars
080106tech-004 2.40 ISS rotor repair update
080106tech-004 14.30 The role of water and radiators o the ISS
080106tech-004 18.53 Examining the solar panel rotary joints and motors
080106tech-004 26.29 MELS EMAIL 05: Can you use a computer power supply to run a 100W rig?
080106tech-004 32.28 Mel shares the results of his power supply tests
080106tech-004 36.02 Mel shares how he reengineered a power supply to get twice the current
080106tech-004 36.40 Dec 1999 and Jan 2000 QST article, "Home brewed power supplies" good source on power supplies
080106tech-004 38.55 Mel shares how he reengineered a power supply to get twice the current revisited
080106tech-004 51.51 1/08 CQ Magazine editorial spotlights both BARA and LIMARC TechNets
080106tech-004 53.55 Can you put power supplies in parallel?


January 13, 2008 Show

080113tech-001 3.00 WC2C Aaron : How does the white EZ Pass box on your windshield work?
080113tech-001 3.20 Dick gives an in depth overview of RF Tags
080113tech-001 9.31 How EZ Pass technology works and its exciting future
080113tech-001 17.05 Scenarios of using RF Tags in business
080113tech-001 26.15 RF Tag use in law enforcement
080113tech-001 33.55 Different types of RF Tag technology
080113tech-001 38.36 KC2LTY Rich: Have faulty MFJ 941 Versatuner- external meter does not match internal meter
080113tech-001 47.45 N2MOD Mike: What are the three things that happen when you transmit?
080113tech-001 55.20 KC2OES Fred: Gives update on his N3SVO J-Beam Project (from 080106-002 9.33)
080113tech-002 0.00 Cont. KC2OES Fred: Gives update on his N3SVO J-Beam Project (from 080106-002 9.33)
080113tech-002 6.50 Spacing of the added element on the J-Beam
080113tech-002 9.20 Why K2OES Fred put angled PVC piping at the bottom of the J-Beam
080113tech-002 11.01 Future possibilities of the J-Beam
080113tech-002 14.10 N2EO Rich: The rising prices of HF Transmitting Tubes and question the present market for them.
080113tech-002 25.10 Dick offers some explanations for the state of the present tube market
080113tech-002 31.01 The present day IMAC Company compared to the old
080113tech-002 33.40 Is it mandatory to buy matched tubes?
080113tech-002 43.02 Living in a "throw-away" society
080113tech-002 49.35 QST Feb 2008 articles to read: Lighting protection, Smith Charts, Sunspot Cycles, Yagis
080113tech-002 51.39 MELS EMAIL 01: Good feedback on last weeks power supply discussion 080106-004 at 32.28
080113tech-003 0.00 Cont: MELS EMAIL 01: Good feedback on last weeks power supply discussion 080106-004 at 32.28
080113tech-003 2.34 The satisfaction of building your own equipment
080113tech-003 12.21 MELS EMAIL 02: Do you need a ham license to transmit on bands above 100Ghz?
080113tech-003 16.54 Dick: The human eye as a spectrum analyzer
080113tech-003 20.19 What are quasi-optical techniques?
080113tech-003 21.22 Dick shares his experiments being made above 30Ghz
080113tech-003 23.33 Mel: What is the highest frequency we can reach?
080113tech-003 29.05 You see different things when you look through different wavelengths
080113tech-003 31.30 MELS EMAIL 03: Unknown purpose of a Bertcha tester that doesn't have an antenna input
080113tech-003 36.24 Dick looks back at Mercury Vapor Rectifiers, 811, 807, and 866 tubes
080113tech-003 42.02 Effects when using a Choke Input power supplies
080113tech-003 46.57 Are MVRs on the market today?
080113tech-003 49.00 Where tubes outperform solid state
080113tech-003 53.04 Radiodaze.com excellent source for tubes and components
080113tech-003 58.01 Dick: What generation of radio are we in now?
080113tech-004 2.35 SPACE REPORT W/ WS2N Paul Good Show: History Channel's Universe on Tues. nights
080113tech-004 5.10 Hall Effect and modeling voltage in keyboards
080113tech-004 11.47 Good show PBS's "The Quest for Absolute Zero" Part 1 reviewed
080113tech-004 15.52 Comparing present day prices of antique radio tubes
080113tech-004 19.30 Dick reviews the play he saw "The Farnsworth Experiment" at the Music Box Theatre
080113tech-004 22.40 MELS EMAIL 04: How do you add a Q multiplier to a loop antenna?
080113tech-004 26.15 Mel and Dick look back at the early 807's, Heathkit AR-3 and others
080113tech-004 33.04 The early days of NYC's Canal Street
080113tech-004 38.55 MELS EMAIL 05: Will Halo antennas work well mobile on FM repeaters?
080113tech-004 43.40 MELS EMAIL 06: Looking at Frequency Calibrators
080113tech-004 52.10 Hall effect revisited from 5.10


January 20, 2008 Show

080120tech-001 2.45 N2EO Rich: How can I get the most drive from my 8877 amp?
080120tech-001 9.20 Setting parameters in a Pi Network
080120tech-001 16.12 Dick: Jan 2008 QST good article on L Networks
080120tech-001 19.13 N2EO Rich had concerns about insertion loss
080120tech-001 28.44 WB2QGZ Bill: The recent HAARP 40m moonbounce
080120tech-001 39.24 WS2N Paul: What type of signals were received from moonbounce?
080120tech-001 43.20 Dick: Doppler Phase vs. Doppler Shift
080120tech-001 45.43 WB2OGZ Bill will try to provide an audio clip of the signals he received form the moonbounce
080120tech-001 47.10 A detail discussion of the types of moonbounce signals
080120tech-001 55.56 K9LTN has photos on the web of his very large antenna array (one of the largest in the world)
080120tech-002 0.00 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: Update on the STS-122 connector repair
080120tech-002 2.44 Analysis of STS-122 connector problem
080120tech-002 19.45 The risks of having astronauts make repairs in synchronized orbit i.e. Hubble Telescope
080120tech-002 27.22 Mel looks back at WWII connectors i.e. Bendix
080120tech-002 33.42 Mel: Good response to TechNet's coverage of computer power supplies and the dB discussions
080120tech-002 34.55 MELS EMAIL 01: A ham needs assistance in repairing a National Radio IF transformer
080120tech-002 36.10 Dick and Mel look back at tricky IF repairs they've done
080120tech-002 50.00 Mel's secret way to check if an IF is bad
080120tech-002 52.51 Dick explains how to signal trace with a oscilloscope
080120tech-002 56.22 Dick: The big problem with Network Analyzer DSP screens
080120tech-003 0.00 Cont Dick: The big problem with Network Analyzer DSP screens
080120tech-003 5.08 N2EO Rich: Needs a new CRT for a Simpson 220 Kenwood monitor scope
080120tech-003 12.01 Dick: YouTube has a video of a man who hand makes vacuum tubes
080120tech-003 14.45 KC2QIW Joe: My computer is dead- could it be a faulty power supply?
080120tech-003 17.50 Dick highly praises the HP Spectrum Analyzer built in trouble shorting curcuits
080120tech-003 20.15 Diagnosing power supplies with Mel
080120tech-003 21.46 WA2IGD Charles: The advantage of have a power supply checker (at CompUSA)
080120tech-003 26.49 Dick: A voltmeter is a "must have" for any ham
080120tech-003 31.51 High praise for radiodaze.com for older radio components
080120tech-003 32.00 Examining old oscilloscopes, their features and CRTs
080120tech-003 44.35 WA2CDL Andy: Examining a faulty Arrow Antenna Directional Finding Loop
080120tech-004 0.00 Cont WA2CDL Andy: Examining a faulty Arrow Antenna Directional Finding Loop
080120tech-004 6.50 Examining the Arrow Off-set Attenuator and its Varicap
080120tech-004 20.50 MELS EMAIL 01: Is a 5/8 wave mobile whip that much better than a 1/4 wave mobile?
080120tech-004 24.40 MELS EMAIL 02: How do I get a 1KW rig to work in my car with the proper alternator?
080120tech-004 34.10 Solid state mobile amps examined and look at some mobile solutions
080120tech-004 40.19 The risk of damaging modern car electronics when exposed to RF
080120tech-004 43.33 MELS EMAIL 03: A ham has a device that is marked "SAW" - what is it?
080120tech-004 49.10 Use of filters in pulse compression.


January 27, 2008 Show

080127tech-001 2.40 N2EO Rich: What is the proper mount for a Glen Martin Quadrapod Roof Tower
080127tech-001 8.30 Dick: The importance of understanding wind balancing power
080127tech-001 11.40 WA2CDL Andy: How he installed his Glen Martin Quadrapod Tower
080127tech-001 14.00 Importance to protect the roof shingles and roof structure during installation
080127tech-001 15.15 Dick's success with roof towers
080127tech-001 19.40 WB7ADF Rob: Baluns: do you really need them?
080127tech-001 24.18 Cable TV RFI and its effect on HF performance
080127tech-001 28.01 High Pass Filters to combat TV RFI
080127tech-001 30.02 Dealing with interference with your neighbors
080127tech-001 39.49 In a CW QSO, how can both hams have the exact matching frequencies?
080127tech-001 40.39 Spotting features and side tone tuning in HF rigs
080127tech-001 46.41 Mel explains how his 3-LED CW fine-tuning gadget works (similar to the Timewave 599)
080127tech-001 50.01 How to set the RIT on your rig to fine tune CW
080127tech-001 51.30 N2KJJ Doug: Talks all about HAARP and its transmitting towers
080127tech-001 54.10 Dick explains HAARP moonbounce in detail
080127tech-001 57.38 Dick: How HAARP's large phased array arrangement works
080127tech-002 0.00 Cont Dick: How HAARP's large phased array arrangement works
080127tech-002 1.45 How HAARP "recycles" RF
080127tech-002 6.00 Dipoles are the backbone of HAARP
080127tech-002 7.16 Virtually all antennas are dipole derivatives
080127tech-002 9.21 Choosing between cross coupling and shunt capacitors
080127tech-002 15.45 WA1MBA.org good article on home page Making Perfect Impedance Matching
080127tech-002 19.00 Mel: Do you categorize a loop as a dipole derivative
080127tech-002 21.11 Dick: The magic of resonance and dipoles
080127tech-002 25.29 Dick explains the quiz he gave his colleagues at the Microwave Update Conference
080127tech-002 32.10 Dick explains the expediential decay of a RC Network
080127tech-002 38.41 WJ2B Joe: Impulse response vs. Steady state response
080127tech-002 42.50 What gauge wire can handle 1KW at 80m?
080127tech-002 46.30 Parallel KW amplifiers for 432Mhz and it shielding
080127tech-002 53.00 Dick: Resonance is energy bounding back and forth
080127tech-003 0.00 The new brushless electric model airplane motors Dick saw at N.E.A.T.
080127tech-003 2.09 Mel tells how an updated elevator system is now causing RFI
080127tech-003 10.14 Noise blankers to combat elevator RFI and noise
080127tech-003 14.58 Dick uses Google Earth to try and find Mel's antenna tower
080127tech-003 30.06 Mel: Still getting response from computer power supply discussion 080106-004 at 32.28
080127tech-003 30.45 MELS EMAIL 01: Ever hear of the Gammatron 254 tube from WWII?
080127tech-003 39.15 MELS EMAIL 02: What is a fractal antenna?
080127tech-003 46.10 Dick explains fractal mathematics
080127tech-003 47.10 Maps.live.com has better resolution satellites photos than Google Earth
080127tech-003 51.31 People who live next to the Empire State Building concerned about RF exposure
080127tech-003 53.38 The transmit power of a car access keychain
080127tech-003 58.36 MELS EMAIL 03: Comparing filtered CW signals to the characteristics of noise.
080127tech-004 0.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 03: Comparing filtered CW signals to the characteristics of noise.
080127tech-004 4.02 Dick gives the definition of noise and KTB
080127tech-004 8.17 CW vs SSB signal to noise ratio comparison
080127tech-004 11.46 Dick still tries to find Mel's house on maps.live.com
080127tech-004 17.41 Elevator RFI and QRM squashers revisited
080127tech-004 22.10 MELS EMAIL 04: What does dBuv stand for?
080127tech-004 30.02 When oscilloscopes used Hard Microvolts and Easy Microvolts
080127tech-004 39.15 MELS EMAIL 05: What is a roofing filter?
080127tech-004 43.39 Examining a Collins Mechanical Filter
080127tech-004 46.50 Mel shares how he tried to enhance a National solid state HRO-500 receiver
080127tech-004 51.29 DSP filters and their shortcomings
080127tech-004 54.08 Each community has different zoning restrictions re: antenna height


February 3, 2008 Show

080203tech-001 1.43 W2PNJ Paul: Does a wireless mouse interfere with transmitting?
080203tech-001 4.31 N2YJC Lou gives a 27Mhz wireless mouse example and possible 10m interference
080203tech-001 12.45 Blue Tooth technology frequencies
080203tech-001 15.09 The raw data and bandwidth of HDTV
080203tech-001 18.50 All about the analog to digital TV switch over in the US
080203tech-001 24.03 Signal thresholds- Digital vs Analog
080203tech-001 27.40 Advantages of putting up an outdoor antenna for digital TV
080203tech-001 29.30 Multipath HDTV signals and Intelligent antennas
080203tech-001 36.15 Types of TV that are allowed to be sold today
080203tech-001 37.50 KD2BD John: Shares how he uses his ProBrand 3150 digital tuner and his attic antenna for DX
080203tech-001 44.02 A new wave of DTV enthusiasts are coming
080203tech-001 49.39 WB2HWW Howie: How will HDTV will effect the 6m band
080203tech-001 56.15 US broadcast TV vs. European broadcast TV
080203tech-001 58.45 Senior citizen issues regarding discounted TV converter boxes
080203tech-002 0.00 Cont Senior citizen issues regarding discounted TV converter boxes
080203tech-002 9.01 KC2RGW Chris: Is there a way to remotely switch the polarity of an outside antenna?
080203tech-002 15.09 How to hook up a horizontal and vertical Yagi to your rig
080203tech-002 22.58 WB2HWW Howie: suggested using 2 inverted Vs to experiment with Faraday Rotation
080203tech-002 29.31 Dick: The receiver is very forgiving to antenna mismatches
080203tech-002 33.50 How will do TV roof antennas work with ham rigs?
080203tech-002 37.50 wa2mba.org / K2RIW article on bottom of homepage good source for impedance matching
080203tech-002 41.50 Cleaning and using aluminum tubing for ham use
080203tech-002 46.15 logbooks.com good source for waterproof logbooks
080203tech-002 47.00 Can you transmit with a horizontal beam and a vertical beam at the same time?
080203tech-002 50.00 Can you transmit with a 2m horizontal beam and a 2m vertical beam at the same time?
080203tech-002 53.07 N2NEO Rich: Advice on running an amp at half power-load the rig to the max first?
080203tech-003 0.00 Mel explains his Collins amp inductors, finals, and tank circuit
080203tech-003 2.40 The dissipation of tank circuits
080203tech-003 7.51 What is flat topping?
080203tech-003 16.59 The NY Giants win the Super Bowl
080203tech-003 21.35 W2PWJ Bob: Smoke detector problem update from 071014tech-001 47:41
080203tech-003 24.50 Dick wants to link two fuse boxes together and needs advice
080203tech-003 33.34 Mel made a QSO with a ham he hasn't seen in over 50 years and who knows Dick
080203tech-003 42.09 Mel's indoor loop sparks conversation on 40m
080203tech-003 50.41 Mel's outdoor loop S/N ratio vs. the indoor receiving loop S/N ratio
080203tech-003 57.19 Examining Mel's indoor loop's construction and performance
080203tech-004 0.00 Cont Examining Mel's indoor loop's construction and performance
080203tech-004 5.11 The lack of education regarding dipole antennas
080203tech-004 10.01 The parts of the radiating system
080203tech-004 13.10 MELS EMAIL 01: How do a free a stuck slug from an IF can?
080203tech-004 23.52 Mel shares his collection of radio parts and porcelain rotary shifts
080203tech-004 25.59 Looking back at the Dumont Network, CBS Research Labs, and Bell Labs
080203tech-004 30.50 Looking back a monthly journals from labs
080203tech-004 36.51 Use of the color wheel in DLP television
080203tech-004 43.34 MELS EMAIL 02: How do you measure Q inexpensively?


February 10, 2008 Show

080210tech-001 1.09 N2EO Rich Need wind load advice on putting up a Cubical Quad on a roof tower
080210tech-001 3.01 Discussion on Quad vs. Beam performance and reliability
080210tech-001 8.27 Wayne Overbeck K6YNB article in Ham Radio Mag May 1979 good source on Quads vs. Yagis
080210tech-001 24.19 Cubical Quad wind load considerations
080210tech-001 31.50 The Cubex Cubical Quad antenna wiring construction and gain figures
080210tech-001 38.09 WS2N Paul What happens to coax when it absorbs water?
080210tech-001 47.23 The mechanism that gives water-effected cable its loss
080210tech-001 50.24 The effects of water in ignition wiring
080210tech-001 57.30 KB1BFY Bill: When water got in his Austin Suburban antenna (not the coax)
080210tech-001 60.01 Types of cables that can be sealed from water
080210tech-001 63.21 Water damage to baluns
080210tech-002 0.00 Con't Water damage to baluns
080210tech-002 1.11 N2MPJ Bob Line frequency changes in the United Kingdom vs. the US
080210tech-002 3.41 A primer on home power generators
080210tech-002 14.12 Amateur astronomers are now taking photos/videos of the ISS with a camera and telescope
080210tech-002 15.13 SPACE REPORT with WS2N Paul: ISS's new Columbus module installation
080210tech-002 17.57 History of ISS's modules
080210tech-002 26.56 Telescope mission that detects gamma ray bursts and other future non-man missions
080210tech-002 34.28 MELS EMAIL 01: How do you prevent ice loading on a HF Quad?
080210tech-002 46.01 Wayne Overbeck K6YNB article in Ham Radio Mag May 1979 good source on Quads vs. Yagis, revisited
080210tech-002 50.07 The origins of the Quad antenna
080210tech-002 54.19 MELS EMAIL 02: Please explain a Dielectric Rod Antenna that was used by the military
080210tech-002 60.05 Mel: If you have a longer waveguide, will the gain also be higher?
080210tech-003 0.00 Con't Mel: If you have a longer waveguide, will the gain also be higher?
080210tech-003 2.04 Dick explains Frequency Selective Surfaces
080210tech-003 4.01 The Dielectric Antenna's bandwidth
080210tech-003 11.05 Focal Point Diameter Ratio discussed
080210tech-003 14.10 W1GHZ website good source for 10Ghz information
080210tech-003 15.45 WS2N Paul: Use Google Images and enter "Diagram International Space" for picture of the ISS
080210tech-003 23.02 Dick: How hams homebrewed 10Ghz transmitters
080210tech-003 24.58 Some of Dick's 10Ghz QSOs
080210tech-003 29.48 10Ghz broadband vs. 10Ghz narrowband techniques
080210tech-003 33.15 MELS EMAIL 03: Please define .25 microvolts @ 10 db S/N ratio
080210tech-003 42.07 Dick: How WA2CDL Andy tests rigs by using microvolts and db S/N ratio
080210tech-003 45.53 MELS EMAIL 04: Please explain what IMD is
080210tech-003 49.57 MELS EMAIL 05: Can I use a 10.7 IF from my FM receiver for ham radio?
080210tech-003 52.31 The best way to charge dry cells
080210tech-003 53.50 What is the proper antenna height for 60m?


