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January 7, 2007 Show

Audio File Time Topic
070107tech-001 0.00 The sun's 22-year cycle on absorbent propagation
070107tech-001 10.01 Observations of Mel's loop antenna on HF
070107tech-001 14.41 Angle of Take-off, polarization, and the active ionosphere
070107tech-001 19.39 Antenna tilting and changing the polarization
070107tech-001 27.52 The Gyro frequency
070107tech-001 29.20 Quad efficiency on a 60 foot tower
070107tech-001 31.01 Indoor loop performance effected by surroundings
070107tech-002 0.00 Challenges of a manned space flight to Mars
070107tech-002 3.31 Red shift and Blue shift signals to and from Mars
070107tech-002 5.28 Ham Radio University Overview
070107tech-002 7.48 Thursday Jan 4, 2007 Newsday about LI radio systems deficient
070107tech-002 9.10 Misinformed Bayville LI upset over antennas near school
070107tech-002 12.90 The cost of putting up a municipal tower
070107tech-002 16.48 Phase Shifts in Yagi antennas
070107tech-002 19.06 Tuning the elements of a Yagi
070107tech-002 21.20 comptek4@ 4 square antenna information
070107tech-002 22.25 Tuning antenna arrays slightly off desired frequency
070107tech-002 26.19 Listening observations of Vertically inverted V antennas
070107tech-002 27.10 Horizontal/Vertical and "Faraday" Rotation
070107tech-002 28.03 "Polarimitry" K3LR 4 square antenna information
070107tech-002 34.05 Rebirth of Ham Microwaves in Long Island
070107tech-002 36.06 SPACE NEWS
070107tech-002 37.10 Spirit and Opportunity Update
070107tech-002 39.42 Phoenix Mission
070107tech-002 40.35 Transmitting power from the ISS
070107tech-002 42.58 Solar Alpha Rotary Joint
070107tech-002 49.51 Spirit,Opportunity, and Cornell's Steve Squires
070107tech-002 52.48 The need for Ham Radio Education on a municipality level
070107tech-002 56.30 Public fears over antenna RF
070107tech-003 0.00 First responder effectiveness is based on solid radio infrastructure
070107tech-003 2.09 Mars Rover photo book published
070107tech-003 9.08 Meteorites and magnetism
070107tech-003 9.01 Metal detectors used to find meteorites
070107tech-003 12.45 Passports and RF ID tags
070107tech-003 15.05 The Sharper Image Wallet
070107tech-003 16.15 Misunderstood term "Radiation"
070107tech-003 18.11 Depression vs Recession misunderstanding
070107tech-003 19.30 RF vs Nuclear radiation
070107tech-003 24.51 Cell Phone Basestations get a bad rap
070107tech-003 27.07 Smith Chart email feedback
070107tech-003 29.06 Signals with aptitudes and phase on a polar chart
070107tech-003 32.20 Polar Notation
070107tech-003 34.51 Phase Angle and antenna tuners
070107tech-003 38.10 Smith Chart Lesson #8 - 40 and J30 turn into polar form
070107tech-003 50.28 Using information from R and X
070107tech-004 0.00 Smith Chart Lesson #8 - continued
070107tech-004 3.03 Doing square roots the long way
070107tech-004 5.08 There is a lack of explaining "why" you do things on a Smith Chart
070107tech-004 10.45 Handheld SWRs and the 10 degree error area
070107tech-004 15.50 Vectors
070107tech-004 19.05 AEA Handheld analyzer accuracy


January 14, 2007 Show

Audio File Time Topic
070114tech-001 2.30 Rotor problems - motor capacitor in control box
070114tech-001 5.45 Microfarad capacitors overview
070114tech-001 9.35 Examining the schematics of the control box
070114tech-001 20.51 Overloading the rotator
070114tech-001 27.20 Two Tone tests with amplifiers
070114tech-001 34.13 Harmonics in amplifier tests
070114tech-001 37.44 Amps and broadband noise
070114tech-001 38.50 Yaesu's "Truetracking" front end
070114tech-001 41.08 Attenuation in receivers
070114tech-001 43.01 Switching to random lengths of wire
070114tech-001 45.02 Signal Cross Noise term vs Noise Cross Noise term
070114tech-001 50.90 Observing Sinewaves
070114tech-002 0.00 Signal sinewaves and broadband noise
070114tech-002 2.05 Misleading readings from Sun noise
070114tech-002 5.49 Receiver sensitivity needs between Tokyo and US models
070114tech-002 10.10 Feb 2007 QST pg 70, 71 re Smith Charts
070114tech-002 10.30 Brightest comet since 1965
070114tech-002 12.51 Riding the RF Gain to hear a station better
070114tech-002 15.01 Using a Collins mechanical filter
070114tech-002 16.01 ARRL 19th Issue Antenna Book in receiving antennas
070114tech-002 17.30 Reducing a 12 foot loop to a 6 foot loop
070114tech-002 20.30 The role of the variable capacitor
070114tech-002 22.30 Tilting the loop antenna and improving the S/N ratio
070114tech-002 23.25 KD2BD Different types / uses of Loop Antennas
070114tech-002 25.05 Resonance and turns of loops
070114tech-002 27.44 Output levels of resonant loops
070114tech-002 29.03 Induced voltage in microvolt equation
070114tech-002 31.10 K2CX and the Anderson transmitter
070114tech-002 33.16 Using a Q Multiplier
070114tech-002 34.07 Building a "spatial" amplifier
070114tech-002 35.50 Mel describes building his loop using Q multiplier
070114tech-002 42.10 Ferrite AM signal enhancer
070114tech-002 46.58 Directional properties of loop
070114tech-002 49.00 Wind up radios and windup LED lights
070114tech-002 52.00 SPACE REPORT
070114tech-002 52.12 PBS Show "NOVA Science Now" regarding the space elevator
070114tech-002 57.40 Questar telescope density 5 filter
070114tech-003 0.00 PBS Show "NOVA Science Now" - continued
070114tech-003 3.00 Carbon nanotube ribbons
070114tech-003 6.21 Jim Bell's "Postcards from Mars" book
070114tech-003 9.34 Work Jim Bell has done
070114tech-003 12.02 Does a meteorite have a high iron content?
070114tech-003 16.10 Stuff found with a metal detector at the beach
070114tech-003 17.53 Operation of a metal detector
070114tech-003 22.09 Using different metal in a loop antennna
070114tech-003 23.05 Performance of a metal detector
070114tech-003 33.43 Electronic witch used by plumbers
070114tech-003 34.50 The difficulty of finding land mines
070114tech-003 37.30 Finding non-metallic water mains
070114tech-003 39.00 Installing a "wet tap"
070114tech-003 44.03 Repairing underground water main breaks
070114tech-003 56.55 TechNet email review
070114tech-003 58.02 Mel's LED flashlight
070114tech-004 0.00 Mel's gadgets - The Super Battery Charger
070114tech-004 8.38 LED desk lamp
070114tech-004 12.20 Antenna take-off angles
070114tech-004 15.07 SWR equation similar to Quadratic equations
070114tech-004 18.45 Jan 4 2007 Newsday Front cover "Towers in Trouble" story
070114tech-004 19.01 Friday Jan 12 2007 Newsday pg A40 "Nassau attuned to antenna bids"
070114tech-004 24.08 IR remote control tester light
070114tech-004 26.28 Finding an old VCR and take out the IR detector and use it as a remote tester


