Audio File
061001tech-002 46.30 Walt Maxwell and using coaxial stubs and the Smith Chart
061001tech-002 51.00 Load impedance on the Smith Chart
061001tech-003 18.34 Advantages of using a Smith Chart
061001tech-004 18.12 Milliwatts transmitted through SMA connector in Smithtown N2LIV on 10Ghz
061008tech-002 44.45 Smith Chart websites and the Black Magic Design download
061008tech-002 54.00 Smith Charts continued
061008tech-003 0.00 Smith Charts and downloads continued
061008tech-003 34.00 Smith Chart continued
061015tech-003 20.55 Expanded Scale Smith Chart vs. using an Adobe Acrobat .pdf version
061029tech-001 1.34 Using a Smith Chart and a compass
061029tech-002 44.27 SMITH CHART LESSON #1
061029tech-002 48.35 Smith Chart exercise begins with a 3.1 SWR
061029tech-003 0.00 Smith Chart exercise continued
061029tech-003 2.30 Smith Chart horizontal axis
061105tech-002 19.00 SMITH CHART LESSON #2
061105tech-003 12.45 Smith Chart's resistive 50 ohm circle
061105tech-003 20.02 Using the Smith Chart in an admittance manner
061105tech-003 20.55 Using a cellophane layer on a Smith Chart
061105tech-003 24.45 Learning by Smith Chart vs learning by equations
061105tech-003 36.50 Intersection of lines in a Smith Chart
061105tech-003 40.09 The three sets of circles in a Smith Chart
061112tech-002 17.50 Wavelengths shown on Smith Chart lines
061112tech-002 34.30 SMITH CHART LESSON #3
061112tech-004 0.00 Smith Chart Polar Coordinates
061112tech-004 6.55 "Snowflaking" and Smith Charts
061112tech-004 11.20 QST Nov 2006 p38,39 Article on Smith Charts
061119tech-001 7.03 Smith Chart Lesson # 4 Transmission Lines
061119tech-001 12.50 Smith Chart exercise: 1296 Mhz and a 3/4 wave antenna
061119tech-002 45.05 Smith Chart Lesson #5 Exercise: 250 Mhz and a length of coax cable
061126tech-001 5.22 Smith Chart Circular Sliderules
061126tech-002 26.03 Smith Chart Lesson #6
061126tech-003 0.00 Smith Chart Lesson #6 - continued
061126tech-003 4.35 Adding color to Smith Charts
061203tech-003 59.12 SMITH CHART LESSON #6
061203tech-004 0.00 Continued - SMITH CHART LESSON #6
061203tech-004 25.00 Do schools teach Smith Charts anymore?
061210tech-003 16.15 Smith Chart Lesson #7
061210tech-003 35.02 Smith Chart Lesson continued
061210tech-003 46.41 Results of the Smith Chart Lesson
061217tech-002 21.39 Smith Chart Lesson #8 - RG8U line 500 ohm line and a 72ohm line added
061217tech-002 0.00 Smith Chart Lesson #8 - continued
061231tech-004 36.24 Smith Chart email feedback
061231tech-004 37.18 Text on Smith Charts
070107tech-003 27.07 Smith Chart email feedback
070107tech-003 38.10 Smith Chart Lesson #8 - 40 and J30 turn into polar form
070107tech-004 0.00 Smith Chart Lesson #8 - continued
070107tech-004 5.08 There is a lack of explaining "why" you do things on a Smith Chart
070114tech-002 10.10 Feb 2007 QST pg 70, 71 re Smith Charts
070204tech-003 21.46 A Good Overview of what a Smith Chart is
070218tech-001 51.20 Third order and intercept points in Smith Charts
070218tech-004 27.14 Good info on Smith Charts in the ARRL Antenna Book CH. 29
070304tech-003 48.06 SMITH CHART REVIEW (72 ohm line added to an existing 50 ohm line)
070304tech-004 0.00 SMITH CHART REVIEW continued
070304tech-004 2.25 Other types of Smith Chart reviews scheduled for the future

070708tech-004 4.42 MELS EMAIL 02 - Clarification re the Smith Chart 90 ohm resistance 160 capacitor
070722tech-003 54.22 Mel relates adding to coax line to a Smith Chart discussion recorded on
070812tech-004 7.30 Reference to a Smith Chart that related to a tuner and a plotting a circle
070812tech-004 14.50 What does the plotted circle on the Smith Chart tell you?
070812tech-004 18.16 Books from the ARRL, Krause, Theodore Mareno, will back up the Smith Chart results
070924tech-002 39.25 Mel refers to a TechNet Smith Chart discussion on 061001tech-002
070930tech-003 51.59 Using a Smith Chart to determining whether to use an L, T, or P network
070930tech-003 57.00 Dick urges everyone who homebrews to learn the Smith Chart
070930tech-004 3.09 Dick and Mel discuss Smith Chart computer software
070930tech-004 13.06 Mel recalls how he uses Smith Charts without a computer
070930tech-004 14.19 Dick: QST OCT 07 p. 60 good source for reading about using stub tuners and Smith Charts
071202tech-004 51.05 Mel and Dick agree to use a Smith Chart for the impedance conversion
071209tech-002 33.00 SMITH CHART LESSON #9 Stopping antenna mismatches with stubs
071209tech-002 57.09 Cont SMITH CHART LESSON #9 Stub antenna matching
071209tech-003 0.00 Cont SMITH CHART LESSON #9 Stub antenna matching
071209tech-003 16.00 Dick summarizes the progress in SMITH CHART LESSON #9
071209tech-003 21.47 Dick explains the Pico farad per foot in SMITH CHART LESSON #9
071209tech-003 25.49 Review of SMITH CHART LESSON #9
071209tech-003 34.29 Stub tuning vs terroid and baluns (SMITH CHART LESSON #9)
071209tech-003 37.13 Making a 75 ohm dummy load (SMITH CHART LESSON #9)
071209tech-004 39.09 Revisited SMITH CHART LESSON #9 impedance matching
071216tech-001 49.34 QST Jan 2008 has article on Smith Charts and the proper stacking of yagis