February 17, 2008 Show

080217tech-001 3.55 A primer on duplexing filters
080217tech-001 11.01 Duplex filter leakage
080217tech-001 14.50 Older Duplex filter designs
080217tech-001 17.33 Update on the DTV converter boxes for 2009
080217tech-001 21.51 How DTV converter boxes handle multipath
080217tech-002 0.00 DTV transmission specifications
080217tech-002 3.09 How a DTV equalizer works and bandwidth usage
080217tech-002 6.11 KE2EJ Eric explains the DTV signal path from transmission tower to TV set
080217tech-002 14.58 DTV bandwidth requirements and advances in optical coax
080217tech-002 22.20 hdtv2009.com 888-388-2009 good source for the 2009 DTV conversion
080217tech-002 33.11 Mel gives list of websites for the conversion and against the 2009 conversion
080217tech-002 35.01 WB2HWW Howie: The gov has overlooked people with disabilities who want the converter box
080217tech-002 38.30 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: Update on the ISS modules
080217tech-002 41.51 Spy satellite is schedule to be shot down by Navy
080217tech-002 54.40 Examining the spy satellite rocket fuel
080217tech-002 56.29 How the spy satellite will be shot down
080217tech-003 0.00 amateurradio.tv has technets available for streaming/download and each show is indexed
080217tech-003 3.15 Feb. 17, 2009 DTV conversion date is pretty much set in stone
080217tech-003 7.31 Dick: There will be a remaining 50 TV stations that intend to remain on VHF LOW
080217tech-003 14.10 Seniors voice concern over cost and installation of converter boxes
080217tech-003 17.54 Discussion on Clintons balancing the budget by selling off frequencies
080217tech-003 20.36 DTV conversion date revisited
080217tech-003 24.49 Adjacent channel power ratio examined
080217tech-003 28.33 Challenges of putting a tower on top of the Empire State Building
080217tech-003 33.56 Transmitting Power: The Freedom Tower vs. The Empire State Building
080217tech-003 33.55 "Community Antenna" defined
080217tech-003 39.00 The story of the Ch. 6 Russian Music FM Station
080217tech-003 44.01 What outside antenna can you hook up to with the DTV converter box?
080217tech-003 48.43 DTV Dxing: One of the new waves in amateur radio
080217tech-003 52.01 Dick: KD2BD's ProBrand 3150 digital tuner meter works revisited from 080203-001 37.50
080217tech-003 53.50 Error indication meters vs. Signal Strength meters
080217tech-003 57.15 The Smart Antenna examined
080217tech-004 0.00 KE2EJ gives history of Movie Beam
080217tech-004 1.50 MELS EMAIL 01: Go into deatil regarding Phase-Locked Loops
080217tech-004 11.37 Mel: Book by Rohde & Schwarz is a good source on Phase-Locked Loops
080217tech-004 15.02 Mel lists different terms that are related to Phase-Locked Loops
080217tech-004 16.13 Dick explains Phase Margin, Servo Mechanism and stability
080217tech-004 21.04 Mel gives history of Phase-Locked Loops
080217tech-004 33.11 MELS EMAIL 02: Please discuss the 13-element 432Mhz open quad antenna by I2RR
080217tech-004 42.10 Dick: How to get more bandwidth from a Yagi
080217tech-004 58.08 The Q of the Yagi's parasidic elements
080217tech-005 0.00 Cont The Q of the Yagi's parasitic elements
080217tech-005 6.10 MELS EMAIL 03: Why and where do I place coils on a dipole?
080217tech-005 13.17 What happens when you place a coil at the end of dipole?
080217tech-005 16.25 MELS EMAIL 04: Continue about how Mel modified his Heathkit FB220 (from 070121-001 12.00)
080217tech-005 25.50 Ability to activate a repeater with a dog whistle long ago


February 24, 2008 Show

080224tech-001 6.50 Binoculars-a novice astronomer's best friend
080224tech-001 10.43 NEAF Expo at Rockland C College - a good source for astronomy hardware
080224tech-001 11.45 Discussion on the recent lunar eclipse (numbral and penumbral)
080224tech-001 18.30 Overview of general astronomy and Gamma Ray Astronomy
080224tech-001 25.27 Dick: A Dicky Switched Radiometer is a powerful tool.
080224tech-001 34.50 CQ Magazine March 2008 p34 Story and photos of Dick's Yagi Array
080224tech-001 36.00 Story of finding water damage in Dick's Yagi Array
080224tech-001 41.45 Mel explains the purpose of an ADA device
080224tech-001 45.55 WB2HWW Howie highly recommends LMR400 cable
080224tech-001 49.50 Working with baselines
080224tech-001 54.33 Dick: Our universe has a lot of mysteries
080224tech-001 56.33 Discussion on switches and switch manufacturers
080224tech-001 58.40 Time-Domain Reflectometer and their availability
080224tech-002 0.00 Cont Time-Domain Reflectometer and how to use them
080224tech-002 2.11 Using the Steinhelfer technique
080224tech-002 4.10 More info on Time-Domain Reflectometers (TDRs) revisited
080224tech-002 8.15 Steinhelfer technique revisited
080224tech-002 10.01 KC2QIQ Glen: Horn and dish antenna questions for a 10Ghz station
080224tech-002 14.19 wa1mba web site good info on 10Ghz band antennas has on-line book by W1GHZ)
080224tech-002 18.08 How to make a great waveguide out of a 3/4" water pipe
080224tech-002 20.49 What's required for good waveguide propagation
080224tech-002 28.24 Focusing the polarization of a waveguide
080224tech-002 35.25 Dick explains the Near field range formula
080224tech-002 37.21 Where to find maximum gain out of the dish
080224tech-002 55.54 Modeling a roof metal fence on top of an apartment building as an antenna
080224tech-003 0.00 Cont Modeling a roof metal fence on top of an apartment building as an antenna
080224tech-003 8.50 amateurradio.tv has technets good source for indexed audio segments on loop antennas
080224tech-003 12.12 An example of Faraday Rotation and how a loop antenna takes advantage of it
080224tech-003 17.42 Mel talks about his success with his indoor loop antenna
080224tech-003 19.25 SPACE REPORT W/ WS2n Paul: Update on the Atlantis mission and the ISS modules
080224tech-003 23.19 Overview of the Canada's Dextre Arm System
080224tech-003 24.00 Image on the Canada's Dextre Arm System is at space.gc/ca/asc/img/stdn-hr.jpg
080224tech-003 26.58 Amateur radio equipment projected to be brought up to the ISS
080224tech-003 31.40 Hubble's last repair and the Ulysses mission review
080224tech-003 39.23 KB2YEW Guy: Needs advice on vertical antenna choice for a new General ham
080224tech-003 47.49 How radiation efficiency in antenna documentation could be misleading
080224tech-003 55.30 KB2YEW Guy Explains how he hot glues his wire antenna to his roof shingles
080224tech-003 59.10 KC2MIQ: For maximum ultraviolet protection, use porcelain not plastic
080224tech-004 2.32 MELS EMAIL 01: Listeners would like info on the spy satellite that was taken down
080224tech-004 10.20 Why did the spy satellite has a heat shield?
080224tech-004 15.30 MELS EMAIL 02: You said you put together an inexpensive repeater please elaborate
080224tech-004 24.50 Discussion on the Cross band Repeat Feature on the Yaesu 8100 and Yaesu 8800
080224tech-004 33.20 MELS EMAIL 03: Go into detail about how you converted your HRO-500 to solid-state
080224tech-004 36.45 Are there any advantages in replacing tubes with solid state modules?
080224tech-004 39.50 N2EO Rich: Suggest Sherwood Engineering and radiodaze.com for info on solid state modules


March 2, 2008 Show

080302tech-001 3.00 N2EO Rich: Needs to get a new switch for his vintage Collins S-Meter
080302tech-001 8.15 How to restore a Collins S-Meter face plate
080302tech-001 13.01 Early Collins 360 rigs have special radioactive glow meters
080302tech-001 15.09 K2JJ: Bartlett Co. in Ft. Paterson Iowa good source for original Collins S-Meters
080302tech-001 16.50 Precautions to take when working on meters
080302tech-001 23.20 N2EO
080302tech-001 27.30 KC2QIQ Glen: Concerns of insertion phase of his 10GHz transverter
080302tech-001 33.30 Dick: Precautions of using the AGC with regards to spikes
080302tech-001 36.35 Dick describes his tower photo and graphs from this article in CQ Magazine March 2008
080302tech-001 42.40 Dick: QST August 1972 How does radio signals travel thru the vacuum of space
080302tech-001 45.31 Good antenna receive capture are using Yagis with individual pre-amps
080302tech-001 49.58 Angles of satellite tracking antennas
080302tech-001 59.08 N2EO Rich: needs a suggestion for an external speaker for his Collins 398
080302tech-002 0.00 Con't N2EO Rich: needs a suggestion for an external speaker for his Collins 398
080302tech-002 1.49 W2CQT Larry Discussion on the military's repelling 96GHz gun seen on 60 Minutes
080302tech-002 9.40 How water behaves in microwave ovens
080302tech-002 15.27 Testing lead-based utensils, Tupperware and hamburg in microwave ovens
080302tech-002 21.25 The danger of having lead in the human body
080302tech-002 23.32 N2EO Rich: Is the lead in solder dangerous
080302tech-002 37.58 Dangers of breathing smoke plumes from a torch
080302tech-002 55.50 SPACE REPORT W/ WS2N Paul: The launch of Endeavor, The Dextra arm installation and Hubble
080302tech-003 0.00 Cont SPACE REPORT: The launch of Endeavor, The Dextra arm installation and Hubble
080302tech-003 5.00 James Webb Telescope scheduled for 2011
080302tech-003 15.33 MELS EMAIL 01: How do I determine the ground effects of a Yagi antenna
080302tech-003 21.00 Ionosphere Refraction defined
080302tech-003 23.14 How far can a HF signal travel in one hop?
080302tech-003 26.16 Dick: The "real" thickness of out atmosphere
080302tech-003 28.16 How does the ground plane interact with an antenna while transmitting?
080302tech-003 37.10 Locating the phase center of the real above ground antenna
080302tech-003 40.29 Dick defines an Interferometer
080302tech-003 43.20 Monopulse radar and low angle tracking problems
080302tech-003 51.55 Dick & Mel summarize MELS EMAIL 01: How do I determine the ground effects of a Yagi antenna
080302tech-003 54.41 KC2QIQ Glenn: Shares how his loop performs
080302tech-004 0.00 Cont KC2QIQ Glenn: Shares how his loop performs
080302tech-004 4.29 KC2QIQ Glenn: Tells how his 80m antenna is fed and where the loop dead spots are
080302tech-004 7.34 Mel shares how his outdoor loop performs
080302tech-004 11.10 Mel talks about his friend WW1WW and WW1WW photos on QRZ.com
080302tech-004 15.45 Mel shares that he has to continuously has to adjust his loop and Dick suggests plotting that info
080302tech-004 20.49 Mel describes how his outdoor loop is constructed
080302tech-004 24.54 Having your shack remotely controlled from your home
080302tech-004 27.27 MELS EMAIL 02: Wayne Overbeck's report on Yagis, Quads, and Tri-banders
080302tech-004 43.40 MELS EMAIL 03: Have you heard of the kit called the Folded End Fire Radiator antenna


March 16, 2008 Show

080316tech-001 5.29 The passing of LIMARC'S Lew Reinberg W2BIE
080316tech-001 8.20 KC2XYW Joe: Yaesu FT2800 won't transmit - Joe gives symptoms
080316tech-001 5.39 N2EO Rich: Has a lot of reception problems with his KWM 2A Collins rig
080316tech-001 17.45 Mel suggests examining the rig's mixer, filter, tuning, and its traps
080316tech-001 26.45 N2HWR Vick: Is it worth it to upgrade my Icom IC-91A to D-Star?
080316tech-001 29.30 QST Magazine 2007 (3 issues) Good source for D-Star three consecutive articles
080316tech-001 31.40 K2LJH Sid: Gives overview of the D-Star system
080316tech-001 34.14 D-Star repeaters in the NYC area
080316tech-001 38.50 Vocoder quality of D-Star
080316tech-001 44.02 Complexity of the programming for a D-Star radio
080316tech-001 46.10 Dick: The Microwave Update Conference presentations on software defined radios
080316tech-002 0.00 Cont Dick: The Microwave Update Conference presentations on software defined radios
080316tech-002 3.05 The challenges of having new moonbounce technologies
080316tech-002 8.21 An in depth definition of a QSO contact
080316tech-002 11.27 WA2UMV George: The history of the Automatic Noise Figure Generator
080316tech-002 19.23 Maximum gain vs. noise figure when tuning a pre-amp
080316tech-002 27.50 The manipulated definitions of "Noise Figure"
080316tech-002 33.00 Separating different types of noise using a radiometer
080316tech-002 41.06 WB2HWW Howie: Using tuned circuit cavities and preamps
080316tech-002 45.55 290 degree Calvin and why it's important
080316tech-002 50.38 Dick: Background of Greenbank WV "The radio quiet zone"
080316tech-002 52.40 Metallic objects and its effects on antenna noise
080316tech-003 0.00 Cont Metallic objects and its effects on antenna noise
080316tech-003 3.05 WA2VMB George: Shares how he used insolated injectors
080316tech-003 4.58 Noise effective bandwidth of the pre-amp
080316tech-003 9.29 Systems that are hard-limited
080316tech-003 11.20 Mel: "Can we put into the design that is equal to the attenuation of the design?"
080316tech-003 18.18 Noise floor and sensitivity
080316tech-003 28.06 Mel and Dick give the definition of minimum detectable signal and minimum acceptable signal
080316tech-003 38.55 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N PAUL: Endeavor's 15th record flight
080316tech-003 45.50 Space station module building update
080316tech-003 48.51 Orion Space Craft Overview
080316tech-004 0.00 MELS EMAIL 01: Converting a Vertical loop to four (East, West, North, South)
080316tech-004 8.10 Dick: Issues with cross coupling with a vertical loop antenna
080316tech-004 11.37 Mel describes an 8 element 40m delta loop yagi that is on K3LR's website
080316tech-004 16.50 Making effective, properly spaced resonators on a yagi
080316tech-004 19.10 Dick: Articles from Guenther Hoch DL6WU are a good source of Yagi information
080316tech-004 27.51 Dipole Yagis vs. Cubical Quads
080316tech-004 29.50 Close spaced vs. wide spread yagi elements on a boom
080316tech-004 32.10 Dick: Antennas and Propagation Dec 2006 two good articles on end-fed dipoles
080316tech-004 43.00 Dick: "You just don't add onto someone's antenna design"
080316tech-004 45.00 Where the Quad beats the Yagi and where the Yagi beats the Quad
080316tech-004 57.38 Monoband antennas vs. tri-bander antennas
080316tech-004 61.45 The antenna's take-of angle and the number of wavelengths from the ground
080316tech-004 64.20 Mel urges Dick to do a vertical dipole experiment from the top of Dick's tower
080316tech-004 66.03 Dick and Mel discuss Dick's photos that were in CQ Magazine March 2008


March 23, 2008 Show

080323tech-001 2.58 Where on a dipole do signals rotate?
080323tech-001 8.42 K2TGW Les: 17m Hamstick detunes when it is raised
080323tech-001 14.00 Dick asks for more clarification on Les' Hamstick problem
080323tech-001 23.45 Dick asks for more clarification on Hamstick's radials
080323tech-001 26.58 Dick asks for more clarification on Hamstick's counter poise
080323tech-001 28.32 Dick explains the Action/Reaction Law and how it relates to Les' Hamstick problem
080323tech-001 33.35 Dick defines counter poises and baluns
080323tech-001 39.45 Changing "magical" lengths of coax and the effects on SWR
080323tech-001 44.57 How coax handles forward and reverse power
080323tech-001 52.11 Dick: What a tuner really does and what is a radiating structure
080323tech-001 57.39 What happens to reverse power in the transmission line
080323tech-002 2.58 Tuning pre-amps revisited from 080316tech-002 19:23
080323tech-002 3.45 WA2RJY Joe: Explains his whole preamp project
080323tech-002 8.01 Dick finds an possible error in Joe's pre-amp project
080323tech-002 10.58 Noise vs. figure peeking of a pre-amp
080323tech-002 15.40 Mel shares how he built a pre-amp with MRF-586 transistors
080323tech-002 21.54 W2MIT Jeff: What is the best way to install a roof tower to make it most secure
080323tech-002 26.50 Antenna wind balance vs. antenna gravity balance
080323tech-002 27.50 Dick: How to make your antenna wind neutral
080323tech-002 31.26 Pre-amp third order output intercept points
080323tech-002 37.00 Dick: A well balanced SWR meter really is a directional coupler
080323tech-002 43.54 K5RMG Road Runners Microwave Group good source on K2RIW article on SWR measurements
080323tech-002 51.39 Why Dick likes his Time Demand Reflectometer
080323tech-002 58.03 What happens when a jumper is added and its effect on SWR
080323tech-003 0.00 Cont What happens when a jumper is added and its effect on SWR
080323tech-003 7.43 Maury Microwave Corp good source for calibration kits
080323tech-003 11.40 Dick: How an HP Ratiometer works
080323tech-003 13.38 How loads may effect results of a calibration kit
080323tech-003 21.50 WS2N Paul: Paul shares a recent 73 rotator problem (pieces falling out)
080323tech-003 25.10 Mel shares his past problems with his rotor bolts
080323tech-003 30.50 Using a heilacoil to fix thread problems
080323tech-003 32.11 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: Shuttle's longest mission
080323tech-003 35.06 The orbital boom sensor system, the large Japanese module, the use of fuel cells
080323tech-003 42.55 Recycling in space and the Hubble repair
080323tech-003 47.55 MELS EMAIL 01: Should I have separate Yagis for separate bands or one tri-bander
080323tech-003 53.05 Mel gives high marks for Mosley HF tri-banders
080323tech-004 0.00 Cont Mel gives high marks for Mosley HF tri-banders
080323tech-004 3.50 fordyce.org good source for LI scanner frequencies
080323tech-004 8.36 WB2HWW Howie: Pratt Inst. Shuts down main electronics building
080323tech-004 15.25 MELS EMAIL 02: How do you brace a quad?
080323tech-004 20.32 CQ Magazine's Doug Seymour articles good source on quads
080323tech-004 22.57 How rust ruins towers
080323tech-004 23.56 MELS EMAIL 03: How expensive is the variable capacitor for the 813 80m amplifier
080323tech-004 25.03 Mel and Dick examine the Pico farads of the 813 tube
080323tech-004 35.01 N2EO Rich: Gives advice on securing quads with wire
080323tech-004 39.30 Examining the 811 and 813 tubes
080323tech-004 42.30 KB1RFY Bill: How well made are Ham 4 rotors?
080323tech-004 45.35 MELS EMAIL 04: The proposed dipole experiment first discussed on 080316tech-004 64.20
080323tech-004 53.55 WB2HWW Howie: Has had great results with slopers
080323tech-004 55.00 Dick: What is the ideal sloping angle?