January 21, 2007 Show

Audio File Time Topic
070121tech-001 3.52 Has HF beam antenna without labels on it - Mosley? HyGain TH4?
070121tech-001 12.00 Heathkit 1KW amp FB220, FB221
070121tech-001 13.20 Modifications to the Heathkit amp
070121tech-001 17.09 Putting 4 yagis together for 70cm
070121tech-001 18.19 Tilting the loop antenna for better performance
070121tech-001 21.10 Warren White's low angle tracking radar
070121tech-001 25.06 HyGain TH4 (Heathkit) description
070121tech-001 26.50 MFJ tech support for HyGain antennas
070121tech-002 0.00 Description of Wilson beam antennas
070121tech-002 5.03 Contacting the ARRL for old antenna specs
070121tech-002 6.32 Misunderstandings of Four Square antennas
070121tech-002 10.06 Examining the Four Square design
070121tech-002 11.37 Isotropic antenna gain
070121tech-002 16.45 The elevation angle factor
070121tech-002 20.07 Peak elevation of gain
070121tech-002 22.40 Capability of the array - where are the loses?
070121tech-002 24.13 Overlapping of the effective capture area
070121tech-002 25.03 3 reasons why antennas are moved closer together
070121tech-002 27.32 Cross-Coupling Effect explained
070121tech-002 28.20 Waveguide Slot Array explained
070121tech-002 29.51 Radar Design
070121tech-002 31.58 Desired gain for the first 2 elements installed on boom
070121tech-002 35.30 3dB of gain and nulls
070121tech-002 37.51 Cloverleaf patterns
070121tech-002 43.45 Directivity of Parasitic Elements
070121tech-003 3.00 Mel's email review
070121tech-003 4.45 Recent high HF noise levels
070121tech-003 5.15 Developing a Q Multiplier
070121tech-003 9.30 Tilting down of the loop antenna
070121tech-003 10.49 Pattern of a loop antenna
070121tech-003 11.48 The 3 variables of adjusting a loop antenna
070121tech-003 15.09 Indoor loop performance vs Outdoor loop
070121tech-003 18.30 Putting a loop inside of loop
070121tech-003 19.00 Adjusting the Q Multiplier in relation to S/N ratio
070121tech-003 22.31 The making of a 6 foot loop
070121tech-003 27.25 Putting a FET into the loop
070121tech-003 30.30 PBS show on astronomy
070121tech-003 32.57 Meteor locating using a metal detector
070121tech-003 34.46 Earth's violent history with asteroids
070121tech-003 37.29 Using magnets to clean fish tanks
070121tech-003 43.42 Patents made by Thomas Edison
070121tech-003 45.00 Powerful magnets found in SCSI hard drives
070121tech-004 0.00 Impurities of tin foil
070121tech-004 5.05 Printed circuit motors
070121tech-004 7.33 Capstans motor bearings and shafts
070121tech-004 11.51 Wave angles
070121tech-004 12.30 Elevation vs horizontal patterns
070121tech-004 13.30 Cardinal plane cuts
070121tech-004 14.24 Conic cuts
070121tech-004 17.20 Echo signal and two element phase arrays
070121tech-004 20.03 Elevation angle formulas found in the ARRL Handbook