March 30, 2008 Show

080330tech-001 2.51 N2EO Rich: Has lots of broadcast interference in his Collins S line - any remedies?
080330tech-001 6.15 The importance of shielding to combat RFI
080330tech-001 13.09 The importance of checking the multi-conductor cable and power supply for RFI
080330tech-001 20.10 Mel: Collins Collectors Net on 75m good source for Collins information
080330tech-001 25.40 Comparing locations of NYC area broadcast radio stations
080330tech-001 28.15 Mel: An AC line filter may fix the Collins RFI problem
080330tech-001 39.15 Mel reads reports that RFI may be caused by a Pico farad capacitor
080330tech-001 40.30 Mel reads reports that RFI may be caused by a defective resistor
080330tech-001 42.01 WA2RYY Joe: What is the proper way to measure receiver selectivity
080330tech-001 47.40 Joe gives the selectivity specs of his rig
080330tech-001 53.58 Joe explains how he tested his rig using a signal generator
080330tech-001 58.51 Joe gives specs on the signal generator
080330tech-002 0.00 Con't Joe gives specs on the signal generator
080330tech-002 3.31 Mel and Dick discuss IF filter and transformers in relation to selectivity
080330tech-002 10.10 Dick suggests using a notch filter to reject offending transmitter signals
080330tech-002 16.01 A look at how MetroCor handles offending transmitters
080330tech-002 22.50 WB2HWW Howie: MetroCor regulations on using repeater power supplies
080330tech-002 25.40 Mixing that is caused by fluorescent lights
080330tech-002 27.09 Mel examines power supplies and switching power supplies
080330tech-002 30.10 Mel and Dick praise Manfred Mornhinwig's power supply design
080330tech-002 34.35 The Sony AC adapter for the 2010 is the only adapter you can use with the Sony 2010
080330tech-002 39.30 Very high praise for the SONY 2010
080330tech-002 49.40 Dick examines the new Apple notebook computer
080330tech-002 52.06 What was the fire that came out of the shuttle during the last landing?
080330tech-003 0.00 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: STS 123 mission complete, and new modules for the ISS
080330tech-003 4.40 STS-125 Hubble service mission discussed
080330tech-003 5.39 Does performance increase when you increase the number of wavelengths to a loop?
080330tech-003 7.50 Status of the James Webb Telescope and the installation of gyros
080330tech-003 15.00 Update on Planetary Finder Telescope Mission
080330tech-003 16.51 Dick: Smithsonian Magazine May/April 2008 good article on black holes
080330tech-003 26.29 Does performance increase when you increase the number of wavelengths to a loop revisited
080330tech-003 31.54 WB2EAV Ed: Explains the "beanbag" theory
080330tech-003 37.10 Where does antenna gain come from?
080330tech-003 40.12 Mel shares how he tests his loops
080330tech-003 43.11 Radiation resistance in loop antenna wire
080330tech-003 46.59 Normalizing with a Network Analyzer
080330tech-004 0.00 Cont Normalizing with a Network Analyzer
080330tech-004 6.20 Plotting impedance with a Vector Network Analyzer
080330tech-004 11.26 How to make a poor man's Vector Network Analyzer by plotting a Smith Chart
080330tech-004 20.38 KC2QIQ Glenn: Shares when he brought his oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer to his roof antenna
080330tech-004 25.03 Building terminations on an AEA
080330tech-004 32.17 Mel, Dick, and Glenn study test results from their full wave loop antennas
080330tech-004 33.50 Differential mode vs. parallel mode
080330tech-004 40.07 Mel shares how a ham attached a 1 square foot cage to his loop
080330tech-004 44.01 Mel and Glenn QSO common mode reports given to them by other hams
080330tech-004 55.51 KC2QIQ Glenn: Tells how he uses his MFJ-989D antenna tuner


April 6, 2008 Show

080406tech-001 5.30 IRLP and Echolink on the LIMARC repeater system
080406tech-001 10.20 Status on Dick and Mels 80m Sloper project on Dick's tower
080406tech-001 12.40 N2MB Barry: Shares his new project that involves two Hustler antennas
080406tech-001 13.58 How Kraus' Infinitessible dipole plays a role in Barry's Hustler project
080406tech-001 18.10 Dealing with coupling co-efficient
080406tech-001 24.21 Mel shares a story of a Kentucky ham that relates to the saying "..is bigger better?"
080406tech-001 32.03 Dick: The magic of Polarimitry
080406tech-001 34.19 Discussion on 2 vertical loops on a boom and rotator
080406tech-001 40.40 The on going debate over the definition of Effective Capture Area
080406tech-001 43.49 How antenna elevation plays a role in Effective Capture Area
080406tech-001 47.51 Dick: The bonus of Pattern Tuning
080406tech-001 55.12 KC2RCG Chris: cebik.com/fdm/atl1.htm good source on multiple loop modeling
080406tech-002 0.00 WA2RYY Joe: Has questions re: an adjacent signal SINAD experiment from 080330tech001 53.58
080406tech-002 5.06 Dick questions how the SINAD experiment was conducted
080406tech-002 7.35 Dick suggests ways to properly conduct the SINAD experiment
080406tech-002 11.32 Mel suggests manipulating the threshold in the SINAD experiment
080406tech-002 16.13 RF gain and Q multiplies in tube rigs vs. solid state rigs
080406tech-002 20.07 Dick: High marks for the Yaesu FT22IR's front end
080406tech-002 22.41 Precautions using a narrow filter on a spectrum analyzer
080406tech-002 26.01 Review of older well made signal generators
080406tech-002 32.55 Useful features to have in a signal generator
080406tech-002 34.09 High marks for the Hewlett Packard 8640 signal generator
080406tech-002 42.08 Mel: HP tech support not helpful for the HP 8600 series
080406tech-002 48.52 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: Viewing the Pleiades stat system
080406tech-002 52.45 Jules Verne module arrives at the ISS and the new Arizona-made telescope
080406tech-002 59.00 Review of CBS's 60 Minutes piece on future Mars missions
080406tech-003 0.00 Examining the mirrors of the binocular telescope
080406tech-003 5.15 Smithsonian Mag April 2008 good article on the Milky way Galaxy's black hole
080406tech-003 11.23 Preview of the angular modulation of FM
080406tech-003 17.20 Different versions of Hewlett Packard signal generators
080406tech-003 20.01 MELS EMAIL 01: Do droopy, old radials hinder antenna performance?
080406tech-003 24.21 MELS EMAIL 02: How do fix problems with switching power supplies?
080406tech-003 26.01 Why Manfred Mornhinwig's power supply works so well (QST Dec 1999 and Jan 2000)
080406tech-003 38.03 KC2QIQ Glenn: Why layout is very important when designing power supply
080406tech-003 47.01 Mel shares a story of examining a heavy power supply at a ham fest
080406tech-003 50.31 Reviews of products form different power supply manufacturers
080406tech-004 0.00 Looking at different Astron and other ham power supply models
080406tech-004 14.50 Controlled leakage reactance in power supplies
080406tech-004 18.58 Over voltage and under voltage power supply protection
080406tech-004 19.20 MELS EMAIL 03: What is the ideal wire and rope to use to make a dipole?
080406tech-004 30.13 Opinions on baluns and types of rope and wires
080406tech-004 33.01 The advantages of using a Multi-band dipole
080406tech-004 39.02 WA2CDL Andy: The Newtronic's motorized and rotatable dipole antenna
080406tech-004 54.40 Professor at Pratt University gives very high praise for the LIMARC TechNet


April 13, 2008 Show

080413tech-001 3.50 What's more popular 2m or 70cm?
080413tech-001 9.30 WB2HWW Howie: Why 70cm is more popular in metro areas?
080413tech-001 12.49 N2EIJ Andrew: Yonkers ARC has a new 224.94 Mhz pl88.5 repeater
080413tech-001 16.31 WS2N Paul: What was the failure of Dick's tower during hurricane Gloria
080413tech-001 17.09 Dick gives history of his 432Mhz SSB use and his antenna array
080413tech-001 29.50 Dick: Higher antenna altitude gives you more signal
080413tech-001 32.24 Dick's future plans with 10Ghz band openings
080413tech-001 34.52 Dick shares the rotator that he uses for his 432Mhz array
080413tech-001 37.06 Dick discovers aircraft reflection
080413tech-001 39.54 How Dick plans to rebuild his 432Mhz array
080413tech-001 45.41 Dick compares strength of different Rohn Towers
080413tech-001 52.40 Dick: A good antenna design is not made by accident
080413tech-001 54.55 Mandatory tower safety precautions and preventable fatal tower accidents
080413tech-002 3.28 How tower cranes are built well and not well within buildings
080413tech-002 11.03 Faulty WTC construction designs
080413tech-002 13.29 WA2RYY Joe: Can a DTV signal off the air be used as a pseudo standard for frequency measurement?
080413tech-002 22.18 WA2RYY Joe: Explain tightening components to a test cable and "magic in the software"
080413tech-002 28.50 Directional couplers in network analyzers
080413tech-002 32.43 Torque wrenches with calibration clicks
080413tech-002 36.06 Misunderstanding regarding connectors and insertion loss
080413tech-002 38.50 KC2SYL Eugene: How can multiple broadcast stations transmit on one antenna? SWR high?
080413tech-002 44.52 The importance of combined band-pass filters
080413tech-002 46.01 K2QT Roger: Building duplex filters
080413tech-002 51.30 Hot and cold loads
080413tech-002 56.49 Dick: All about the IEEE Long Island Consultants network
080413tech-002 58.00 The state of the RF engineering industry
080413tech-003 0.00 Cont The state of the RF engineering industry
080413tech-003 2.20 KC2QIQ Glenn: Please continue with the IEEE Long Island Consultants network
080413tech-003 10.40 KB7ABF Rob: Any opinions on the MIT open course electronic software?
080413tech-003 12.52 Dick: Empirical testing vs modeling software testing
080413tech-003 16.25 KB7ABF Rob: Any opinions on the MIT open course electronic software? Revisited
080413tech-003 18.29 Internet data replacing hard-copy material
080413tech-003 27.80 WA2CDL Andy: 60 Minutes piece on K3TUP's radio wave experiment to kill cancer cells
080413tech-003 35.33 Thermal heating and cancer cells
080413tech-003 48.34 HF RF frequency radiation for the heart
080413tech-003 60.05 MELS EMAIL 01: Please explain again antenna efficiency
080413tech-004 0.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 01: Please explain again antenna efficiency
080413tech-004 2.19 MELS EMAIL 02: Discuss the vertical dipole experiment you conducted
080413tech-004 15.04 SPACE REPORT WS2N Paul: Shuttle bringing up second Japanese module, Phoenix Mission
080413tech-004 20.23 Sawyer missions to the ISS
080413tech-004 28.25 Mel and Dick visit the Berlin Airlift C54 airplane hanger
080413tech-004 34.50 Cont MELS EMAIL 01: Please explain again antenna efficiency
080413tech-004 41.33 Mel gives an example of antenna efficiency and radiation resistance
080413tech-004 47.52 What is the standard signal level that equates to an S9 on HF
080413tech-004 49.07 How does the computer end of Echolink work?


April 20, 2008 Show

080420tech-001 4.12 The three different kinds of groundings
080420tech-001 10.02 Is there a need to ground a symmetrical antenna?
080420tech-001 14.01 Antenna performance above the tree-line vs. below the tree line
080420tech-001 18.05 Feeding and grounding an end fed antenna
080420tech-001 22.31 The real efficiency of a rubber duck antenna
080420tech-001 28.12 Which is better- grounded or ungrounded?
080420tech-001 33.21 Grounding an inverted v antenna and electronic steering
080420tech-001 38.09 What is antenna performance when it is parallel to power lines
080420tech-001 41.45 Misperceptions of using open wire lines
080420tech-001 47.45 Dick does an HT transmit test with W2IGH Hugo
080420tech-002 0.00 Cont Dick does an HT transmit test with W2IGH Hugo
080420tech-002 8.02 How do I fix the error code on a Radio Shack HTX-202?
080420tech-002 13.49 Replacing the lithium battery for the Radio Shack HTX-202
080420tech-002 26.40 432 Mhz satellite signal interfered by leaking Cablevision signal
080420tech-002 28.56 All about the Cumulative Leakage Index
080420tech-002 33.14 N2EO Rich shares how the NY Cable Commission got involved with Time Warner over interference
080420tech-002 36.41 Frequencies cable companies use for carrier and the interference they cause
080420tech-002 40.10 When cable customers cause interference
080420tech-002 44.03 N2EO Rich: Trying to match Collins KW-M2 serial number to a production date
080420tech-002 46.16 Background of different Collins equipment and Collins military involvement
080420tech-002 57.05 What does a DTV signal look and sound like on a regular TV set?
080420tech-003 0.00 Cont What does a DTV signal look and sound like on a regular TV set?
080420tech-003 3.30 The future use of TV channels 2 through 13
080420tech-003 7.12 K2KEY Mel: Digital only outside TV antenna scam
080420tech-003 10.29 New NYC DTV channel allocations
080420tech-003 17.10 KB2BD John: The range of normal DTV signals
080420tech-003 25.25 KB2BD John shares specs and features of his Proband DTV receiver
080420tech-003 29.40 Standard DTV vs. HDTV
080420tech-003 36.10 Does changing coax change DTV quality?
080420tech-003 41.05 Measuring remodulating analog TV quality vs DTV quality
080420tech-003 50.01 Observing DTV frequency tolerance on a spectrum analyzer
080420tech-004 0.00 Con't Observing DTV frequency tolerance on a spectrum analyzer
080420tech-004 2.30 The accuracy of a hertz
080420tech-004 5.50 Qualcomm's new K-Band 10Ghz oscillator Omnitrack receiver
080420tech-004 11.29 MELS EMAIL 01: What is a proper wire size to bury as radial?
080420tech-004 16.07 Mel explains why he uses 100 ground radials
080420tech-004 23.36 Mel's use of pulleys, antennas, and welding rigs
080420tech-004 30.15 Sea water spray and it effect on galvanized metal
080420tech-004 35.45 MELS EMAIL 02: Making a spectrum display using a TV set for 6m band opening detection
080420tech-004 52.21 KC2SYL Bill: How do you sign onto Echolink?


April 27, 2008 Show

080427tech-001 4.05 WA2CDL Andy: The passing of L.B. Cebik W4RNL
080427tech-001 7.35 N4NLB Mike: Needs help with an SWR meter for his Hustler array on his 18 wheeler
080427tech-001 24.40 W2TTT Gordon: Thanks Dick for participating on the April 24, 2008 BARA TechNet
080427tech-001 26.49 Dick repeats the quiz he gave on the April 24, 2008 BARA TechNet
080427tech-001 29.14 KA2EG Eric: Update on the NAB Convention, new DTV boxes, and active antenna regulations
080427tech-001 36.12 Dick explains the Widrow Algorithm
080427tech-001 37.22 Delay time in relation to multipath signals
080427tech-001 42.48 8th generation DTV boxes examined
080427tech-001 44.37 Impulse noise vs. DTV signals
080427tech-001 49.16 Where to buy DTV converter boxes
080427tech-001 54.42 N2EO Rich: Needs information on getting Millen tube sockets
080427tech-002 0.00 Cont N2EO Rich: Needs information on getting Millen tube sockets
080427tech-002 1.40 8th generation DTV boxes examined revisited
080427tech-002 4.52 WA2RYY Joe shared his frequency measurement results done with this service monitor
080427tech-002 11.45 WA1MBA.org good source for frequency accuracy data for 10Ghz
080427tech-002 16.45 Mel: What is the frequency accuracy maintained for radio navigation in aircraft
080427tech-002 18.41 Frequency accuracy of broadcast TV and DTV carrier signals
080427tech-002 29.17 Dick shares a practical joke that was played at his workplace years ago
080427tech-002 32.16 The accuracy of GPS oscillators and the subject of time correction
080427tech-002 38.12 WA2RYY Joe shared his frequency measurement results done with this service monitor revisited
080427tech-002 41.33 KF2GB Jack: How high does a 20m antenna have to be to be efficient?
080427tech-002 46.45 KF2GB Jack: Does a 90 foot high 20m antenna out perform a 60 foot high 20m antenna?
080427tech-002 51.29 Mel shares what experts say about optimal 20m antenna height
080427tech-003 0.00 KF2GB Jack: Is there any performance difference transmitting at 5K, 10K, or 15K feet in a airplane?
080427tech-003 2.19 Examining antenna elevation and take off angles when in a airplane at 20K feet
080427tech-003 16.30 Defining in-core and outer-core
080427tech-003 17.52 The effect on society when the DTV switchover date arrives
080427tech-003 19.21 Heat sinks and covering them with black and white paint
080427tech-003 36.34 Improvements in DTV converter boxes searching for signals
080427tech-003 46.10 The contents of a DTV data stream
080427tech-003 57.58 MEL EMAIL 01: Radials- why are they so important?
080427tech-004 0.00 Cont MEL EMAIL 01: Radials- why are they so important?
080427tech-004 1.10 The difference between VHF/UHF radials and HF radials
080427tech-004 5.01 The confusing information of vertical antennas' use of radials
080427tech-004 13.35 Different antenna wavelengths and its related resistive component
080427tech-004 21.31 Mel: Still thinks horizontal dipoles work better than verticals
080427tech-004 26.25 Ground gain explained
080427tech-004 27.07 Scenarios of running and not running as many radials
080427tech-004 33.15 Examining performance of End Zepp antennas
080427tech-004 43.25 MELS EMAIL 02: Why do I get high SWR readings on some of bands using my G5RV?
080427tech-004 54.25 MELS EMAIL 03: Should I buy an antenna or make my own?


May 4, 2008 Show

080504tech-001 0.00 (Already in progress) Different Arecibo radar techniques
080504tech-001 2.31 radiodaze.com, ramsey electronics, and sciencefirst.com good sources for electronic kits
080504tech-001 7.05 Arecibo radar techniques revisited
080504tech-001 21.41 K1JT Joe Taylor vector demodulator techniques
080504tech-001 24.50 The history of the Labembaum (sp?) parametric amplifiers
080504tech-001 32.50 The makings of a GPS receiver signal
080504tech-001 36.51 How the Arecibo dish utilizes the time shifting technique
080504tech-001 42.39 KC2OES Fred: Connecting wires of a Turner microphone to a Yeasu FT920
080504tech-001 54.02 Microphones with double ground wiring
080504tech-001 56.37 WA2RYY Joe: RFI from a radio charger in his house
080504tech-002 0.00 Cont WA2RYY Joe: RFI from a radio charger in his house
080504tech-002 2.51 Mel: building a poor mans shield to combat wall wart interference
080504tech-002 5.01 WA2RYY Joe: Some more results of over the air signals frequency standards revisited
080504tech-002 10.58 Dick: The fun of searching for accuracy i.e.. Watches
080504tech-002 12.09 The need for extreme accuracy in aircraft transportation
080504tech-002 14.22 WA2RYY Joe: Discusses his off the air signal results with KE2EJ Eric
080504tech-002 24.30 Dick compares Joe's and Eric's frequency results from last week's TechNet
080504tech-002 31.10 Eugene has two DTV converter box certificates free of charge
080504tech-002 33.48 Cont Dick compares Joes and Eric's frequency results from last week's TechNet
080504tech-002 36.41 All about the history of time-base correctors
080504tech-002 42.30 SPACE REPORT WS2N Paul: Update on the Phoenix Space Craft landing on Mars
080504tech-002 45.01 New ISS space station lab and other modules
080504tech-002 50.04 Lunar Recognizance Orbiter polar ice mission
080504tech-003 0.00 When is the next manned mission to the moon?
080504tech-003 3.02 Comparing The Orion to the Space Shuttle
080504tech-003 10.05 MELS EMAIL 01: How to you put radials under your lawn?
080504tech-003 22.18 MELS EMAIL 02: A primer on ground plane ground screens
080504tech-003 28.55 The 5 Ohm goal of ground loss resistance
080504tech-003 31.07 Why antenna manufacturers refuse to mention the needed radials in their ads
080504tech-003 35.10 Story of a ham that drags a wire out the back of his car for 160m mobile work
080504tech-003 41.59 MELS EMAIL 03: Microwave oven suddenly causes RFI- what could be the cause?
080504tech-003 48.52 Examining the parts of a microwave oven
080504tech-003 57.46 Is it possible to measure the lead content of a coffee cup using a microwave oven?
080504tech-004 0.00 Cont is it possible to measure the lead content of a coffee cup using a microwave oven?
080504tech-004 2.21 MELS EMAIL 04: How can you determine amplifier power by using the unit's PEP information?
080504tech-004 9.31 Why you can't use a bird watt meter to measure PEP
080504tech-004 15.34 Mel examines SSB specs in a rig advertisement
080504tech-004 19.02 Why the Kenwood 450 and the Kenwood 850 are so popular
080504tech-004 22.39 MELS EMAIL 06: Will an azimuth elevation rotator for a 6m beam do well also on 10m?
080504tech-004 27.03 Examining image, angle of elevation and gain
080504tech-004 38.55 MELS EMAIL 07: What is Greyline?
080504tech-004 46.37 How different times of a 24 hour period effects Greyline and radio signal performance


May 11, 2008 Show

080511tech-001 2.20 K2LDK Sam: Trying to wind Toroidal transformer to change phase-needs advice
080511tech-001 8.24 Mel explains the way of winding Toroidal transformers
080511tech-001 13.13 Precautions when impedance matching MOSFET circuits
080511tech-001 16.33 The "Starts and Finishes" of transformers
080511tech-001 23.02 Driving 80m MOSFET amplifiers
080511tech-001 29.03 K2KYQ Joe: Recharging different milliamp related batteries
080511tech-001 34.39 How smart chargers operate
080511tech-001 39.01 Drawbacks when parallel charging batteries
080511tech-001 43.25 How to properly recharge batteries
080511tech-001 51.26 What ".1c rate" means
080511tech-001 53.38 A look at recharging cell phone batteries
080511tech-001 57.01 How Nickel Cadmium and Lithium Ion batteries behave while recharging
080511tech-002 0.00 Con't How Nickel Cadmium and Lithium Ion batteries behave while recharging
080511tech-002 4.00 K2YO Bernie: Nortel phone system causing RFI on 2m.
080511tech-002 10.35 Using the Microvolt is the best standard to measure EMI
080511tech-002 18.30 The signal result when shielding a hot cable
080511tech-002 19.49 N2EO Rich: 6140, 6146A, 6146B, and 6293 output tubes and uses in Collins rigs
080511tech-002 23.38 Plate and grid circuits and the making of a neutralization network
080511tech-002 28.47 "Beefing up" a port circuit to change the Cgp
080511tech-002 32.34 W2EWK Eugene: Is it better to transmit from the ocean coast or at top of a mountain?
080511tech-002 34.21 Mel shares his opinion of HF mobile by the ocean's shore
080511tech-002 43.18 W2EWK Eugene: Some emergencies that happened on Apollo 11.
080511tech-002 45.54 SPACE REPORT w/ WS2N Paul: Landing date is May 25 for the Phoenix craft on Mars
080511tech-002 47.11 The construction of the Chilean ESO VLT
080511tech-002 52.05 Ground based telescopes vs. the Hubble Telescope
080511tech-002 57.02 Today's construction of telescope glass lenses
080511tech-002 59.38 photronics.com good info re: the Phoenix lens technology from Long Island
080511tech-003 0.00 Construction of the mirrors of the Chilean ESO VLT
080511tech-003 4.55 Integration of astro photographs of Haley's Comet
080511tech-003 10.23 Optical telescopes vs. Radio telescopes
080511tech-003 14.23 Smaller radio dish owners join forces for SETI research
080511tech-003 18.40 All about Paul Shuch and his waterhole hole astronomy song
080511tech-003 24.05 N2NYW Ed: Is the Drake equation now being discounted?
080511tech-003 29.47 Metro area astronomers deal with lots of light pollution to see the stars
080511tech-003 32.10 The Humbling of Mankind
080511tech-003 35.19 What type of signal would we receive from another world?
080511tech-003 38.06 Dick: Each element has a frequency
080511tech-003 40.23 Dick explains the Stanley Miller Experiment
080511tech-003 41.41 Do aliens communicate with "Binary Antenna Polarization?"
080511tech-003 54.12 The sun is the future for unlimited energy
080511tech-003 58.30 MELS EMAIL 01: What is a Bruce Array?
080511tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 01: What is a Bruce Array?
080511tech-004 0.50 Dick explains the Chu-Wheeler Criteria
080511tech-004 3.40 Mel explains the Bobtail Curtain Antenna
080511tech-004 9.20 MELS EMAIL 02: What do you use to measure inductance and capacitance?
080511tech-004 17.01 Using a grid dip meter to measure inductance and capacitance
080511tech-004 17.49 The very first radio telescope measurement made?
080511tech-004 18.40 WBJI.com good pictures of a Bruce Array
080511tech-004 26.52 MELS EMAIL 03: What is a Terminated Traveling Wave Antenna?
080511tech-004 32.30 The purpose of a Time Domain Reflectometer?
080511tech-004 45.55 More about Paul Shuch N6TX and his professional background on his website
080511tech-004 47.30 Uses of a Rubidium Frequency Oscillator
080511tech-004 58.21 The accuracy of the National Bureau of Standards


May 18, 2008 Show

080518tech-001 3.36 N2EO Rich: How do you protect the sensitive input o a B&K frequency counter?
080518tech-001 6.39 Advantages of connecting a frequency counter to a waveform monitor
080518tech-001 16.03 HP scope specs vs. Tektronix scope specs
080518tech-001 20.00 What does the function "RPM" mean on a B&K frequency counter?
080518tech-001 23.21 alliedelectronics.com good source for B&K frequency counters
080518tech-001 27.12 KC2OJO Howie: Comparing rigs from Elecraft, TenTec, and Flexradio for possible bandscope use.
080518tech-001 32.58 Comparing the ICOM 756 Pro III active scope and the new Yaesu 950.
080518tech-001 36.15 K2TGW Len Talks about the ICOM 746's bandscope
080518tech-001 39.01 Mel: The value of using a bandscope
080518tech-001 44.37 Adding a bandscope to an older radio such as a Collins rig
080518tech-001 46.38 Precautions when replacing a rig's coil when adding a bandscope
080518tech-001 52.51 Mel: Did anyone go to Dayton Hamfest this year? The gasoline dilemma
080518tech-002 0.00 Cont Mel: Did anyone go to Dayton Hamfest this year? The gasoline dilemma
080518tech-002 0.55 KO2OK Ben: Needs cabinet suggestion for his homebrewed 6m amplifier
080518tech-002 1.31 Mel shares all the ways he gets cabinet material
080518tech-002 7.18 N2EO Rich: tubesandmore.com, and Hatco electronics in LI good sources for enclosures
080518tech-002 11.51 KE2EJ Eric: Panels 123, MCM Electronics also good sources for enclosure material
080518tech-002 15.53 Onlinemetals.com, local machine shops and Grainger also good sources for enclosure material
080518tech-002 20.02 KO2OK Ben: Goes into detail about his 6m amplifier
080518tech-002 29.56 K2OES Fred: Needs a Channel Master rotator remote control replacement
080518tech-002 35.07 Examining the remote and receiver codes of a Channel Master
080518tech-002 39.07 Examining the code that comes from a remote on an oscilloscope
080518tech-002 41.35 Dick gives a full summary of K2OES Fred's Channel Master remote code problem
080518tech-002 44.10 Eric, Dick, and Fred study the header of the Channel Master code problem
080518tech-003 0.00 Cont Eric, Dick, and Fred study the header of the Channel Master code problem
080518tech-003 9.07 Polarizing the remora signal of a Channel Master
080518tech-003 18.38 Discussion on alternative sources for polarizing a Channel Master signal
080518tech-003 24.10 Polarization using 3D movie glasses and sunglasses
080518tech-003 28.37 Polarization.com good source for polarization information
080518tech-003 32.17 Dick explains how he tried to photocopy his HP calculator display
080518tech-003 37.05 What is a Lenticular Screen in a projection TV set?
080518tech-003 42.46 Different pixel sizes on LCD screens
080518tech-003 46.17 Quality of LCD and Plasma displays used in the TV industry
080518tech-003 50.50 Replacing the illuminator bulb for a LCD screen
080518tech-003 59.31 How an LCD screen gives you red, green, and blue
080518tech-004 0.00 Cont How an LCD screen gives you red, green, and blue
080518tech-004 10.39 Eric dissects a pixel
080518tech-004 19.25 MELS EMAIL 01: Can I use my existing 40m ground radials on 20m?
080518tech-004 28.13 Dick: Is retuning required when using 40m radials when on 80m or 20m?
080518tech-004 30.18 How Mel set up his antenna system for Dxing on the low bands
080518tech-004 35.50 How Mel utilized window screens for his antenna system
080518tech-004 38.27 Mel shares his recent DX CW QSOs and how he logs them
080518tech-004 45.17 Overview and the importance of Resistance and Reaction charts by Wheeler
080518tech-004 54.10 WA1MBA.com with K2RIW front page article good source on impedance matching
080518tech-004 58.55 N2RSO Frank: Trying to make an off-center fed type dipole broadband.


May 25, 2008 Show

080525tech-001 3.34 WB2CUK Bill: Do the Mars rover's have satellites around Mars to communicate with Earth?
080525tech-001 4.10 All about the signal that comes from the rovers' satellites
080525tech-001 9.43 Phoenix lens coating manufactured by company in Long Island
080525tech-001 12.06 How to receive the 8.8 Ghz signal from Mars
080525tech-001 13.41 Phoenix's "9 minutes of hell" explained
080525tech-001 18.13 WS2N Paul explains the Phoenix landing in detail
080525tech-001 22.01 What samples Phoenix will test from Mar's surface
080525tech-001 32.02 How Phoenix's solar panels will have to strong to handle Mar's winds
080525tech-001 35.08 WB2RYY Joe: Explain measuring insertion loss on a transmission line vs. return loss
080525tech-001 40.55 Scenario: Bend in cable or water in cable and measuring the return loss
080525tech-001 51.58 Mel: What I see if I attach a TDR (time-domain reflectometer) to a cable holding water
080525tech-001 57.28 Mel: Cable systems that use F connectors-how do they get away with it?
080525tech-002 0.00 K1NET Steve: (on oil tanker) shares how much his tanker carries
080525tech-002 3.50 Dick: US too dependant on Mid East Oil
080525tech-002 6.29 SPACE REPORT with WS2N Paul: Japanese module for ISS soon to launch
080525tech-002 12.02 Examining the NASA Select Channel
080525tech-002 17.12 MELS EMAIL 01: How much current is need to electrocute a human?
080525tech-002 22.14 What is more dangerous 60hz or 50hz?
080525tech-002 25.51 Is low voltage safe- why or why not?
080525tech-002 27.08 Dick and Mel give life threatening electricity scenarios
080525tech-002 35.27 Dick: Isolation transformers are not a guarantee for safety
080525tech-002 37.54 KC2QIW Joe: Will a European 50hz turntable work in the US?
080525tech-002 45.55 Electricity precautions in the bathroom and kitchen
080525tech-002 47.28 Why did Europe choose 50hz rather than 60hz like the US?
080525tech-002 54.56 Comparing US standard units to English standard units
080525tech-003 0.00 Cont Comparing US standard units to English standard units
080525tech-003 3.42 Examining the Pascal unit.
080525tech-003 6.04 MELS EMAIL 02: Can I use my 40m vertical on 20m?
080525tech-003 12.32 Mel and Dick examine the Newton unit.
080525tech-003 18.29 Discussion on the efficiency of Mel's loop antenna vs his ground vertical
080525tech-003 21.15 Mel and Dick examine the Newton unit revisited
080525tech-003 30.04 WA2CDL Andy and WA2RYY Joe recap the recent Blue Angels air show
080525tech-003 44.56 WB2EAB Ed shares his involvement in the aviation industry
080525tech-003 56.58 Discussion on the efficiency of Mel's loop antenna vs his ground vertical revisited
080525tech-004 0.00 Con't Discussion on the efficiency of Mel's loop antenna vs his ground vertical revisited
080525tech-004 2.39 Comparing horizontal noise to vertical noise
080525tech-004 4.31 KC2QIQ Glen: shares spectrum analyzer results when changing a vertical to a horizontal antenna
080525tech-004 8.25 Mel shares his results when testing vertical to horizontal antennas
080525tech-004 10.47 Mel shares his results when testing his 80m antenna
080525tech-004 18.05 Mel and Dick discuss an engine that is at Floyd Bennett Field
080525tech-004 21.00 Mel and discuss the legendary SR-71, EA6 and other military aircraft
080525tech-004 41.13 MELS EMAIL 03: Is Manfred Mornhinwig's power supply available for purchase?
080525tech-004 49.27 MELS EMAIL 04: How do I test power amplifier tubes without using a rig?
080525tech-004 52.29 Mel explains Tran inductance Testing


June 1, 2008 Show

080601tech-001 3.15 K2YO Bernie: How critical is the length of ground plain radials?
080601tech-001 10.30 The mystery of measuring antenna efficiency
080601tech-001 13.17 When your coax cable becomes part of your antenna
080601tech-001 20.11 What's better to use as a ground plane - screen or metal?
080601tech-001 26.31 The benefits of end feeding an antenna
080601tech-001 31.41 Building inexpensive wire antennas
080601tech-001 35.34 Mel explains his multiple antenna setup and their individual performance
080601tech-001 43.33 WB2HWW Howie: How to build a $4 antenna
080601tech-001 44.31 Why is a pure vertical dipole not as effective as a slightly off vertical dipole?
080601tech-001 48.15 KC2QIQ Glenn: Explain the 20" metal bicycle rim antenna he made
080601tech-001 52.00 Mel: Shares how his adjustable Sloper is extremely effective
080601tech-002 0.00 How objects next to the antenna's effective area effect performance.
080601tech-002 5.05 Do antenna patterns change when you move apart a closely positioned Yagi and Channel Master?
080601tech-002 12.30 Dick suggests using a notch filter for the Yagi and Channel Master
080601tech-002 15.02 WA2RYY Joe: Elaborate on the 10Mhz coax water absorption on 70cm/2M discussion from last week?
080601tech-002 23.10 Mel: Does the heat of the sun dry out the moisture inside the cable?
080601tech-002 26.35 9913 vs. 9914 cable
080601tech-002 29.30 WA2RYY Joe: Why is the hydrogen tank above the oxygen tank on the shuttle rocket?
080601tech-002 31.36 Can you dry out water in the coax to regain the insertion loss?
080601tech-002 38.41 KC2MDP Bill: Can I connect 2 scanners to one antenna with any performance loss?
080601tech-002 43.40 What happens when you connect one scanner to multiple antennas?
080601tech-002 47.39 Andrew coax vs. Times Microwave coax
080601tech-002 53.22 Window sealant and certain tape are very effective for weather proofing coax
080601tech-003 0.00 Cont Window sealant and certain tape are very effective for weather proofing coax
080601tech-003 2.02 Mel: Telephone company use of very effective heat shrinkable wrap to seal connectors
080601tech-003 7.50 W2MKV Mitch: Suggests using clear PVC and clear silicone to seal a connector
080601tech-003 10.30 N2HVR Nick: Can I use Flexplus cable?
080601tech-003 14.04 Dick explains Stinger connectors
080601tech-003 15.29 N2SRU Frank: Bathroom caulking and a straw was used to make a Western Union splice
080601tech-003 21.33 KC2QIQ Glenn: Explains a faulty CATV cable that ran in then out then in again to his house
080601tech-003 26.43 Dick explains the Cumulative Leaking Index (CLI)
080601tech-003 29.39 WB2HWW Howie: Suggests using Scotchcoat for cable UV protection
080601tech-003 31.33 MELS EMAIL 01: Is it true that a beverage antenna is not a good performer near seawater?
080601tech-003 39.12 W2VUV Bob: Give details of the antenna station at Rocky Point
080601tech-003 42.55 KC2QIQ Glenn: Shares his results when using a beverage at the beach
080601tech-003 43.40 Discussion and DX Expedition opinion on beverage antennas
080601tech-003 53.00 N2RSU Frank: Franks shares a story of N9ZRT who made a beverage using a railroad spur
080601tech-003 58.36 MELS EMAIL 02: What is optimum elevation and take off angle?
080601tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 02: What is optimum elevation and take off angle?
080601tech-004 5.15 Mel: Several antennas may be needed on 80m for different situations
080601tech-004 8.10 Dick: Very much against putting egg insulators on guy wires
080601tech-004 9.18 Ways to tune your guywire for resonance
080601tech-004 18.11 Dick: Dick: Very much against putting egg insulators on guy wires revisited
080601tech-004 21.51 Mel: Mosley said their antenna will suffer if the guy wires are not egg insulated
080601tech-004 23.16 Dick disagrees with Mosley guy wire statement
080601tech-004 37.00 N2NNU Alex: Highly recommends Walter Maxwell's (W2DU) book "Reflections"
080601tech-004 47.01 Mel: Mosley said their antenna will suffer if the guy wires are not egg insulated revisited
080601tech-004 49.15 Mel shares concerns over how to handle hams who make ridiculous antenna claims