January 28, 2007 Show

Audio File Time Topic
070128tech-001 2.00 Interaction of an 80m and a 160m antenna while transmitting
070128tech-001 8.53 Repropricity
070128tech-001 11.51 Making a liaison frequency on 2m for 10Ghz
070128tech-001 13.02 Phased array and coupling
070128tech-001 15.08 Retuning of an unused antenna
070128tech-001 18.50 Spatial and electronic filtering
070128tech-001 21.20 Interaction of an 80m and a 160m antenna while transmitting - continued
070128tech-002 0.00 Coupling of antennas
070128tech-002 1.15 Matching 50 ohm transmission lines
070128tech-002 2.02 Geometric Mean
070128tech-002 5.45 Placing two dummy loads in parallel
070128tech-002 6.50 Placing 2.4 Ghz dishes in parallel work?
070128tech-002 10.47 WA1MBA website article "Building a perfect impedance match on any Yagi"
070128tech-002 12.40 When RF energy hits objects
070128tech-002 14.21 RF Energy bio hazards
070128tech-002 16.13 The C95 document
070128tech-002 16.40 The Maximum permitted exposure curve
070128tech-002 18.15 The Calarinity Experiment
070128tech-002 20.17 1940s,50s experiments on rabbits on RF exposure to the eyes
070128tech-002 23.30 Using a piece of meat and a dummy load
070128tech-002 26.00 Diathermia Experiments
070128tech-002 30.23 RF exposure and bacteria
070128tech-002 31.00 A failed experiment is not a failure
070128tech-002 33.05 How to measure RF heat on an object
070128tech-002 40.05 Radar Cross Section Measurements
070128tech-002 50.15 2004 ARRL Handbook Ch.9 RF Exposure
070128tech-003 3.15 Suggestion - Make an "FCC Documents for Dummies" book
070128tech-003 4.00 History of Mel and Dick's career
070128tech-003 8.00 Brooklyn Technical High School curriculums
070128tech-003 12.00 Importance of mechanical drawing classes
070128tech-003 13.40 Used Oscilloscopes cause a frenzy at auctions
070128tech-003 17.50 Importance of machine shop classes
070128tech-003 21.00 Loop antennas with Mel
070128tech-003 21.40 Building a loop inside of a loop
070128tech-003 21.59 Absorption wave meter effect
070128tech-003 26.18 Using an Absorption wave meter
070128tech-003 27.30 Using a Gauneometer
070128tech-003 34.40 The Faraday Effect
070128tech-003 35.30 Adding a Q multiplier to the loop antenna
070128tech-003 39.41 SPACE REPORT
070128tech-003 42.45 Spaceflights to arrive at Pluto around 2017
070128tech-003 45.00 Website with a six slide presentation of the sizes of planets
070128tech-003 51.56 Mel's inside loop working better than his outside loop
070128tech-003 55.41 Transmitting on Loop Antennas
070128tech-004 0.00 Transmitting on Loop Antennas - continued
070128tech-004 2.50 Transmitting into another transmitter
070128tech-004 4.29 Wave angles and take-off angles
070128tech-004 8.30 The best angle for 40m is 10-35 degrees
070128tech-004 9.00 The formula for wave angles
070128tech-004 15.00 Website with a six slide presentation of the sizes of planets - continued
070128tech-004 19.50 Making of a hot air balloon repeater
070128tech-004 24.15 The powers of 10 display and Hayden Planetarium
070128tech-004 27.00 Gamma Ray Bursts
070128tech-004 28.00 Wave angles formula - continued
070128tech-004 29.15 Review of the TechNet email do's and don'ts
070128tech-004 38.50 Ham radio "war stories"
070128tech-004 39.20 A filter condenser saves the day in Nigeria
070128tech-004 44.30 Getting through security at a Holland airport


February 4, 2007 Show

Review of Microsoft Vista
070204tech-001 10.08 RTTY and SSB compatibility
070204tech-001 15.30 RTTY and the amount of power to use with a rig
070204tech-001 17.09 Dynamic mics vs. Electric mics
070204tech-001 22.00 Using a soundcard for RTTY with a Icom 746Pro
070204tech-001 25.40 Four-square dipole construction update
070204tech-001 27.08 Icom's excellent tech support
070204tech-002 0.00 Using galvanized wire for a beverage antenna
070204tech-002 5.50 Using copper wire for a beverage antenna
070204tech-002 6.05 Loss resistance in a beverage antenna
070204tech-002 8.51 Bevarage antenna ground dissipation
070204tech-002 10.06 Terminating resistors and RF chokes in a beverage antenna
070204tech-002 13.05 Vertical angle of radiation
070204tech-002 13.20 Setting up a beverage antenna in the middle of Brooklyn
070204tech-002 16.05 Radio transmission vs. nuclear radiation
070204tech-002 17.20 Stupid things to do with radiation
070204tech-002 21.27 Similarity of a 100 watt transmitter and a 100 watt light bulb
070204tech-002 22.15 The truth about using The Inverse Square Law and RF radiation
070204tech-002 31.25 The ANSI Report and RF radiation
070204tech-003 0.00 Inadvertently heating coax
070204tech-003 1.45 Characteristics ofa transmission line
070204tech-003 2.45 How RF energy travels through the cable
070204tech-003 4.00 How mismatches effect transmitter behavior
070204tech-003 4.58 Ratio of Insertion Loss
070204tech-003 6.01 The value of antenna tuners
070204tech-003 6.45 Evaluations of Antenna Analyser brands presently on the market
070204tech-003 19.40 The value of understanding antennas
070204tech-003 21.46 A Good Overview of what a Smith Chart is
070204tech-003 24.07 The difficulty in obtaining antenna patterns
070204tech-003 27.40 "Tootaledge" Classes and antenna testing at Floyd Bennett field
070204tech-003 28.06 Commmercial Loop antennas
070204tech-003 34.55 Discription of Mel's indoor double loop receiving antenna
070204tech-003 40.04 Mel's NYC friend and the matte black external loop antenna
070204tech-004 0.00 How to make a homebrew receiving loop antenna
070204tech-004 2.30 Mel's QSO with a Russian using 50 watts
070204tech-004 6.15 The Importance of owning the ARRL Antenna Handbook
070204tech-004 9.24 Compressed-air powered car presentation and discrepancy of information
070204tech-004 15.02 Measuring horsepower vs measuring metric system watts
070204tech-004 20.09 The power of one gallon of gasoline
070204tech-004 22.51 Uses of Polycarbonate materials
070204tech-004 25.20 The high cost of hybrid cars
070204tech-004 28.00 An electric car web page on
070204tech-004 29.01 Dynamic braking in electric cars
070204tech-004 31.01 The possible elimination of automobile transmissions
070204tech-004 32.45 The disadvantages of lead-acid batteries
070204tech-004 34.55 De-compressed powered cars has possibilities
070204tech-004 38.12 Advantages of an air compressed powered car
070204tech-004 42.48 Examining the e Toyota Precis
070204tech-004 45.00 Precis' silent engine may do more harm than good
070204tech-004 49.49 The US burns 20 million barrels a day
070204tech-004 51.36 Debate over use of nuclear-powered cars
070204tech-004 52.30 US involvement in world affairs
070204tech-004 54.05 The 9/11 Oil dilemma
070204tech-004 59.30 Is a non-directional antenna practical for M51 satellite monitoring?
070204tech-005 0.00 Antenna nulls and the M51 satellite reception
070204tech-005 3.01 The Performance between omni and tracking antennas
070204tech-005 5.06 Circular Polarization and the M51 satellite
070204tech-005 7.18 Satellite tracking with one antenna or with a multitude of antennas?
070204tech-005 7.55 The advantages of using a signal tracking antenna
070204tech-005 11.39 Disadvantages of using an eggbeater antenna to track satellites
070204tech-005 13.10 The proper wattage to use to work satellites
070204tech-005 14.02 Debate on whether to use a pre-amp in satellite tracking


February 11, 2007 Show

Restoring old microphones that have low and high impedance
070211tech-002 1.45 Old microphones used with new rigs
070211tech-002 2.05 Refurbishing a old electric microphone
070211tech-002 3.00 Dynamic mic pros and cons
070211tech-002 4.28 Impedance matching of mics
070211tech-002 6.46 Cleaning a mic element using Chemtronic's Ultrajet dry air
070211tech-002 9.06 Mixing and matching microphones with operational amplifiers with rigs
070211tech-002 10.00 Berb Brown's book "3rd General Operational Amplifier Techniques"
070211tech-002 12.10 Linear Technologies book on operational amplifiers
070211tech-002 14.40 2004 ARRL Handbook CH.17 page 44 info on operational amplifiers
070211tech-002 17.02 Latest operational amps on the market today
070211tech-002 21.40 SPACE REPORT
070211tech-002 22.05 STS-117 Atlantis will be going up soon
070211tech-002 24.15 Increase in the ISS spacewalks
070211tech-002 26.18 Mars Global Surveyor in bad shape
070211tech-002 27.40 Heavens Above website informs when satellites are overhead
070211tech-002 30.00 John Vogt telescope presentation at NYIT put on by the AS of Long Island
070211tech-002 30.45 Mel's new version of his loop antenna
070211tech-002 36.50 ARRL Antenna Handbook CH. 5 on Loop Antennas
070211tech-002 39.40 The difference between using the loop antenna's edge side vs. its broad side
070211tech-002 40.03 ARRL Antenna Handbook CH. 5 p23 show what Mel's antenna is based on
070211tech-002 45.08 How the inner loop interacts with the outer loop
070211tech-002 46.21 Hula-hoop antennas
070211tech-002 46.50 The role of capacitors in loop antennas
070211tech-002 47.33 The importance of adjusting the loop for every signal
070211tech-003 0.00 Problems Belden #8241 coax with 15 microhenrys
070211tech-003 2.55 Making a 1/2 wave loop dipole
070211tech-003 3.52 1/2 wave loop dipole antenna patterns
070211tech-003 5.38 Radio waves unpredictability near the receiving loops
070211tech-003 9.32 The different positions of Mel's loop to pull in signals
070211tech-003 13.30 Does the signal in the inside loop change when the outer is turned?
070211tech-003 19.24 The magnitude of the Faraday Rotation and Ionosphere reflection
070211tech-003 21.38 Does Mel's house and house wiring effect the loop antenna?
070211tech-003 23.21 Are shielded loops effected by its surroundings
070211tech-003 24.45 How does the ionosphere's density and the solar factors play on RF
070211tech-003 27.03 The performance of the loop if it was placed in Mel's basement?
070211tech-003 28.24 The effects of putting wattage into the coax loop
070211tech-003 29.40 A criteria for transmitting performance
070211tech-003 33.00 The reciprocity failure and the Faraday Rotation
070211tech-003 35.00 The performance of a Loop Stick antenna when receiving vs transmitting
070211tech-003 36.45 A Ferrite Loop antenna's performance
070211tech-003 40.07 Ferrite Loops vs a Toroidal cores
070211tech-003 44.23 Can you change the shape of a loop antenna
070211tech-003 47.04 An ellipse-shaped loop antenna and its performance
070211tech-003 49.11 The threshold of performance when the shape of a loop is changed
070211tech-003 53.20 Performance mysteries between the indoor loop and the outdoor loop
070211tech-003 55.03 Loop antennas use in the HF bands
070211tech-003 56.09 KB2BD's loop that received a millivolt of signal 1,000 miles away on VLF
070211tech-004 0.00 Continued KB2BD's loop antenna
070211tech-004 1.01 Frequency measuring with KB2BD's loop antenna
070211tech-004 3.38 The D layer and HF VLF frequencies
070211tech-004 5.52 Website showing the K index, solar flares and the effects on signal strength
070211tech-004 7.20 A description of a Bi-Quad
070211tech-004 8.30 Doppler shift and KB2BD's loop antenna