June 8, 2008 Show

080608tech-001 3.15 N2EO Rich: Needs advice on buying a HDTV and a combo VHS/Blu-Ray deck
080608tech-001 13.02 KE2EJ Eric: Gives advice on buying an HDTV
080608tech-001 18.04 Mel gives advice on buying a combo unit
080608tech-001 18.58 Mel: Consumer Reports is a good source for comparing HDTVs
080608tech-001 22.14 W2SN Paul: Shares info of his VHS/Disk unit
080608tech-001 24.01 Cablevision may change features on new DVRs
080608tech-001 31.21 KC2OJO Howie: Suggests to Rich to buy a smaller set rather than a large set
080608tech-001 21.10 KE2EJ Eric: 720p vs. 1080i and 1080p
080608tech-001 39.09 Discussion on screen fps flicker and shutter
080608tech-001 44.32 WA2RYY Joe: Why is electric noise vertically polarized?
080608tech-001 46.57 How elevation angle relates to electrical noise
080608tech-001 48.26 Mel: Electrical noise polarization in not purely vertical
080608tech-001 51.45 Strong noise vs. weak noise when the band is dead
080608tech-002 0.00 Mel: Why does the same noise source vary in strength
080608tech-002 2.30 KC2QIQ Glenn: Shares results when testing noise with antennas and an analyzer
080608tech-002 5.16 Dick describes IC noise on his TV set
080608tech-002 11.33 Is it safer being in a car during a lightning storm?
080608tech-002 13.12 Dick: Still lots of road noise when in a closed convertible
080608tech-002 15.16 KE2EJ Eric: How Ch. 21 went down due to a lightning strike.
080608tech-002 19.00 Mels tells of a friend who dismantles nuclear bombs for a career
080608tech-002 22.18 SPACE REPORT w/WS2N Paul: STS 124 update, the new ISS Harmony module
080608tech-002 26.37 Phoenix mission soil sample problem, and a ISS's 12' diameter rotary arm repair
080608tech-002 36.32 Dick: How fast do electrons travel in a 20 gauge wire with a steady state current of 5 amps
080608tech-002 43.41 Understanding farads, amperes, and Coolum's (sp?)
080608tech-002 52.41 Dick and Mel discuss the 800Mhz tone that’s effecting Mel's signal
080608tech-002 54.48 Joe Taylor's doppler letter to 2008 CQ Magazine regarding K2RIW's "Magic of Wireless"
080608tech-003 0.00 Examining Joe Taylor spectrogram plots
080608tech-003 1.09 Dicks Doppler reflection results on 10Ghz
080608tech-003 4.12 WA2CDL Andy: Suggested on starting a discussion on sunspots
080608tech-003 6.51 WA2CDL Andy: reviews the recent Hall of Science Hamfest
080608tech-003 10.09 Mel: March 2008 Consumer Reports has in depth article on 100 reviews of large screen TVs
080608tech-003 11.52 Dick and Mel discuss the 800Mhz tone that’s effecting Mel's signal revisited
080608tech-003 24.10 Mel discusses the latest HF band openings
080608tech-003 29.08 Mel: There's a decline in HF CW hams on the air
080608tech-003 30.36 Mel claims 29 degrees is the best angle for his Sloper
080608tech-003 32.11 Mel and Dick discuss the angle of Mel's Sloper
080608tech-004 0.00 Cont Mel and Dick discuss the angle of Mel's Sloper
080608tech-004 8.48 N2RSO Frank: Has a new way to use bus bars with a vertical antenna
080608tech-004 14.00 MELS EMAIL 01: How can I hear CW better using active filters?
080608tech-004 25.35 Dick explains a Receiver Incrementing Tuning Control (RIT)
080608tech-004 26.45 Dick explains why some hams use two receivers at the same time
080608tech-004 30.22 Mel explains the function of variable Q active band pass filter
080608tech-004 32.30 DSP and active filters
080608tech-004 36.50 MELS EMAIL 02: What is meant by optimum elevation angles on different bands?
080608tech-004 43.30 Elevation angles of higher antennas vs lower antennas
080608tech-004 46.58 Myths of Log Periodics vs single band antennas elevated angles
080608tech-004 50.00 Dick explains the product of a horizontal and vertical beam width
080608tech-004 54.30 Does the type of ground you're on effect the wavelength above the ground?
080608tech-004 56.34 Is there a "best" elevation angle?
080608tech-004 62.31 Does the gain vary throughout the coverage of a log periodic?


June 15, 2008 Show

080615tech-001 3.15 WB2CUK Bill: What exactly is HAARP?
080615tech-001 8.01 The ionosphere examined
080615tech-001 10.30 The purpose and construction of HAARP
080615tech-001 17.28 How long does the ionosphere stay charged after HAARP is turned off?
080615tech-001 19.18 Dick defines Gram-mole Index
080615tech-001 20.17 The behavior of air molecules
080615tech-001 24.35 Telemetry receivers - what are they?
080615tech-001 29.00 Measuring solar and galactic winds with the Pioneer and Voyager spacecrafts
080615tech-001 33.46 When in space, at what point is the sun no longer effective to supply solar energy?
080615tech-001 37.25 What is a 100% efficient solar cell?
080615tech-001 41.25 The lack of government involvement in solar cell research
080615tech-001 44.52 US dependency on foreign oil
080615tech-001 50.50 Looking back at Jimmy Carter's attempt to stop foreign oil dependency
080615tech-001 53.39 The effect of the "not in my backyard" mentality
080615tech-001 59.51 Examining air-compressed powered cars
080615tech-002 0.00 Cont Examining air-compressed powered cars
080615tech-002 1.52 Nuclear power's return on investment
080615tech-002 6.00 Mass production and advances reduced price of satellite dishes
080615tech-002 8.40 KE2EJ-Eric: 1000 years of biological growth used up in one day
080615tech-002 12.01 What other countries are doing for alternative energy
080615tech-002 16.10 How fuel mixture effects Dick's MPG
080615tech-002 17.34 KC2ONO Mike: The TechNet is fantastic
080615tech-002 16.09 The different fuels used in torpedoes
080615tech-002 20.55 The debate over what caused global warming and hot to fix it
080615tech-002 33.50 Bayville NY's misunderstanding of RF radiation
080615tech-002 36.24 The debate over what caused global warming and hot to fix it revisited
080615tech-002 43.57 The effects of deforestation and how to control it
080615tech-002 55.49 SPACE REPORT W/ WS2N Paul: Updates on Phoenix's dirt samples and ISS's robotic arm
080615tech-003 0.00 Cont SPACE REPORT W/ WS2N Paul: Updates on Phoenix's dirt samples and ISS's robotic arm
080615tech-003 3.10 The different types of ice that may be found on Mars
080615tech-003 6.50 A UFO may have followed the space shuttle during this mission
080615tech-003 12.10 What will be replacing the shuttle?
080615tech-003 21.15 Mel gives propagation update and discusses the openings on 40m
080615tech-003 27.40 Mel explains how he uses military teletype stations as beacons
080615tech-003 29.23 The state of the 30m band propagation
080615tech-003 31.30 MELS EMAIL 01: I bought an Italian-made Open Quad for 432Mhz- familiar with it?
080615tech-003 37.30 Mel: A Yagi's gain is based on the boom
080615tech-003 40.00 Mel and Dick question the claims made about the Italian Open Quad antenna
080615tech-003 43.17 Examining the Quad-Yagi design
080615tech-003 50.00 MELS EMAIL 02: How do you find a Johnson Kilowatt Matchbox Dual Differential Capacitor?
080615tech-003 57.02 Applying a circuit to a Dual Differential Capacitor
080615tech-003 59.14 Impedance matching related to the Dual Differential Capacitor
080615tech-003 61.01 On Google enter the words "impedance match" to find the Berkeley College Impedance calculator
080615tech-004 0.00 "http://bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu/Research/RF/projects/60GHz/matching/ImpMatch.html
080615tech-004 12.05 MELS EMAIL 02: How do you find a Johnson Kilowatt Matchbox Dual Differential Capacitor? Revisited
080615tech-004 13.45 Dick: The hidden available TVI filter offered at no cost that no one knows about
080615tech-004 19.08 MELS EMAIL 02: How do you find a Johnson Kilowatt Matchbox Dual Differential Capacitor? Revisited
080615tech-004 21.05 MELS EMAIL 03: I want to put up a 40m-10m rhombic antenna- need advice
080615tech-004 26.10 Dick examines the parts of a rhombic antenna
080615tech-004 35.20 What to do if you want to change bands with a rhombic antenna
080615tech-004 40.50 What wire do you use for a rhombic antenna?
080615tech-004 43.17 Dick: Why NOT to use stainless steel for antenna
080615tech-004 46.16 Terminating a rhombic antenna
080615tech-004 52.13 WS2N Paul: the short link for the Berkeley calculator is http://tinyurl.com/3pn3b


June 22, 2008 Show

080622tech-001 0.00 TechNet's false start at 7pm (whoops!)
080622tech-001 4.49 KE2EJ Eric: Let's discuss VHF Omni directional Ranging Stations (VORs)
080622tech-001 9.02 The variable and reference frequencies of VORs
080622tech-001 11.06 The design of the VOR antenna system
080622tech-001 16.53 Radar Handbook by Merrill Skolnick and Antenna Eng. Handbook good sources for VORs
080622tech-001 17.07 Examining the five major concepts of direction finding
080622tech-001 20.01 Introduction to Radar by Merrill Skolnick also good source for directional finding systems
080622tech-001 23.23 K2KYQ Joe: Are there any real dangers in using cell phones and microwave ovens?
080622tech-001 31.14 ANSI Report C-95 Report good source for RF biohazard regulations
080622tech-001 37.08 RF biohazard scenarios throughout the ham bands
080622tech-001 41.38 United Kingdom: Children using cell phones is dangerous
080622tech-001 53.26 Shielding from high tension transmission systems
080622tech-002 0.00 Cont Shielding from high tension transmission systems
080622tech-002 1.15 N2EIJ Andrew: My radio goes crazy when I drive under high tension lines
080622tech-002 5.34 WA2RYY Joe: How did you determine the 80db of isolation o the Advanced Receiver Research pre-amp?
080622tech-002 14.26 Is aluminum tape good for RF shielding?
080622tech-002 18.52 Considerations when making an effective Faraday Shield
080622tech-002 19.37 Making a good shield for a Mirage B1016 amp
080622tech-002 23.41 The difficulty in completely stopping RF energy in a screen room
080622tech-002 26.33 Dick defines "finger stock" and where to find it
080622tech-002 35.00 The new 1 square kilometer SKA radio telescope
080622tech-002 37.03 SPACE REPORT by WS2N Paul: Update on Phoenix's search for water
080622tech-002 42.16 Does Phoenix have a battery hibernation mode?
080622tech-002 51.05 The new 1 square kilometer SKA radio telescope revisited
080622tech-002 52.38 Dick explains the Stanley Miller Experiment
080622tech-003 0.00 Cont Dick explains the Stanley Miller Experiment
080622tech-003 3.50 Mel shares the a little history of Floyd Bennett Field and its control tower
080622tech-003 7.49 Floyd Bennett Field events
080622tech-003 10.36 The world's present energy and food dilemma
080622tech-003 22.00 MELS EMAIL 01: What is the highest frequency man has ever produced?
080622tech-003 28.21 Radio waves vs. infrared waves
080622tech-003 34.28 Man and the entire radio spectrum
080622tech-003 39.32 Dick explains a Laser Interferometer
080622tech-003 41.16 Radiometry's "quiet zone"
080622tech-003 45.27 Mel's 30m propagation update and Mel's Sloper angle clarification
080622tech-003 55.36 The effects of using different sloping for dipoles and inverted v's
080622tech-004 0.00 The effects of using different sloping for dipoles and inverted v's
080622tech-004 1.31 Mel: When do you call a vertical antenna a Sloper?
080622tech-004 3.22 The ever-changing polarization of an HF signal
080622tech-004 8.01 Mel: Why is 30m propagation so good?
080622tech-004 15.53 Examining the ionosphere's layers and its absorption
080622tech-004 19.14 Examining the E, F1, and F2 layers
080622tech-004 31.49 How to look at sunspots through your telescope
080622tech-004 34.48 spaceweather dot com good source for daily photos of the sun
080622tech-004 35.39 Examining the Van Allen Belt
080622tech-004 41.19 MELS EMAIL 02: Please evaluate the "1 turn" 10m antenna that's popular on the west coast
080622tech-004 58.35 Mel: Thinks article on the "1 turn" antenna is covered in Radio World magazine by Sterba


June 29, 2008 Show

080629tech-001 0.00 Already I progress- Dick lists some different modes of ham radio
080629tech-001 9.06 Mode that are used in portable operation on the 10GHz and 2m bands
080629tech-001 12.21 Objectives when participating in a 10GHz contest
080629tech-001 19.47 N2EO Rich: Wants to program his Logitech remote to run his Boston Acoustic digital radio
080629tech-001 28.42 W2EWK Eugene: Kenwood 701A not holding memory needs to find battery
080629tech-001 32.18 Different Kenwood models that have hard to replace batteries
080629tech-001 39.03 Mel: Kenwood has a difficult tech support department to deal with
080629tech-001 40.41 WA2CDL Andy: Digikey good source for tab holding batteries
080629tech-001 43.35 Mel: Kenwood has a difficult tech support department to deal with revisited
080629tech-001 45.57 AllElectronics.com good source for radio backup batteries
080629tech-001 48.44 Mel says he runs into problems when he extends his leads to his backup batteries
080629tech-001 54.01 WB2CUK Bill: Has 200' of wire-one end in rig- other end in to ground or leave the end open?
080629tech-002 0.00 Cont WB2CUK Bill: Has 200' of wire-one end in rig- other end in to ground or leave the end open?
080629tech-002 4.02 What is the impedance of a 5/8 wave end fed antenna?
080629tech-002 14.55 WB2CUK Bill: Clarifies that the rig in his 200' wire question is for receiving only
080629tech-002 16.26 Dick's friend: Does an Icom IC2AT have a potentiometer adjustment inside?
080629tech-002 23.54 Reviews of Field Day at: Floyd Bennett Field, Northrup Grumman ARC, and Great South Bay ARC
080629tech-002 32.01 Transmitter codes used for Field Day documentation
080629tech-002 36.18 Review of Field Day at KCRA
080629tech-002 38.23 The real reason for having Field Day every year
080629tech-002 41.16 Review of Field Day at Dix Hills
080629tech-002 46.33 Review of Field Day at Wantaugh Railroad Museum ARC
080629tech-002 49.37 Which wire on an OCF dipole do you connect to a balun?
080629tech-002 56.39 WA2CDL Andy: On antenna towers why do SationMaster antennas have sloped radials ?
080629tech-003 0.00 Cont WA2CDL Andy: On antenna towers why do SationMaster antennas have sloped radials ?
080629tech-003 4.09 The role of a counter poise in an antenna system
080629tech-003 9.51 Examining the StationMaster construction in detail
080629tech-003 11.49 Antenna Engineering Handbook CH.3 Brown & Woodward charts good source for…
080629tech-003 11.50 …monopole antennas and infinite ground planes
080629tech-003 20.46 Dick: The new wave of real time tx/rec antennas is here
080629tech-003 28.10 RF tag modulation and receiver echo
080629tech-003 31.48 The future of RF Tag technology
080629tech-003 37.45 Mel shares more of 2008 Field Day at Floyd Bennett Field
080629tech-003 41.20 Inverter-principle and alternator-type generators used for ham use
080629tech-003 52.06 A look at ferrites in switching power supplies
080629tech-003 54.21 Magneticsinc.com good source on ferrite information
080629tech-003 56.40 Powdered iron vs. ferrite
080629tech-004 0.00 New green renewable power initiatives in Europe and in the US
080629tech-004 1.05 KC2QIQ Glenn describes a cycloconverter
080629tech-004 3.21 WA2RYY Joe and Dick explain the function of the Chevy/Shev filter
080629tech-004 11.47 Directional couplers that are used for full duplex operations
080629tech-004 19.49 Dick goes into detail about "CW Radar"
080629tech-004 22.53 Protecting yourself from RF Tag readers
080629tech-004 24.44 N2RSO Frank: Examining Honda generators power that "not pure"
080629tech-004 29.17 WW2WW Tim: Are there any new breakthroughs in infer sound technology
080629tech-004 35.30 How a handheld RF readers finds an RF tag in a warehouse
080629tech-004 39.16 Mel talks about KC2QIQ Glenn's 1KW mobile amplifier
080629tech-004 45.35 Transformer designs by EdCoe (sp) Electronics
080629tech-004 50.16 Why EdCoe (sp) and other related companies went out of business


July 6, 2008 Show

080706tech-001 2.16 WA2RYY Joe: My StationMaster receives better than my Yagi- why?
080706tech-001 2.17 WA2RYY Joe gives details on coax used, coax length, return loss, polarization etc
080706tech-001 14.51 WA2RYY Joe gives details on antenna height and surrounding terrain
080706tech-001 16.06 Dick offers some answers to WA2RYY Joe's StationMaster/Yagi question
080706tech-001 25.32 The effects of signal path and reflection
080706tech-001 29.00 WA2RYY Joe and KE2EJ Eric discuss frequency stability and DTV carrier makeup
080706tech-001 40.49 WA2RYY Joe explains how he measures a frequency
080706tech-001 43.22 How accurate are the frequency measures from the Bureau of Standards?
080706tech-001 49.21 W2JPW Lou: How will 6m be effected by DTV TVI?
080706tech-001 51.53 Dick's discussion of Drake and Kenwood noise blankers and how they work
080706tech-001 57.30 Mel's experience with noise blankers
080706tech-002 0.00 Cont Mel's experience with noise blankers
080706tech-002 1.42 W2JPW Lou: How will 6m be effected by DTV TVI? Revisited
080706tech-002 2.56 Dick: Some TV frequencies will not be used for DTV
080706tech-002 5.55 KE2EJ Eric: In depth explanation of the workings of DTV signal generators
080706tech-002 11.40 KE2EJ Eric explains mask filters
080706tech-002 14.31 Will CH. 2-13 be used in the same place after the DTV conversion?
080706tech-002 15.34 TV signal ERPs and KE2EJ Eric shares his TV antenna transmission specs
080706tech-002 23.26 KE2EJ Eric defines a "Peanut Antenna"
080706tech-002 29.40 Comparing Verizon and Cablevision's infrastructure and future
080706tech-002 32.18 KE2EJ Eric: shares backup systems of local NY metro area TV stations and the Empire State Bldg
080706tech-002 44.10 Mel and Dick reiterate TechNet email rules
080706tech-002 57.15 Dick: Troubleshooting vs. testing manufacturer specs
080706tech-003 0.00 Cont Dick: Troubleshooting vs. testing manufacturer specs
080706tech-003 8.01 Electronic Design June 26, 2008 issue good editorial on Photovoltiacs
080706tech-003 11.10 Dick: NPR had good story of a man trying to sell back his large SUV back to dealers
080706tech-003 16.42 KC2QIQ Glen: LIPWER's incentive for home owners to build solar cells LIPWER.org/effeciency/solar.html
080706tech-003 23.46 Building solar panels vs. tax increases on your home
080706tech-003 36.54 Will CH. 2-13 be used in the same place after the DTV conversion? Revisited
080706tech-003 42.29 The reliability of VHF low band frequencies for fire departments
080706tech-003 46.46 Challenges for Public Service agencies and the 700Mhz band
080706tech-003 53.00 MELS EMAIL 01: What is transciever phase noise?
080706tech-004 0.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 01: What is transceiver phase noise?
080706tech-004 4.21 How the ARRL Labs conduct phase noise tests
080706tech-004 9.08 The importance of a quality oscillator and other synthesizers
080706tech-004 15.25 Final resolution filters, roofing filters, preamps, and the effect on dynamic range
080706tech-004 23.10 MELS EMAIL 02: What is a Loaded Q?
080706tech-004 31.09 Dick explains Unloaded Q Ratio
080706tech-004 33.55 Mel and Dick examine the real definition of Q
080706tech-004 40.48 The difference between series resistance and loading the resistance across an IF circuit
080706tech-004 44.27 Dick explains Group Delayed Distortion
080706tech-004 45.31 Mel explains the design of a loaded Q amplifier
080706tech-004 48.30 The four definitions of Q
080706tech-004 51.30 MELS EMAIL 03: What is a Thevenin Circuit?