February 18, 2007 Show

Putting up an Inverted V dipole
070218tech-001 4.30 Grounding the left-hand side of the dipole to a fence pole- good or bad?
070218tech-001 5.52 The importance of using a balun in a dipole
070218tech-001 9.10 Looking inside of a balun
070218tech-001 11.23 Open wire feed dipoles
070218tech-001 13.23 How to use household wiring for a dipole
070218tech-001 15.16 Advantages of using a multiband dipole with an open-line feed
070218tech-001 17.38 Misunderstandings about ladder line length and radiation
070218tech-001 20.00 How to bring ladder line into the shack
070218tech-001 21.40 Baluns that have terminals for ladder lines
070218tech-001 22.30 Feeding lines through windows
070218tech-001 23.01 Syd Harvey Igniters
070218tech-001 23.41 Continuing a ladder line into your shack with two coax cables
070218tech-001 25.45 MFJ 912 4:1 balun review
070218tech-001 29.14 Using ladder line and coax together and the effect of RF energy and phase
070218tech-001 32.00 Advantages of putting up multiple dipoles
070218tech-001 34.54 The Cobra Multiband dipole review
070218tech-001 37.24 Johnson Antenna Engineering Handbook and electrically small antenna
070218tech-001 38.04 Harold Wheeler's definition of an antenna's sphere volume
070218tech-001 39.34 Definition of an antenna's "cue"
070218tech-001 41.01 The Cobra Dipole vs. The G5RV
070218tech-001 44.08 Receiver dynamic ranges - what do the numbers mean?
070218tech-001 49.17 Advantages of installing dB pads
070218tech-001 50.50 Nutech aftermarket mod kits to boast receiver dynamic ranges
070218tech-001 51.20 Third order and intercept points in Smith Charts
070218tech-001 55.23 Comparing receiver sensitivity numbers
070218tech-002 0.00 Continued - receiver sensitivity
070218tech-002 1.40 Rig sensitivity on the HF bands
070218tech-002 3.30 Solutions by using a preamp in rigs
070218tech-002 4.07 Rig sensitivity in the VHF bands
070218tech-002 4.48 The history of "Noise Figure"
070218tech-002 6.31 Why there are no preamps in rigs made in SE Asia
070218tech-002 8.42 Reviewing the specs of the TenTec Jupiter
070218tech-002 10.01 Noise floor, S/N Ratio, sensitivity of the Jupiter
070218tech-002 12.30 Experiences in buying used equipment at ham fests
070218tech-002 15.51 A rig's 1st production run vs. its 3rd production run
070218tech-002 18.40 Evaluation of the Icom 756PROIII
070218tech-002 22.00 The dangers of having a preamp on a repeater
070218tech-002 26.15 Good preamps for moonbouncing
070218tech-002 28.45 Testing preamps and getting noise figures
070218tech-002 30.34 Preamps, length of cable, and oscillation
070218tech-002 31.21 Using pads with preamps
070218tech-002 37.54 Using High Electron Mobility Transistors and using mixers on 136Mhz
070218tech-002 39.22 The pros and cons of using a preamp
070218tech-002 45.18 Putting a transistor into a mediocre circuit
070218tech-002 46.30 building a VOX relay for a Kenwood rig
070218tech-002 47.49 Good VOX info is found in the ARRL Radio Handbook
070218tech-002 49.45 K6DPZ VOX circuits
070218tech-002 50.28 LIMARC members who make rig repairs
070218tech-002 52.20 Advice in installing a preamp
070218tech-002 57.20 Using Vanguard Labs front ends
070218tech-003 2.00 Icom756proIII vs other comparable models
070218tech-003 4.02 Tuning and loading your amp and its effect on capacitance
070218tech-003 5.51 Resonating and loading capacitors
070218tech-003 7.50 HF rigs and Pi Networks
070218tech-003 9.48 King's County Amateur Radio Club meeting review
070218tech-003 11.24 Hams and the WB2HWW repeater saves a family from a house fire
070218tech-003 12.57 Risk of Lives by removing antenna towers from municipalities
070218tech-003 17.03 Unfounded fear of RF energy
070218tech-003 20.02 Faulty info on the internet regarding RF energy
070218tech-003 21.49 The importance of peer reviewed research on RF energy
070218tech-003 25.56 England now prohibits children from using cell phones
070218tech-003 33.15 The high cost of legal fees in installing a new cell phone tower
070218tech-003 36.09 Lives lost in Albany due to lack of antennas towers for first responders
070218tech-003 38.30 Community dead spots and its dangers
070218tech-003 40.04 Towns are forced to use emanate domain to get towers up
070218tech-003 42.01 Services by Ken Sullivan who moves heavy ham equipment/furniture
070218tech-003 48.03 New laws that prohibit use of any technology while driving or using the crosswalk
070218tech-003 51.07 AEA Loop Antenna discussion
070218tech-003 55.41 Misunderstandings of loop antennas
070218tech-003 56.32 Testing a loop by telephoning a ham and have them listen to your adjustments
070218tech-003 58.02 Verizon cell systems enable continuous talking from Montauk to NYC
070218tech-004 0.00 Verizon Long Island cell coverage discussion
070218tech-004 3.10 Cell coverage problems on the North Shore of LI
070218tech-004 6.09 Phone tower aesthetics a main problem in public acceptance
070218tech-004 9.02 Avanca air crash and the failure of communications
070218tech-004 11.40 Drake TR22 HT used for "cell phone" calls as far back as 1971.
070218tech-004 12.43 Amateur radio credited for setting foundation for cell phone technology
070218tech-004 14.50 Trusting the internet vs the phone with sensitive information
070218tech-004 18.09 Review of the TechNet history 25th Anniversary coming up
070218tech-004 21.02 Using a triplexer with the Kenwood TS2000
070218tech-004 24.01 The mindset of a ham who uses the 1.2Ghz band
070218tech-004 27.14 Good info on Smith Charts in the ARRL Antenna Book CH. 29


February 25, 2007 Show

Is it possible for ladder line that's transmitting high wattage to burn wood ceiling joints?
070225tech-001 6.41 Advantages of using open wire feeders for open wire lines.
070225tech-001 11.49 Upcoming NYC metro and LIMARC ham fests
070225tech-001 15.40 What is the performance of right angle 259 connectors
070225tech-001 16.40 The value of using amphanol connectors
070225tech-001 18.45 High marks for Delaware's HRO salesman Bob
070225tech-001 19.20 Judging the quality of coax by its dielectric
070225tech-001 22.09 The proper kind of chicken wire to us as ground radials
070225tech-001 23.39 How to properly lay chicken wire on your lawn for ground radials
070225tech-001 28.43 Using #22 telephone wires as radials good?
070225tech-001 31.30 SPACE REPORT-next shuttle will be bringing up next rotator
070225tech-001 34.06 STS-118 (June 2007) will have the next teacher in space since Challenger disaster
070225tech-001 36.40 Lots of nodes and modules slated for future shuttles
070225tech-001 39.11 Mars rovers get larger
070225tech-001 43.09 Shuttle missions to study dangerous asteroids
070225tech-001 46.10 Non-man space mission to put a microphone on Mars
070225tech-001 47.00 Phoenix Mission and the Mars poles
070225tech-001 50.51 Cydonia and NASA's opinion of the face
070225tech-002 0.00 Discussion of The Science Channel show "Physics of Life"
070225tech-002 1.42 SWR using the Quadratic Equation
070225tech-002 3.50 Criss crossing of dipole antennas- degradation of signal?
070225tech-002 6.15 How Mel's loop antenna phasing is similar to the phasing of the criss crossing dipole
070225tech-002 13.25 now has the TechNet in streaming audio


March 4, 2007 Show

Already in progress- Overloading of preamps
070304tech-001 2.33 Replacing MosFets and the susceptibility of static damage
070304tech-001 11.58 HF verticals vs HF horizontals
070304tech-001 15.08 An opinion why phase verticals work better
070304tech-001 20.13 Raising gain, reducing noise level and improving S/N ratio
070304tech-001 24.27 Faraday Rotation and "East to West and West to East" transmission
070304tech-001 27.10 Where to buy antenna masts and aluminum tubing
070304tech-001 27.56 Davidson aluminum supply, and buying conduits at an electrical contractors store
070304tech-002 0.00 Available sizes of aluminum conduits
070304tech-002 2.15 Priming and painting a conduit for outdoor use
070304tech-002 4.36 How to clean antenna masts and coils
070304tech-002 15.32 Shielding of repeater preamps
070304tech-002 21.49 Importance of measuring using a directional coupler
070304tech-002 26.10 Analysis of a preamp in a barefoot repeater
070304tech-002 32.32 "Lectures on Communication Systems Theory" the Limiters Bible
070304tech-002 36.21 Using a scope probe to tap the signal in the stages of a repeater
070304tech-002 42.00 Precautions to take to avoid blowing out your network analyzer's front-end
070304tech-002 51.54 Ham legal help when filing an application for a tower with a town's zoning board
070304tech-003 0.00 SPACE REPORT
070304tech-003 0.34 Lunar eclipse in the eastern sky this past week
070304tech-003 1.45 STS delayed- shuttle left out during bad hail storm
070304tech-003 3.39 19 more shuttle flights to finish the ISS
070304tech-003 9.30 When ISS ends where will the 1 million pounds of hardware going to go?
070304tech-003 13.02 Reestablishing orbit is a daily chore for shuttle
070304tech-003 16.03 The high cost of blasting the ISS out of earth's orbit
070304tech-003 24.45 The value of the Hubble Telescope
070304tech-003 28.20 Larger hubbles on NASA's horizon
070304tech-003 34.10 All about folding telescopes
070304tech-003 37.02 Examples of a multi-piece radio telescope lens
070304tech-003 42.49 Space deployment of future radio telescopes
070304tech-003 48.06 SMITH CHART REVIEW (72 ohm line added to an existing 50 ohm line)
070304tech-004 0.00 SMITH CHART REVIEW continued
070304tech-004 2.25 Other types of Smith Chart reviews scheduled for the future
070304tech-004 4.07 The Verizon check with the Polar Formula written on it
070304tech-004 8.07 Polar Form or Rectangular Form - which is better?
070304tech-004 11.44 Using R squared X squared for SWR in polar form
070304tech-004 15.21 Using the tangent function in the R squared X squared problem
070304tech-004 17.03 Using the Quadratic Equation for the R squared X squared problem
070304tech-004 21.56 The Unknown History of the Quadratic Equation
070304tech-004 24.05 Memories of Professor Helm
070304tech-004 30.01 Evaluation of the Extra Class Ham Test
070304tech-004 31.31 Apprenticeships mandatory for recent RF Engineering Graduates
070304tech-004 34.20 Mel's story of a 12 year old Extra Class Ham who almost electrocuted herself
070304tech-004 37.45 Dangers and risks of the ham radio hobby and the need for elmers
070304tech-004 43.09 Founder of ARRL died by being electrocuted
070304tech-004 45.02 AC vs DC which is safer?
070304tech-004 47.39 All about Thomas Edison
070304tech-004 53.20 Clouds that give out voltage