July 20, 2008 Show

080720tech-001 5.01 KD2BD John: There will be a visual sighting pass of the ISS tonight
080720tech-001 8.30 How people track the ISS through their telescope
080720tech-001 12.19 W2TRB Irwin: shares his 1970's Brookhaven Labs research on oil burner efficiency
080720tech-001 14.05 Dick and Irwin share how they self maintain their furnace systems
080720tech-001 31.43 The debate of furnace valve pressure and filter adjusting
080720tech-001 38.07 Dick: The importance of a delay cutoff valve
080720tech-001 47.06 Dick: Conflict of interest when an oil co. has a service plan and sells oil to the same customer
080720tech-001 51.20 The importance of a smoke sampling device
080720tech-001 55.15 Mel shares how he switched to gas heat at no cost
080720tech-001 58.04 Dick: The insulation property of soot - the double loss
080720tech-001 60.15 Dick: The need for more oil burner efficiency research
080720tech-001 61.37 Mel shares how he switched to gas heat at no cost revisited
080720tech-002 0.00 Cont Mel shares how he switched to gas heat at no cost revisited
080720tech-002 2.29 The sudden price increase of oil tank sludge solvent
080720tech-002 3.51 Dick shares how he installed his own furnace
080720tech-002 5.26 The new natural gas furnace that doesn't require a flume
080720tech-002 8.33 Dick: The importance of a delay cutoff valve revisited
080720tech-002 13.00 WA2RYY Joe: How do I determine the efficiency of my microwave oven?
080720tech-002 24.27 The effects of using a cup with lead content in a microwave
080720tech-002 25.51 Stress in glass exposed to increased temperature
080720tech-002 30.56 The effects of using a cup with lead content in a microwave revisited
080720tech-002 31.35 KC2MIQ Charlie: How do fuel cells operate?
080720tech-002 35.01 Hydrogen's role in fuel cells
080720tech-002 38.54 KE2EJ Eric: Gives in depth explanation of nonconbustive fuel sources and hydrogen fuel cells
080720tech-002 48.23 Storage of fuel, energy density, and energy usage discussed
080720tech-002 55.00 Mel: What other sources of energy that we may have overlooked?
080720tech-003 0.00 The promising future of sloar power
080720tech-003 3.10 KE2EJ Eric: examines solar panel inverters
080720tech-003 6.40 The energy crisis has no silver bullet answer
080720tech-003 9.41 KE2EJ Eric: examines solar panel inverters revisited
080720tech-003 12.53 KE2EJ Eric: The state of photovoltaics
080720tech-003 14.25 The North American Gulf Stream as a source for energy
080720tech-003 19.00 amateurradio.tv good source for LIMARC TechNet archive audio index and audio footage
080720tech-003 22.00 All about the latest edition of the Antenna Engineering Handbook
080720tech-003 24.24 Dick: The shortcoming of RF Engineering education in the US
080720tech-003 33.50 WA2RYY Joe: How do I determine the efficiency of my microwave oven? Revisited
080720tech-003 36.25 Dick: Sid Harvey's book good source on servicing oil furnaces
080720tech-003 41.30 Dick goes into detail about using effecientg oil furnace nosals
080720tech-003 48.20 Dick's home thermal time constant
080720tech-003 52.19 Mel- What's better for home heating, steam heat or hot air?
080720tech-003 53.13 How Dick utilizes his furnaces flume pipe for heat
080720tech-003 62.20 Why ice forms on A/C coils
080720tech-004 0.00 Cont Why ice forms on A/C coils
080720tech-004 9.03 MELS EMAIL 01: Will I get better performance with a bi-directional 15m array rather than a dipole?
080720tech-004 10.22 Dick: QEX July/Aug 2008 p.47 good article on an efficient rotatable dipole (The Goofy Foot Yagi)
080720tech-004 18.10 Comparing The Goofy Foot Yagi to a Lazy H Antenna
080720tech-004 27.34 WA5VJB.com good source for printed circuit antennas
080720tech-004 29.13 Will I get better performance with a bi-directional 15m array rather than a dipole? Revisited
080720tech-004 31.45 MELS EMAIL 02: Is it worth it to build a linear array for 40m?
080720tech-004 35.40 Mel and Dick compare the Franklin (Co-linear) Array, the Bruce, and the Sterba/Curtain antenna


July 27, 2008 Show

080727tech-001 7.22 WA2RYY Joe: Continued with his microwave efficiency test from 080720 #002 13:02
080727tech-001 18.33 W2EUK Eugene: Needs wiring advice for an Icom 7000 installation into a 2000 Mustang
080727tech-001 24.00 Internal regulator drop out problems i.e. Kenwood 751A
080727tech-001 27.35 Lightning and hail storm stories around the tri-state area
080727tech-001 29.40 NY3H Harris: Shares the workings of Nassau Skywarn on 146.805
080727tech-001 35.30 Lightning and hail storm stories around the tri-state area revisited
080727tech-001 36.45 Does transmitting attract lightning?
080727tech-001 45.50 How do you measure the current of a lightning bolt?
080727tech-001 53.40 Ways to protect yourself during a lightning storm
080727tech-001 57.40 Lightning surge devices are not guaranteed to protect equipment
080727tech-001 59.33 Dick shares how one of his clients tried to beat lightning strikes and failed
080727tech-001 61.25 KE2EJ Eric: Shares what happens when lighting hits broadcast TV towers
080727tech-002 0.00 Cont KE2EJ Eric: Shares what happens when lighting hits broadcast TV towers
080727tech-002 4.18 KE2EJ Eric: shares how PBS's datalink downloads operates
080727tech-002 8.10 Mel discusses lightning fatalities that occurred next to his home
080727tech-002 10.12 How being in a car protects you from lightning
080727tech-002 12.19 How a metal porcupine at the top of a towers combats lightning
080727tech-002 15.33 SPACE REPORT WITH W2SN PAUL: Update on the Phoenix soil sample experiment on Mars
080727tech-002 20.01 The week is the 39th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing
080727tech-002 22.44 Dick: What were you doing when we landed on the moon?
080727tech-002 30.51 Dick shares WA2RYY Joes microwave efficiency equations started on 080720 #002 13:02
080727tech-002 40.05 In depth discussion of fiber optics and the Verizon VIOS System
080727tech-003 0.00 Cont In depth discussion of fiber optics and the Verizon VIOS System
080727tech-003 2.04 How prisms break up information I fiber optic cables
080727tech-003 5.02 Comparing fiber optic network addresses to internet addresses
080727tech-003 11.48 WS2N Paul: Cites a QST article on space wiring
080727tech-003 14.03 The use of remote control telescopes
080727tech-003 15.36 Is the OC192 or 384 standard being used in Verizon fiber optics?
080727tech-003 20.02 Why fiber optics not coax is the future
080727tech-003 22.51 The number of NYC TV viewers who still view off the air broadcasts
080727tech-003 31.47 Audio compression sampling of audio files of the TechNet
080727tech-003 41.00 KE2EJ Eric: explains audio quantification
080727tech-003 45.23 Mel shares feedback on the TechNet from his email
080727tech-003 50.40 Review of the FCC's recent performance on evaluating on-air content
080727tech-003 52.39 Why PBS's content changes based on market's location
080727tech-003 55.05 Sesame Street was once banned in Mississippi
080727tech-003 56.10 Opinions on www.watchfreetv.com
080727tech-003 58.33 The merging of Sirius and XM satellite radio
080727tech-003 60.40 The benefits of using amateurradio.tv's index system to listen to the TechNet
080727tech-004 0.00 People shares opinions on TechNets topics
080727tech-004 3.50 MELS EMAIL 01: Would like to put up Rhombic antenna with correct terminating resistors
080727tech-004 6.56 What happens when you change the angle of Rhombic?
080727tech-004 15.20 Mel: The sensitive debate over the angle of elevation for Yagi antennas
080727tech-004 19.17 Mel shares his parabolic-designed dipole construction and performance
080727tech-004 31.23 MELS EMAIL 02: My LNA blew up when I lined my TVRO dish with aluminum foil-why?
080727tech-004 35.41 MELS EMAIL 03: How do you build a poor man's Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)


August 3, 2008 Show

080803tech-001 3.03 W2ABG Dave: Heavensabove.com good source for ISS flyover schedule
080803tech-001 5.49 N2RSO Frank: What does your rig see when you connect 40' of 750 HL, 20' of RG213, and 20' of RG213?
080803tech-001 9.25 Dick: How to get 750 Hardline at low or no cost
080803tech-001 12.51 The myth of coax loss when using connectors
080803tech-001 18.23 Charting coax impedance on a Smith Chart can be found on amateurradio.tv home page
080803tech-001 23.10 N2EO Rich: Needs advice on electroplating Collins tube socket saddles
080803tech-001 29.30 Working with magnesium in radio restoration
080803tech-001 31.20 Working with gold and copper in radio restoration
080803tech-001 33.06 Properties of electroplating
080803tech-001 38.04 N2EO Rich clarified his Collins electroplating question re: saddles
080803tech-001 45.37 The contents of a Collins chassis
080803tech-001 48.55 The dangers of handling cadmium plating
080803tech-001 59.45 N2NNU Alex: Would like to remotely tune his symmetric antenna (and has current flowing in tx line)
080803tech-002 0.00 N2NNU Alex: Would like to remotely tune his symmetric antenna (and has current flowing in tx line)
080803tech-002 7.52 The advantages of utilizing a 1:1 balun
080803tech-002 9.33 Radioworks.com good source for a variety of baluns and antennas
080803tech-002 11.29 N2NNU Alex gives more information for his antenna question
080803tech-002 16.58 Faraday rotation explained
080803tech-002 20.15 A way to put AC voltage and AC voltage up the Tx line for remote antenna control
080803tech-002 23.15 PIC is a good source for mechanical antenna gears
080803tech-002 27.50 Dick suggests making a new symmetric dipole similar to Mel's
080803tech-002 39.00 N2EO Rich: suggests using a remote antenna tuner once made by Collins for the military
080803tech-002 41.30 Discussion on Mel's effective green plastic coated wire
080803tech-002 48.30 The contents of a Collins chassis revisited
080803tech-002 49.47 Dick: NASA found something extraordinary in the soil Phoenix sampled (aviationweek.com)
080803tech-002 53.35 Astronomycast.com good source for space pod casts and pod cast transcripts
080803tech-002 57.01 Dick and Mel: What the TechNet is and is not.
080803tech-003 5.00 Mel: I have received 100 page manuscripts and was expected to review it
080803tech-003 7.01 Dick: TechNet has an informal "poor man's" equivalent of peer review
080803tech-003 9.21 KE2EJ Eric: TechNet is real-time exchange of information
080803tech-003 14.01 Mel: Ham in S.C. claims that the TechNet is being commercial-like and not following regulations
080803tech-003 22.30 WB2HWW Howie: Dick may be long winded because detail oriented subjects are discussed
080803tech-003 31.36 Mel: Long explainations are needed in this "quick fix" world
080803tech-003 35.16 The process of analytical and creative thinking is needed in education
080803tech-003 45.51 Dick: Why night classes have the best teachers
080803tech-003 50.09 Examining Sesame Street philosophy of segment lengths
080803tech-003 57.50 Rascism is still strong in poorly educated states like Mississippi
080803tech-003 60.00 Dick: TechNet email questions are not guaranteed to get answered
080803tech-004 0.00 Cont Dick: TechNet email questions are not guaranteed to get answered
080803tech-004 7.50 WB2HWW Howie: What will happen to CH.6 in NY after the DTV conversion?
080803tech-004 10.10 MELS EMAIL 01: How to determine wire lengths for a fan dipole
080803tech-004 16.40 The contents of a Collins chassis revisited 2
080803tech-004 21.16 MELS EMAIL 02: Will tapered elements of a 6m Yagi effect performance?
080803tech-004 24.27 If I change the Yagi boom's diameter will it effect the antenna's performance?
080803tech-004 28.21 MELS EMAIL 03: I have a 112 Mhz transmitter, can I modify it for 144Mhz?
080803tech-004 33.00 WA2CDL Andy: HF antennas- how high is too high for the angle of radiation?
080803tech-004 42.15 MELS EMAIL 04: I have a Hallicrafters SX-28, what is a good beginner's rig?
080803tech-004 46.20 N2EO Rich: Electronic Radio magazine's recent issue has info on building simple rigs


August 10, 2008 Show

080810tech-001 4.05 KC2RJW Joe: Should I buy an HF vertical with a counterpoise or without one?
080810tech-001 8.01 Dick explains Quarterwave ground planes
080810tech-001 13.35 Mel and N2EO Rich share their experiences with HF verticals
080810tech-001 21.50 How electronic resonance is made with Hamsticks
080810tech-001 23.49 KC2RJW Joe shares what his co-op allows in antenna construction
080810tech-001 31.05 Mel highly recommends anchoring a vertical to a center trunk of a tree
080810tech-001 36.38 WB2HWW Howie and Dick share the benefits of end fed antenna designs
080810tech-001 43.46 Mel shares how his catenary dipole is designed
080810tech-001 47.51 Mel shares how his antennas perform under different circumstances
080810tech-001 55.08 KC2RJN Joe shares how a horizontal end fed antenna works
080810tech-001 56.46 Dick emphasizes the importance of a counterpoise
080810tech-002 0.00 The construction of an end fed zep antenna from the 1930's
080810tech-002 3.01 SPACE REPORT WITH W2SN PAUL: President's briefing on the Phoenix soil sample
080810tech-002 13.03 Comparing Mars with Earth
080810tech-002 17.17 N2EO Rich: Got sparks when connecting a Johnson Viking Range 2 with a Collins R398
080810tech-002 24.40 KE2EJ Eric: Uses of EMI filters and isolating transformers for older rigs
080810tech-002 26.40 How metal oxide varistors handle spikes
080810tech-002 27.27 Choke input filters networks and interaction with transformers
080810tech-002 31.05 How PBS Network stations handle power outages
080810tech-002 36.40 KE2EJ Eric go into detail about different types of chokes and isolation filters
080810tech-002 45.15 WA2CDL Andy: Shares his sighting of the ISS flyover
080810tech-002 50.10 WS2N Paul: Goes over the ISS dimensions
080810tech-002 55.06 Mel reviews what he heard on the Collins Net and discusses Collins filters
080810tech-002 58.40 MELS EMAIL 01: Heathkit Monitoring Scope's picture tube ahs ghosts- replace it?
080810tech-003 0.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 01: Heathkit Monitoring Scope's picture tube ahs ghosts- replace it?
080810tech-003 7.35 MELS EMAIL 02: Ham has linear amp with a pair of 4DX300 in finals- is there a replacement?
080810tech-003 9.48 MELS EMAIL 03: Can a home brew amp with 2 813's w/ an am modulator be converted to SSB?
080810tech-003 21.24 MELS EMAIL 04: Explain a rig's Noise/Bandwidth control and Noise Filter Response control?
080810tech-003 29.19 Why Drake was called the "poor man's" Collins rig
080810tech-003 34.47 MELS EMAIL 05: Is the 144Mhz Yagi design in the ARRL Antenna book reputable?
080810tech-003 39.03 Examining the SteppIR antenna
080810tech-003 46.02 Dick: Gain and Directivity are one of the same
080810tech-003 49.36 Dick: K9LTN.net is a good source of a multiple SteppIR array
080810tech-004 0.00 Cont Dick: K9LTN.net is a good source of a multiple SteppIR array
080810tech-004 7.15 MELS EMAIL 06: List the parts of a copper pipe J-pole you mention on previous TechNet
080810tech-004 9.51 smeter.net/7j4aal/antenna.pnp and bcdxc.org/martti_page1.htl - large array photo and info
080810tech-004 16.13 List the parts of a copper pipe J-pole you mention on previous TechNet revisited
080810tech-004 17.44 Examining the Yagi designs by K1FO and DL6WU
080810tech-004 24.36 Building yagis out of discarded TV antennas
080810tech-004 27.15 How antennas handle ice storms and other bad weather
080810tech-004 35.28 MELS EMAIL 07: Elderly ham needs advice on good ham radio headphones
080810tech-004 40.07 Heil Sound and timewave.com good sources for noise canceling devices
080810tech-004 44.01 The use of equalizers to improve rig audio


August 17, 2008 Show

080817tech-001 4.03 KC2MDP Steve: Testing the voltage of magnetic transformers and eclectic transformers
080817tech-001 15.39 KC2MDP Steve says that the 12v light is lit but the digital voltmeter reads 0.00
080817tech-001 21.21 KC2OJO Howie: Using an indoor yagi for DTV Ch.14-16 but having reception problems
080817tech-001 32.40 What a DTV box's S-Meter reading really tells you
080817tech-001 39.16 Multipath and bit error rate in DTV signals
080817tech-001 40.17 Examining TV ghost canceling circuits
080817tech-001 42.13 KB2MAR Gabe: shares what he likes about his Zenith DTT900 DTV converter box
080817tech-001 45.29 Reviewing the specs of the Radio Shack single pole double throw F connector switch
080817tech-001 51.50 High marks for the $66.00 Radio Shack antenna rotator
080817tech-001 58.50 KC2QKQ Glenn: The off-set frequencies my dial shows while in CW, LSB or USB mode
080817tech-002 0.00 Cont KC2QKQ Glenn: The off-set frequencies my dial shows while in CW, LSB or USB mode
080817tech-002 6.50 The function of a tone locate button
080817tech-002 9.02 The secrets of tuning a CW ham signal who is using a narrow filter
080817tech-002 12.54 New rigs and the use of the RIT control
080817tech-002 16.41 Transmitting CW on a SSB band vs. transmitting SSB on a CW band
080817tech-002 23.26 Transmitting MCW and the law
080817tech-002 30.22 Dick explains passive demodulation distortion in relation to KC2QIW Joe's Icom R7000
080817tech-002 39.51 Dick: "On and Off" of a device is a relative term
080817tech-002 41.49 Dick explains passive demodulation distortion in relation to KC2QIW Joe's Icom R7000 revisited
080817tech-002 48.17 Dick: shares info from the Big Magellan Telescope conference
080817tech-002 56.49 The debate over the QRZ's article on the suns decreasing temperature and the next ice age
080817tech-003 0.00 Cont The debate over the QRZ's article on the suns decreasing temperature and the next ice age
080817tech-003 4.37 KC2QIQ Glenn: Shares his 10m QSOs using a vertical antenna mounted at 40 feet
080817tech-003 7.00 Dick: QEX July/Aug 2008 p.47 good article on an efficient rotating dipole (The Goofy Foot Yagi)
080817tech-003 12.49 Misunderstanding of the term Standing Wave Ratio
080817tech-003 15.10 Dick: The exclusive club of the "Dead Band Operators"
080817tech-003 17.22 KC2QIW Joe shares news measurements on his Icom R7000 tests from 080807 #002 30.07
080817tech-003 21.53 Dick and Mel share that some hams didn't believe their DX QSOs
080817tech-003 27.45 High positioned, high performing antenna, and invisible antennas hams home brew
080817tech-003 30.49 MELS EMAIL 01: Could a tree antenna cause a fire in a tree?
080817tech-003 33.40 MELS EMAIL 01: Could a tree antenna attract lightning?
080817tech-003 35.30 Precautions to take when putting a dipole in a pine tree
080817tech-003 37.26 Mel shares the design of his tree antennas and the use of PVC piping
080817tech-003 46.08 Mel suggests using tree branches as supports for radials
080817tech-003 48.40 Precautions to take when putting a dipole in a maple tree
080817tech-003 51.45 Precautions when using egg insulators to avoid arches
080817tech-003 54.59 How Mel using plastic pipes to protect the ends of his dipole
080817tech-003 57.27 Dick: Marketing opinion emails for the TechNet are not fair questions
080817tech-004 0.00 Cont Dick: Marketing opinion emails for the TechNet are not fair questions
080817tech-004 4.32 Dick: CT plans to allocate funds to replace inefficient oil furnaces
080817tech-004 7.21 Latest auto industry green products and the new non-starter motor engine
080817tech-004 15.55 The pros and cons of electric cars
080817tech-004 17.40 KC2QIQ Glenn: Lindenhurst NY now has a cell tower scare similar to the one Fayeville NY Had
080817tech-004 26.24 N2NNQ Alex and Dick: We still don't know exactly what RF radiation is but we know that its safe
080817tech-004 31.56 Removal of municipal cell towers vs. Homeland Security laws
080817tech-004 37.34 N2RSO Frank: IS RF emission related to cancer?
080817tech-004 41.10 Dick: The immeasurable data that determines the possible risks of possibly dangerous things


August 24, 2008 Show

080824tech-001 0.00 Dick outlines the rules of the TechNet
080824tech-001 4.35 N2EO Rich: needs advice on silk-screening front panels of rigs and meter faces
080824tech-001 9.01 Printed circuit board printed alternative to silk-screening
080824tech-001 14.19 KE2EJ Eric: suggest several ways such as thermal printing using White TRF
080824tech-001 19.06 Another alternative is printing on a hard surface (i.e. Pulsar Co printers)
080824tech-001 29.01 Mel explains metal printing on Hallicrafter rigs by Datak
080824tech-001 31.50 N2EO Rich: Briefly explains stenciling
080824tech-001 35.27 KE2EJ Eric: Suggest going to a Pearl Paints store for a silk screening box
080824tech-001 38.05 How to get Johnson labels and how to do transferring
080824tech-001 41.30 Z Communications (Glen K9STH) good source for Collins and Johnson reconditioned parts
080824tech-001 44.12 W2OSA Robert: Asked Dick if he remembered N2BB who participated in the TechNet long ago
080824tech-001 46.37 WA2RYY Joe: Explains how to connect to the TechNet through IRLP
080824tech-001 49.39 The TechNet is on live at W2LIR.net and WB2HWW.com website
080824tech-002 0.00 Cont The TechNet is on aired live on W2LIR.net and WB2HWW.com website
080824tech-002 0.19 Measuring the isolation of a duplexer between the receiver and the transmitter
080824tech-002 2.23 Subway radio problems due to fluorescent light power supplies
080824tech-002 5.35 Examining the HP8640B signal generator and the HP8594E spectrum analyzer
080824tech-002 12.36 WA2RYY Joe: Discusses reference levels during amp and frequency calibration
080824tech-002 25.30 Mel shares when he had problems with his HP8590
080824tech-002 26.41 Dick asked KC2RYY Joe how he tested his HP8594E
080824tech-002 33.20 KE2EJ Eric: shares what he expects in performance from a spectrum analyzer
080824tech-002 35.27 Dick, Mel, and Joe conduct tests to see the accuracy of Joes HP8594E
080824tech-002 49.10 KC2CDL Andy: shares a repair he did on his HP8590 spectrum analyzer
080824tech-002 53.29 Dick: Before troubleshooting your rig, test the voltage power supplies first
080824tech-002 57.05 Dick, Mel, and Joe conduct tests to see the accuracy of Joes HP8594E revisited
080824tech-002 59.20 HP8594 service manual are at www.agilent.com
080824tech-003 0.00 Cont HP8594 service manual are at www.agilent.com
080824tech-003 3.15 KE2EJ Eric: gives info about his Advent (Tektronix) spectrum analyzer
080824tech-003 5.05 The present use of spectrum analyzers vs. network analyzers
080824tech-003 7.39 Dick promotes the use of stereo zoom microscopes
080824tech-003 9.01 KE2EJXM Gary: How do I measure receiver loss via network analyzer ports
080824tech-003 18.31 N2EO Rich: wants to find microscope goggles
080824tech-003 21.15 Dick promotes the use of stereo zoom microscopes revisited
080824tech-003 22.11 Comparing a stereo zoom microscope vs. microscope goggles
080824tech-003 28.22 WB2HWW Howard: Suggest seeing a eye doctor before purchasing microscope goggles
080824tech-003 30.30 Mel says that the Optivisor has a new non-surgical version of microscope goggles
080824tech-003 31.30 WB2HWW Howard: Suggest seeing a eye doctor before purchasing microscope goggles revisited
080824tech-003 37.21 NS2N Paul: His Kenwood 400's digital read out and s-meter malfunctions when the auto tuner is on
080824tech-003 50.26 Mel offers some solutions to NS2N's Kenwood problem
080824tech-003 54.19 Dick offers a multistep procedure to solve NS2N's Kenwood problem
080824tech-004 0.00 Cont Dick offers a multistep procedure to solve NS2N's Kenwood problem
080824tech-004 6.40 SPACE REPORT WS2N Paul: Future NASA missions
080824tech-004 9.25 MELS EMAIL 01: What do I look for in a perfect QTH for excellent Dxing?
080824tech-004 20.02 Why Japan is the best QTH for Dxing
080824tech-004 22.31 Other factors that could contribute to good Dxing i.e. counterpoises
080824tech-004 30.14 WB2HWW Howie: W2FLA.com good site showing a DX station
080824tech-004 31.10 N2EO Rich: suggests moving to Monaco to build your dream QTH
080824tech-004 33.59 Mel says that his own QTH on LI is a very good DX station
080824tech-004 44.29 MELS EMAIL 02: What is a good first antenna?


September 7, 2008 Show

080907tech-001 2.14 N2EO Rich: Can't find info for the Waters Model 337A that was posted for sales on the Collins Net
080907tech-001 9.12 KC2MDP Steve: Why aren't more solid state hard drives used today?
080907tech-001 14.51 How Spirit and Opportunity use flash drives
080907tech-001 16.24 The economic comparison between IDE Hard drives and Flash Hard Drives
080907tech-001 20.15 Repairing a smashed in tuning knob of a Yaesu FT102
080907tech-001 23.45 NC4L and the Yaesu FT102 Yahoo group good source for Yaesu FT102 information
080907tech-001 31.00 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: European Space Agency launches mission to Sun
080907tech-001 36.11 The 5 year future of shuttle and ISS seating arrangements
080907tech-001 41.50 Explanation of Q Multipliers and negative resistance
080907tech-001 54.10 Mel and Dick discuss the Heathkit Q Multipliers and other Q Multipliers
080907tech-002 0.00 Cont Mel and Dick discuss the Heathkit Q Multipliers and other Q Multipliers
080907tech-002 1.09 Crystal filters vs mechanical filters
080907tech-002 6.09 Magnetofection explained
080907tech-002 9.08 Dick explains TechNet email rules
080907tech-002 13.50 Crystal filters vs mechanical filters revisited
080907tech-002 15.16 MELS EMAIL 01: What is a gravity wave communication system?
080907tech-002 21.19 Gravity is difficult to define
080907tech-002 26.53 WS2N Paul: explains The Ligo Experiment
080907tech-002 30.15 What would happen if our sun became a black hole?
080907tech-002 38.07 Dick explains the strength of a gamma ray burst
080907tech-002 42.26 Is the universe flat or does it have volume?
080907tech-002 47.21 Dick shares when he received an Apollo transmission from the moon
080907tech-002 53.45 MELS EMAIL 02: How do you decide which type of L Network to use?
080907tech-002 56.01 On Google enter "Impedance Matching Network Designer" for the Berkeley Impedance Calculator
080907tech-003 0.00 Different ways to use baluns, variable capacitors, and rotary inductors for a matching network
080907tech-003 5.02 Dick explains resonating and radiating
080907tech-003 8.14 Story of W2BU's knowledge of standing wave ratio and transmission lines
080907tech-003 11.48 Debate of an antenna tuner at the antenna or at the rig
080907tech-003 15.01 Dick: SWR itself on a balanced open wire doesn't create radiation
080907tech-003 18.47 Examining voltage variations between baluns and tuners
080907tech-003 23.05 What happens when the SWR wave reflect back from the antenna
080907tech-003 29.05 Dick: Every antenna has a finite Q
080907tech-003 32.51 Overview of the 4 definitions of Q
080907tech-003 35.33 Differential current utilizing two tuners
080907tech-003 41.46 Is there unpredictability of antenna adjustments one day to the next?
080907tech-003 46.30 KC2QKQ Glenn: Transmitting 100W, the tuners cold, but no on e hears me- is it the radiation angle?
080907tech-003 48.46 Does the earth's magnetic field effect radio waves?
080907tech-003 52.07 Mel and Dick discuss the performance of Mels indoor lop regarding the E and the H field
080907tech-004 0.00 Dick and Glenn discuss cloud bursts, noise blankers, Q multipliers and weak signals in noise
080907tech-004 9.36 Examining the effects of a loop antenna tuning and the compatibility with a Q multiplier
080907tech-004 13.40 Mel shares how busy he is adjusting his indoor loop during nets
080907tech-004 18.40 Is Mel's 270' outside loop and E field, an F field, or an electromagnetic sensing antenna?
080907tech-004 21.40 How narrowband is Mel's indoor loop and how doe's Mel adjust it?
080907tech-004 27.19 Mel shares a lot about his camradio.net 3820Mhz net that is on MWF at 11:30pm
080907tech-004 27.50 Mels shares how he made a 20m transmitting loop
080907tech-004 37.08 Mel: Study the different loops in the ARRL Antenna Book
080907tech-004 42.07 Mel shares his unsuccessful 20m short range experiment with Andy WA2CDL


September 14, 2008 Show

080914tech-001 5.13 KCRA Code and Theory Nets 146.430 pl136.5 Tues and Thurs 8pm info - KB2VDV@arrl.net
080914tech-001 6.57 Discussion the spec and info on the Hurricane Gloria WinCo generator
080914tech-001 10.33 Precautions when operating a generator
080914tech-001 17.07 Why Dick doesn't like using multi-grade oil
080914tech-001 26.34 How do you build a better antenna for XM Radio reception?
080914tech-001 33.34 XM audio frequency properties vs. existing video frequencies
080914tech-001 40.34 Antennas and bandwidth used for XM and Sirius radio
080914tech-001 43.44 Considerations when trying to get satellite signal reception
080914tech-001 48.30 Polarization of satellite signals
080914tech-002 0.00 Cont Polarization of satellite signals
080914tech-002 4.23 Generator specs, standards and regulations
080914tech-002 13.29 The importance of experimenting with XM radio antenna for better reception
080914tech-002 19.04 Examining the satellites that carry Sirius and XM radio and how to get the best reception
080914tech-002 24.51 Dick told "Success has many Fathers" story
080914tech-002 29.24 KC2OES Fred www.orbitron.com good source for satellite tracking software
080914tech-002 31.02 How to protect equipment that don't work well with generators
080914tech-002 36.10 ENG news vans use of generators
080914tech-002 42.06 All about generators and ground fault interrupters (GFIs)
080914tech-002 46.58 Grounding generators
080914tech-002 58.40 Misunderstanding of the reversal of a GFIs
080914tech-003 0.00 Cont Misunderstanding of the reversal of a GFIs
080914tech-003 2.16 Grounding generators revisited
080914tech-003 20.06 More opinions about GFI's
080914tech-003 21.52 Using 220V and 240V GFI breakers
080914tech-003 26.07 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: How hurricane Ike effected the ISS
080914tech-003 28.46 Update on the proton and ion smashing ring experiment
080914tech-003 30.31 Use of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium in magnetic rings
080914tech-003 39.16 Concerns of rings causing a black hole
080914tech-003 41.26 Receiving satellite signals during a rainstorm
080914tech-003 46.11 Polarization of satellite signals in different bands
080914tech-003 49.54 How to improve a mag mount antenna signal on a small budget
080914tech-003 53.09 Dick gives quick explanation in dB gain ratios
080914tech-004 0.00 Kent Britain WA5VJB.com good source for ham antennas
080914tech-004 10.14 What is satellite Spot Beam Technology?
080914tech-004 15.57 Signal strength measuring of satellite signals
080914tech-004 18.56 Dick: Not all transponder channels are not programmed the same
080914tech-004 28.05 MELS EMAIL 01: Please explain what's best for CW -a folded dipole, regular dipole or a cage dipole?
080914tech-004 37.41 Broad banding impedance matching and dipoles
080914tech-004 42.00 MELS EMAIL 02: How do I make a loading coil to meet a 40m dipole requirement
080914tech-004 49.49 Radio Amateurs Handbook (Theory section) good formulas for calculating microhenrys through coil turns


September 21, 2008 Show

080921tech-001 2.32 N2EO Rich: Highly recommends the tentec.com Model 1340 CW QRP kit
080921tech-001 9.42 Selling points of the TenTec kits and TenTec products in general
080921tech-001 14.40 Butternut antenna doesn't tune on 40m and 80m with a Yaesu FT450 - why?
080921tech-001 23.00 Dick: Nearly every antenna tuner does not cover all impedances
080921tech-001 24.30 Examines Butternut antenna capacitors and ground plain redials
080921tech-001 30.45 Mel and Dick examine the Butternut antenna counter post kit and the antenna's number of coils
080921tech-001 46.10 KC2QIQ Glen Has 3 VHF beams on his tower with only 1 foot of spacing - are they too close?
080921tech-001 56.03 Dick and Glen discuss the construction of Glenn's tower and the "block and tackle" procedure
080921tech-002 0.00 Cont Dick and Glen discuss the construction of Glenn's tower and the "block and tackle" procedure
080921tech-002 4.34 Kent Britain WA5VJB.com revisited from 080914tech-004 00:00
080921tech-002 9.42 Where to find cheap rotors for small antennas
080921tech-002 12.30 How to use a rotator to find a repeater location
080921tech-002 14.29 Where to find cheap rotors for small antennas revisited
080921tech-002 20.40 Problem with Comet DP-15 tri-bander with an exploding capacitor
080921tech-002 35.02 Examining the different types of coax lengths used with the DP-15
080921tech-002 38.53 KB2JXM Gary and Dick examine the myth of matching coax
080921tech-002 44.45 Meter leakage and phasing
080921tech-002 49.10 Comparing the SWR of the shortest coax and the longest coax
080921tech-002 56.53 Reflection coefficient and its effect on VSWR
080921tech-003 0.00 Cont Reflection coefficient and its effect on VSWR
080921tech-003 0.31 Dependable repeaters to use in the Manhattan area
080921tech-003 8.10 KB2JXM Gary gives history of the different coax lengths and antennas used
080921tech-003 14.06 Looking at each capacitor on KB2JXM Gary's antenna
080921tech-003 18.10 Precautions when mounting multiple antennas with a power divider on one mast
080921tech-003 22.55 A look at the schematics of KB2JXM Gary's antennas
080921tech-003 27.36 Resonance and radiation and why they aren't mentions in books
080921tech-003 33.16 The simple rules of thumb amateurs use who make antennas
080921tech-003 43.00 Odd and even antenna multiples and T connectors
080921tech-003 47.36 What really happens when you adjust your antenna tuner
080921tech-003 50.13 When pairing 2 Mirage amplifiers correctly and when its done incorrectly
080921tech-003 55.29 MELS EMAIL 01- What is the K Index and the A Index?
080921tech-004 0.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 01- What is the K Index and the A Index?
080921tech-004 7.14 How sensitive is your antenna and how is it measured
080921tech-004 13.27 www.n0hr.com/radio_propagation.htm good source for understanding HF propagation
080921tech-004 14.53 www.arrl.org/tin/info/K9LA-prop.html good source for understanding A and K Index
080921tech-004 17.50 www.terramagnetoscope.com good source for A and K Index info
080921tech-004 20.22 MELS EMAIL 02: What is a Class D amplifier?
080921tech-004 31.00 Mel: www.monolithic.com good source for Class D amplifiers
080921tech-004 31.50 MELS EMAIL 03: Does the Q of a coil depend on the size and diameter of the wire?
080921tech-004 38.20 How to test for the antenna's Q using bandwidth information
080921tech-004 41.24 Dick: The reason why there is a minimum Q for components, transmitters, receivers etc
080921tech-004 42.58 Using a thermal imaging camera on components and antennas
080921tech-004 46.52 How metal is magnetically removed from a recycling conveyor belt
080921tech-004 52.04 What good specs to find for an antenna