March 11, 2007 Show

070311tech-001 3.00 Problems with TE Systems 6m amp (20W in 375 out) also bad SWL
070311tech-001 4.10 LPS Networks in 6m brick amps
070311tech-001 6.03 SSB and Class C amps
070311tech-001 14.23 6m amp is suppose to drawing 53 amps but instead drawing 43 - puzzling
070311tech-001 18.49 Examination of amp's inverters
070311tech-001 19.51 Examination of by-pass mode
070311tech-001 23.05 Examination of relays (or lack of)
070311tech-001 25.05 Examination of input transformers
070311tech-001 28.02 Examination of PPR transistors
070311tech-001 32.01 Raw voltage and solid state amplifiers
070311tech-001 37.04 Transistors and amp overheating
070311tech-001 41.00 Using the case as a bogus heat sink
070311tech-002 0.00 Directional Coupler Measuring Techniques
070311tech-002 2.20 2005 storm crippling equipment on Long Island
070311tech-002 4.40 Angle Linear Amplifiers and cavity filters
070311tech-002 10.37 Examining repeater pre-amp specifications
070311tech-002 11.18 The importance of repeater pre-amp shielding
070311tech-002 12.18 Pre-amp limiting and mixing
070311tech-002 16.01 Strength of some UHF TV station raise havoc
070311tech-002 18.06 Polar Coordinates Tutorial Feedback
070311tech-002 20.37 In depth explanation of Polar Coordinates
070311tech-002 21.20 200 Ohm resistor problem
070311tech-002 26.20 Dick does same problem in rectangular form
070311tech-002 29.30 Explanation using a formula instead of a broken tube calibrator
070311tech-002 36.11 Old Math vs. New Math in Engineering School
070311tech-003 0.00 Old Math vs. New Math in Engineering School continued
070311tech-003 4.50 Van de Graaff Generator Dick's new purchase
070311tech-003 5.40 Van de Graaff Generator and dry air
070311tech-003 8.07 Dick's experiment with a neon light and a Van de Graaff Generator
070311tech-003 13.02 How to tune a Van de Graaff Generator
070311tech-003 18.11 Speed of a Van de Graaff Generator belt
070311tech-003 19.45 How a Van de Graaff Generator builds up a charge
070311tech-003 24.04 Why lighting zig zags
070311tech-003 26.10 A look at Tesla and Three Phase Power
070311tech-003 35.08 Van de Graaff Generator experiments with kids and popcorn
070311tech-003 42.07 Where to buy a Van de Graaff Generator
070311tech-003 48.32 Van de Graaff Generator experiments with kids and popcorn continued
070311tech-003 55.51 The importance of science demonstrations for students
070311tech-003 57.03 Hand-crank generators
070311tech-004 0.00 Spark Gap generator demonstrations
070311tech-004 6.12 Tesla Coil and Van de Graaff Generator kits
070311tech-004 9.45 Gyroscopes and torpedo guidance systems
070311tech-004 12.10 How two gyroscopes cancel each other out
070311tech-004 13.39 Spinning gyroscopes/Piano Hinge experiment
070311tech-004 16.49 Movement of a gyroscope's spin
070311tech-004 18.55 How gyroscopes guide torpedoes
070311tech-004 22.00 Make a 0 degree azimuth torpedo launch
070311tech-004 25.05 What drives a torpedo
070311tech-004 34.51 Do charged batteries bounce higher than expired ones?
070311tech-004 38.11 What drives a torpedo continued
070311tech-004 39.50 Can we send a man to Mars with all the consumables one human needs?
070311tech-004 47.33 Do charged batteries bounce higher than expired ones? Continued
070311tech-004 50.03 The difference is supplying electrons vs. pumping electrons


March 18, 2007 Show

070318tech-001 3.00 Changing gauges in open wire feed line
070318tech-001 6.15 Differences in a dipole and a ladder line folding dipole
070318tech-001 12.39 The current in the center of dipole antennas vs the ends of the dipole
070318tech-001 15.43 Where is the high current located in a folded dipole
070318tech-001 17.05 Does an inverted V have a vertical component to it?
070318tech-001 21.50 Lowering of a dipole and the effects of the angle of radiation.
070318tech-001 23.09 Antenna plotting and the horizon
070318tech-001 24.30 Shunt feeding a tower
070318tech-001 29.50 The aluminum top of the antenna and the effects on the low bands
070318tech-001 34.20 An RF ground vs. a DC ground
070318tech-001 35.30 The role of a gamma rod
070318tech-001 40.10 Mel's experiences with shunt feeding a tower
070318tech-002 0.00 Shunt feeding a tower and gamma rods continued
070318tech-002 2.00 How to make a broadband dipole and Antenna and Propagation Magazine article
070318tech-002 3.39 How 2m repeater's band plans and PLs are set up
070318tech-002 15.22 KDK2016 rig discussion
070318tech-002 19.25 Doppler Scanning Circuits and their front ends
070318tech-002 23.07 SPACE REPORT
070318tech-002 24.32 Russian spacesuit problems
070318tech-002 26.09 Hale storm damage report on shuttle
070318tech-002 27.51 Shuttle Solar Panel update
070318tech-002 31.07 Upcoming Mars Missions
070318tech-002 32.10 How panel rotators work
070318tech-002 33.46 Possible budget cuts for moon rover missions
070318tech-002 35.45 The Dawn Project for asteroid research
070318tech-002 37.22 Hubble repair mission update
070318tech-002 39.35 Mel's email update
070318tech-002 42.40 The top four antenna books ever published for hams
070318tech-002 43.10 The ARRL Antenna Book
070318tech-002 43.19 RG Johnson Antenna Engineering Handbook 3rd Edition
070318tech-002 46.00 RG Johnson Antenna Engineering Handbook 4th Edition
070318tech-002 47.09 John Krauss Antennas 3rd Edition
070318tech-002 48.33 Walt Maxwell Reflections
070318tech-002 50.11 Why SWR is severely misunderstood
070318tech-002 54.14 SWR misunderstanding when adding to existing feed line
070318tech-002 55.07 Story of Walt Maxwell, W2DU, the satellite and its dipole antenna
070318tech-003 0.11 More on Wlat Maxwell and
070318tech-003 1.40 Is it possible to direction find with an HT?
070318tech-003 5.10 Ground plain radials vs. ground rods
070318tech-003 6.41 Greating maximum proformance from ground radials
070318tech-003 7.13 Ground radials vs. a giant grid of wires - which will perform better?
070318tech-003 11.02 How current travels in radials
070318tech-003 13.30 Extending you ground plain radials into your neighbor's yard.
070318tech-003 16.09 What wires are used for ground plains
070318tech-003 20.07 Installing a vertical vs. horizontal antenna where the shack is near a metal warehouse
070318tech-003 30.11 Using a fan dipole
070318tech-003 31.33 Opinions using a loop antenna for HF
070318tech-003 32.15 Eggbeater antennas in horizontal polarization and digital dish tv TVI
070318tech-004 0.00 Continued - Eggbeater antennas in horizontal polarization and digital dish TV TVI
070318tech-004 4.09 Examining Eggbeater antenna height and placement
070318tech-004 4.58 Horizontal or Vertical location vs Co-location
070318tech-004 6.00 Digital TV unit front ends (or lack of)
070318tech-004 9.30 Can you detect RF leakage with a fluorescent bulb?
070318tech-004 12.06 How close can you place an Eggbeater 2 to a vertically polarized antenna?
070318tech-004 21.00 Problems with placing an M Squared antenna next to a vertical metallic structure
070318tech-004 23.20 Examining the proper mounting of an M Squared antenna loop
070318tech-004 28.30 Using a fluorescent bulb to measure 10m HT RF leakage
070318tech-004 32.00 What's more harmful - a cell tower or talking on a cell phone?
070318tech-004 34.12 Cell phone antenna on an apartment building safe for the top floor tenants?
070318tech-004 41.30 How to build and use an RF leakage sniffer
070318tech-004 47.30 When Dick had to use a Radiation Hazard Meter in an emergency
070318tech-004 51.00 The RF exposure secret on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building