September 28, 2008 Show

080928tech-001 1.03 KC2SYF Mike: Would like opinions on the Kenwood TS-530S he bought used.
080928tech-001 15.41 Discussion on the Kenwood TS-530S antenna tuner
080928tech-001 18.23 Review of the LIMARC repeater operation on Sept. 21
080928tech-001 20.36 Dick gives overview of amplitude modulation and frequency modulation
080928tech-001 26.07 The difference between amplitude modulation and frequency modulation
080928tech-001 29.48 Dick gives explanation of the Bessell Function
080928tech-001 45.20 Mel simplifies the Bessell Function explanation with an example
080928tech-001 47.25 Deviation rate and modulation index
080928tech-001 52.50 Armstrong and the birth of FM
080928tech-001 54.19 Deviation rate and modulation index revisited
080928tech-001 56.70 NTSC vs FM deviation
080928tech-001 58.04 Overview of DTV's AC3 and audio compression
080928tech-002 0.00 Cont Overview of DTV's AC3 and audio compression
080928tech-002 3.40 How sound is effected if recorded through an iron core filter
080928tech-002 5.19 Audio compression algorithms based on human hearing
080928tech-002 9.56 The trained ear listener vs. audio compression
080928tech-002 17.19 Why does audio on a DVD sound warmer than music on a CD?
080928tech-002 19.52 Measuring dB gain of an HDTV antenna
080928tech-002 23.08 What's more valuable in HDTV reception- gain or bandwidth?
080928tech-002 24.15 Development of active antennas for HDTV reception
080928tech-002 28.51 STA standard allowances for broadcast television stations
080928tech-002 32.39 Determining data points for DTV antenna performance
080928tech-002 41.17 The importance of selectivity and directivity o DTV antennas
080928tech-002 48.30 Popular UHF TV broadcast antennas
080928tech-002 49.21 Examining slot antennas and multipath
080928tech-002 57.01 KC2QIQ Glenn: Explains how he tested his dipole vs. his other antennas
080928tech-003 0.00 KB2DB John: Reviews the Winegard KL420 bowtie antenna
080928tech-003 5.04 Oven liners used to make bowtie antennas
080928tech-003 6.17 TV stations that have conducted "off the air" test to see viewer reaction to the DTV switchover
080928tech-003 11.48 KC2QIQ Glenn shares DTV reception result from his antennas
080928tech-003 15.18 TV stations that have conducted "off the air" test to see DTV switchover reaction revisited
080928tech-003 23.10 AVS Forum on internet good source of DTV reception reports
080928tech-003 27.31 KB7UV Andy: Reviews the damage done by the hurricane that hit Texas
080928tech-003 36.48 The future of the TV industry - growth or cut-backs?
080928tech-003 48.20 Discussion on starting a low power TV station
080928tech-003 54.05 The present state of the economy in the NYC area
080928tech-003 56.37 Possibilities of starting a low power TV station in Endicott NY
080928tech-004 0.00 MELS EMAIL 01: Is there such a thing as a Radon antenna?
080928tech-004 3.05 Overview of Radon
080928tech-004 9.17 Alpha, beta and gamma particles
080928tech-004 18.06 MELS EMAIL 02: Why does a wire beam (rope yagi) need to be set at a 20 degree angle?
080928tech-004 28.10 Measuring the HF radio noise of Jupiter's red eye
080928tech-004 33.31 MELS EMAIL 03: What is the present state and future of Sporadic E openings?
080928tech-004 36.40 WS2N Paul: Ham radio vs. radio astronomy
080928tech-004 39.17 Dick gives a quick overview of Sporadic E


October 5, 2008 Show

081005tech-001 4.50 N2EO Rich: Problems with Collins/Philips tube 6AZ8 stage
081005tech-001 12.01 Mels shares his experience in replacing ECG Collins tubes
081005tech-001 16.38 Mel explains the ECG tube series
081005tech-001 21.23 Mel corrects his answer to the resistor repairs to the 6AZ8 tube
081005tech-001 29.26 Possible postings of a Philips ALC bulletin to the Collins Collectors Association website
081005tech-002 0.00 Cont Possible postings of a Philips ALC bulletin to the Collins Collectors Association website
081005tech-002 7.10 Mel gives remote cut off specs of Collins tubes
081005tech-002 8.10 The availability of the Drake replacement tubes
081005tech-002 11.27 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul: The Hubble repair mission update and the latest Phoenix news
081005tech-002 28.41 Analyzing the power of the particle accelerator
081005tech-002 30.22 How the particle generator works
081005tech-002 33.55 Review of The Science Channel "Beyond Tomorrow" show on the particle generator
081005tech-002 34.50 Looking at Brookhaven's AGF and discussion on super ducting material
081005tech-002 37.56 Dick explains inductive kickback
081005tech-002 44.51 The size of the particle generator rings
081005tech-002 46.30 Electron volts in an electric beam
081005tech-002 51.18 Electron clouds and molecules
081005tech-002 54.55 The objectives of using a particle generator to understand the properties of molecules
081005tech-003 0.00 Cont The objectives of using a particle generator to understand the properties of molecules
081005tech-003 4.30 Computer hacker breaks into the particle generators computer
081005tech-003 5.32 WS2N Paul: explains the God Particle
081005tech-003 8.03 What answers will we find using a particle generator ( i.e.. Ionization)
081005tech-003 17.49 Dick explains the Multipactor (Multi impact effect)
081005tech-003 21.51 Why does ignition noise get louder when you go faster?
081005tech-003 22.50 What is anti hydrogen?
081005tech-003 28.34 Can you hold antimatter in a magnetic chamber?
081005tech-003 29.13 How the sun processes matter
081005tech-003 34.55 Positron (PET) machine technology
081005tech-003 37.50 What is temperature?
081005tech-003 41.51 RF energy in relation to photons.
081005tech-003 44.00 Dick shares an experiment he did with digitally compressed RF signal reception processing
081005tech-003 49.49 What makes optical fluorescents?
081005tech-004 0.00 Cont What makes optical fluorescents?
081005tech-004 1.03 The future of light emitting diodes and what causes the aurora borealis?
081005tech-004 3.58 Mel: If electrons are more free to move in a wire is the wire a better conductor?
081005tech-004 8.04 What makes a good conductor and what makes a good insulator?
081005tech-004 16.30 Conductivity of solder, gold and silver
081005tech-004 23.11 What happens when you compress air molecules?
081005tech-004 32.38 MELS EMAIL 01: What HF antenna do you use when you in an apartment?
081005tech-004 47.56 WA5VJB.com good source for building a coat hanger yagi
081005tech-004 54.55 Possibilities of using a Hustler HF mobile antenna for an apartment antenna
081005tech-005 0.00 Cont Possibilities of using a Hustler HF mobile antenna for an apartment antenna
081005tech-005 8.54 Concerns oer RF exposure when using an inside antenna
081005tech-005 9.37 Advantages of using a remote tuner at the antenna
081005tech-005 15.29 Mel shares his experience with his Hustler whip antenna
081005tech-005 21.34 WB2BXO Frank: Shares his early days of his QSOs


October 12, 2008 Show

081012tech-001 3.01 Overview of ground reflection and the above ground antenna
081012tech-001 12.40 HF ground reflection vs. VHF/UHF ground reflection
081012tech-001 19.50 Mel discusses take off angle over salt water
081012tech-001 24.30 Dick urges hams to make and test multiple antennas for Faraday rotation
081012tech-001 28.15 Examining apartment antenna patterns
081012tech-001 38.03 KC2OES Fred: Would like to homebrew the feed point for a Mosley CL33M 10m 12m 15m tribander
081012tech-001 53.09 Testing the director of the Mosley CL33M
081012tech-002 0.00 Cont Testing the director of the Mosley CL33M
081012tech-002 4.11 Suspending the Mosley CL33M by a fiberglass mast
081012tech-002 8.11 WA2CDL Andy: Explains a "Q Match"
081012tech-002 18.40 How to measure a jewel carries out of a tube at a given time
081012tech-002 26.56 MELS EMAIL 01: Share with the TechNet experience working with SMB (Surface Mount Boards)
081012tech-002 38.09 The difficulty in soldering and handling surface mount components
081012tech-002 40.17 Using lead free, high temperature solder with surface mount components
081012tech-002 50.51 The technology of a cellphone surface mount components
081012tech-002 52.44 Mel shares how he created a "third hand" instrument to work with surface mount components
081012tech-002 54.56 Special tools to use with surface mount components
081012tech-002 56.47 Mel gives industry update on the lead-free solder green movement
081012tech-002 59.14 The energy density of electric cars vs. gas powered cars
081012tech-003 1.20 New innovations in fuel cell and natural gas cars
081012tech-003 3.36 All about zinc air batteries
081012tech-003 12.46 MELS EMAIL 02: What is Tran conductance and how do you measure it?
081012tech-003 26.52 Mutual conductance of a vacuum tube and how its tested
081012tech-003 33.08 Dick: "There are tube testers and there are tube testers"
081012tech-003 35.12 Examining tube filament circuits and how they are tested
081012tech-003 39.19 Mel: How better tube testers work
081012tech-003 48.05 Why measure the voltage first re: vacuum tubes
081012tech-003 52.50 When tubes are better to use than solid state
081012tech-003 57.01 The debate over long delay (>24 hour) echoes on 3.500Mhz claimed by JA8DNV
081012tech-004 0.00 Cont The debate over long delay (>24 hour) echoes on 3.500Mhz claimed by JA8DNV
081012tech-004 15.35 Reviewing the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case
081012tech-004 18.34 Scrutinizing JA8DNV's LDE research data


October 19, 2008 Show

081019tech-001 3.19 Reviewing the Technet discussion from 080720 #003 on maintaining oil burners
081019tech-001 4.50 Sid Harvey store chain good source for book on maintaining oil burners and supplies
081019tech-001 8.49 Oil burner valves
081019tech-001 19.31 Title for Sid Harvey's book is "The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heating (PT #665)
081019tech-001 24.23 Air Heating Air/Oil Mixture
081019tech-001 28.36 The importance of a delay turn-on switch
081019tech-001 31.25 Pressure gauges for oil burners
081019tech-001 40.00 Oil burner circulation pumps
081019tech-001 56.50 Dick gives a list of ham that participated in the 080720 #003 oil burner discussion
081019tech-001 58.08 Hot Water and circulation pumps
081019tech-002 0.00 Cont Hot Water and circulation pumps
081019tech-002 4.14 Oil Heater temperature sensors
081019tech-002 8.22 How an oil heater pump works at different temperatures
081019tech-002 15.27 Boiler coils at different temperatures
081019tech-002 19.03 Efficiency vs burning too much oil
081019tech-002 19.03 On/Off operation of the circulator pump and aqua stat
081019tech-002 25.44 KE2EJ Eric: The furnace has to be thought of as two independent systems
081019tech-002 35.39 Cast iron radiators vs new base board radiators
081019tech-002 47.41 How to measure transmitter noise for spectral purity
081019tech-003 0.00 Cont How to measure transmitter noise for spectral purity
081019tech-003 1.03 Automatic functions on a Network Analyzer is not the best for some tests
081019tech-003 8.06 Problem: HF CW signal heard w/ dipole and partial power but not heard on full power w/vertical
081019tech-003 15.43 Dick: QST 10/08 Doctor Is In article has similar question to 081019tech-003 8:06's question
081019tech-003 19.48 Dick examines contributing factors to the antenna question at 081019tech-003 8:06
081019tech-003 21.10 Mel gives similar situations to the antenna question at 081019tech-003 8:06
081019tech-003 24.25 WB2HWW Howie: Explains how the Amtron end fed vertical behaves with an antenna tuner
081019tech-003 26.41 N2EO Rich: Needs more info on transconductance formulas for vacuum tubes
081019tech-003 36.01 N2EO Rich: Different brands of industry tubes and the consistency of quality (ie Sylvania, RCA Goldline)
081019tech-003 55.08 Trying to identify 6AZ8 tubes when ordering from Radiodaze.com
081019tech-003 56.08 Adding a resistor to certain Collins tubes
081019tech-003 59.24 Tubes that are used by audiophiles
081019tech-004 0.00 Cont Tubes that are used by audiophiles
081019tech-004 0.28 The manufacturing process of a vacuum tube
081019tech-004 3.43 Collins A1 Type amplifier tubes examined
081019tech-004 6.50 What a booster transformer does
081019tech-004 12.04 Icom 275 and 475 series flux problems during production
081019tech-004 13.24 What is a gun hammer?
081019tech-004 15.16 Mel and Dick look back at their families' first TV sets
081019tech-004 19.56 Collins rigs that were used in wartime
081019tech-004 27.00 MELS EMAIL 01: Can I replace a bottom section of a Hustler mobile antenna with a copper pipe?
081019tech-004 41.35 MELS EMAIL 02: Does a larger coil for a mobile antenna result in a higher Q?


November 2, 2008 Show

081102tech-001   Wiring multiple sources to one speaker
    Motorola Saber mods
081102tech-002   Yagi directors and reflectors
    Coils and grid dip meters
    Fractal antennas
081102tech-003   Cubical quad yagis
    Yagis and SWR
    NYC Marathon review
081102tech-004   Elekraft kits
    Satellite work and Circular polarization
    The moon and Dxing


November 9, 2008 Show

081109tech-001   Intermodulation on 2m
    Overload from repeaters
    Pre-amps and cavity filters
081109tech-002   Band switching and switching
    RF filters
    Clegg FM-278 and the KLM E70
    Dx QSOs on 70cm
    Raysonic tubes
    Oscilloscope displays
    Pan adapters
    Discarding cathode ray tubes
    The Rosenfeld Detector
    3rd generation DTV equipment
    Empire State Building DX transmitting
081109tech-003   DTV displays
    WiFi antennas and routers
    WiFi hijacking
    MIMO technology
    WiFi antenna mania
    WiFi security
    Mac address filtering
081109tech-004   Internet security web sites
    Technet Op-amp update
    Op-amp books
    Analog Circuits
    7N7 triode tubes
    Digital Signal Processing
    Over sampling


November 16, 2008 Show

081116tech-001   Problems with switching transformers
    Flammable wall warts
    How to contact Underwriters Laboratory
    Problems with auto antenna tuners
    Replacing Kenwood relays
    Internet line-loss calculator
081116tech-002   Current and voltage-fed baluns
    Common load chokes
    Turriod winding
    Full vertical bottom-fed dipoles
    Setting radio-controlled wrist watches
081116tech-003   G5RV angles and patterns
    Multiple dipole phasing
    Space Report
    Antenna array designs by Kraus
    What is a Joul?
081116tech-004   Defining a Joul in many different ways


November 23, 2008 Show

081123tech-001   Finding knobs for Drake rigs
    Fixing towers that lean
    On-line catalogs for knobs
    The 26-plus different types of ham radio
    Tuning into a dummy load
081123tech-002   10Ghz wave guides
    Changing TV broadcast antennas at The Empire State Building
    The Broadcasting Engineering Education report
081123tech-003   What is a Newton?
    The US against the metric system
    Cassini interviews on NASA select
    Thinking Physics by Louis Epstein
    Wear you car seats!
081123tech-004   What is a Crudoject filter?
    The 2000 ohm headset
    How do you test a balun?


November 30, 2008 Show

081130tech-001   What goes on in a neon bulb
    The 2 balloon 1 air pressure valve puzzle by Dick
    Different uses of air pressure
    Digital transmission sampling and transport streams
081130tech-002   SPACE REPORT w/WS2N Saturn's and Jupiter's moons/ ISS and shuttle update
    Fixing a Bird Watt Meter slug
    Universal thermostat oven controls
    Considerations when switching from oil to gas
081130tech-003   Bird Watt Meter slugs
    Cost of gas vs. oil
    720 to 1081 DTV transmitting
    MPEG compression
    Alignment checking of home brew repeater duplexers
    Fixing a 1972 4CX250B amp
081130tech-004   Filament voltage and the life of a tube
    Tube screen decipation
    Testing a directional coupler antenna by W1NTH and W1SL

December 7, 2008 Show

081207tech-001   Datron 2100 Manpack radio for first rig?
    Stealth antenna ideas for apartments
    DTV box sensitivity and multipath
081207tech-002   Comparing DTV converter boxes
    antennaweb.org shows available digital TV signals in your area
    Winegard vs Zenith DTV converter boxes
    The future of VHF stations after the DTV conversion
    Using preamps for DTV reception
    Orthogonal Frequency Digital Multiplex (OFDM)
    The "new" digital UHF TV station
    Is it possible to coil an 80m dipole to conserve space?
    The great debate over the Resonating and Radiating of an antenna system
081207tech-003   Resonance in an LC network
081207tech-004   Reciprocity and antenna length
    Optimal antenna length for 160m, 80m, and 40m
    Career description of an RF Engineer
    So you want to be an RF Engineer?
    Coat hanger mobile antennas
    MELS EMAIL: All about crystal, mechanical and DSP filters (continues to 081214tech-004)

December 14, 2008 Show

081214tech-001   Installing an air conditioner in your shack
    The relative cost between oil and gas
    The rise and fall time of a component
    The four definitions of Q
081214tech-002   RF ID tags and GPSing your pet
    HDTV vs. DTV availability
    How to retransmit DTV around your house
    What will be on the UHF stations after the DTV conversion?
    DTV conversion boxes that run off of batteries
    Which TV stations are presently broadcasting digital signals
081214tech-003   DTV transition effects on HTS with TV audio
    The future of the VHF/UHF frequency range
    DTV amplifier power
    Digital peak envelope power
    DTV modulation and demodulation
    The latest in the Jan 2009 QST magazine
    Is there a DTV version of TVI?
081214tech-004   MELS EMAIL: Continuing discussion with crystal, mechanical and DSP filters (Started at 081207tech-004)


December 21, 2008 Show

081221tech-001   The DTV transmission signal
    DTV impulse noise interference
    Antennas to use for DTV
    DTV bit error rate indicators
081221tech-002   Cellphone G3 defined
    Using a spectrum analyzer to look at a DTV signal
    Mallory inductance tuner equivalent for DTV
    DTV lip-syncing problems
    DTV and politics
    Hauppauge WinTV for your computer
081221tech-003   DTV audio and video packet synchronization
    Analog ghosting now could may be a fatal DTV reception signal later
    DTV equalizers and multipath
    Will DTV be better than analog TV?
    Dick: Hams should stay low until the DTV conversion is over
    Humans and the full duplex unit
    Mel: Why not leave some analog tv signals?
081221tech-004   Buying used rigs on Ebay with credit cards vs. Paypal
    SPACE REPORT with WS2N Biospheres / Government spending and NASA
    US using alternative energy and being energy independent

December 28, 2008

081228tech-001   What will be on the VHF TV channels after the DTV conversion?
    Multipath and its effect on DTV reception
    How to figure the gain possibility of a beam antenna
    What does channel 4.1, channel 4.2, and channel 4.3 mean?
    The DTV converter box scan function - what does it do?
    US government raises funds by auctioning off frequency space
    Signal to ratio tests done on a DTV converter boxes
081228tech-002   Digital impulse noise interference
    WA5VJB bio, website, and articles written for CQ Magazine
    DTV antennas and pre amps
    Can you manually tune a DTV converter box?
081228tech-003   Yagi experiments with UHF TV stations
    DTV performance in a mobile environment
    Receiving simultaneous DTV signals at the same frequency
    Mel: Your conventional TV antenna is still usable for DTV
    People having difficulty getting PBS WNET ch 13 (ch. 61) and other stations
    DTV signal time delay
    MELS EMAIL: Walt Maxwell's articles on arrl.org has similar info like Kraus'
    EI&Z Lesson: What is the relationship of E, I and Z?
081228tech-004   The "2 RF generators connected to each other" brain teaser from J/Feb 2003 QEX
    Dick's 1/2 wave dipole in free space question he asked at a IEEE meeting
    EI&Z Lesson: What is the relationship of E, I, and Z? revisited