March 25, 2007 Show

070325tech-001 2.35 Comparing the G5RV and the Carolina Windham
070325tech-001 9.01 Antenna patterns of a dipole
070325tech-001 10.15 Advantages of using multiple antennas
070325tech-001 14.58 The history of the Windham antenna
070325tech-001 16.50 The Balun used specifically for the Windham
070325tech-001 18.30 Why an inverted V may be better than a dipole
070325tech-001 21.54 Using a tuner on the G5RV
070325tech-001 24.30 Why the PL tone is turned off during The TechNet
070325tech-001 25.51 Why PL tones are used
070325tech-001 31.15 Update on shunt feeding towers
070325tech-001 32.23 Spacing radials for maximum performance
070325tech-001 35.45 The importance of radials for a vertical antenna
070325tech-001 38.03 The performance in using 120 radials
070325tech-002 0.00 Radials in the ground vs radials in the air
070325tech-002 2.03 Reactive and Resistance components of radials
070325tech-002 6.07 Continued- shunt feeding towers
070325tech-002 9.30 Collinear antennas and the Ringo Ranger antenna discussed
070325tech-002 11.49 Transmitter antenna radials and ground conductivity
070325tech-002 13.50 Communications Quarterly Fall 1991
070325tech-002 13.56 CQ article about using 1/10 radials through to 1 wavelength
070325tech-002 19.03 The longer the radials the less number of radials required?
070325tech-002 23.09 Mel's stress that the article is about ground vertical towers not short vertical antennas
070325tech-002 25.08 Changing factors when trying to make a tower tuned for 80m work on 160m
070325tech-002 28.40 The use of 20' x 20' copper screens
070325tech-002 29.50 The importance of stable base impediment reactance
070325tech-002 31.03 The bad ground conductivity on Long Island
070325tech-002 35.01 Changing the broadcast transmit power throughout a day
070325tech-002 39.05 The George Braun Story of the use of 120 radial standard
070325tech-002 43.51 Radio waves may travel faster than light
070325tech-002 45.13 Mounting a Log Periodic Antenna on a PVC pipe correct?
070325tech-002 48.01 Poorly designed switching power supplies and their noise
070325tech-002 50.09 The power supply built by Manfred Morthigwig (sp?)
070325tech-002 50.30 QST Dec 1999 and Jan 2000 article about Manfred's power supply
070325tech-002 54.20 Doug and Howie give examples of problem power supplies for repeaters
070325tech-002 56.04 Differences in quality of power supplies
070325tech-002 58.09 Installing and grounding an HF rig in a sailboat
070325tech-003 0.00 Continued - Installing and grounding an HF rig in a sailboat
070325tech-003 3.40 Antenna suggestions for sailboats
070325tech-003 9.10 Insurance considerations when attempting to ground a boat
070325tech-003 11.07 Checking the pH level of you antifreeze
070325tech-003 12.21 The philosophies on Broadcast power supplies
070325tech-003 15.50 Kenwood TS711 output power problem
070325tech-003 19.32 Performance of the Kenwood TS711
070325tech-003 21.40 Getting full output with the Henry 2002 amplifier
070325tech-003 24.38 Importance of measuring broken equipments' power supplies
070325tech-003 28.30 SPACE REPORT Space trivia with Paul
070325tech-003 34.09 Mel's email on shunt fed towers
070325tech-003 36.05 Shunt fed tower problems senerios
070325tech-003 38.11 HF RF exposure vs. VHF/UHF RF exposure
070325tech-003 41.09 Update on Bayville LI antenna mess
070325tech-003 44.09 Gamma matching, gamma rods, and RF radiation
070325tech-003 47.28 Mel's email rules
070325tech-003 52.00 How to properly put to use 1500 feet of 15g enamel wire
070325tech-003 54.49 Continued - space trivia questions
070325tech-004 0.00 Continued - space trivia questions
070325tech-004 1.30 Update on Mel's loop antennas
070325tech-004 3.21 Tuning and possible transmitting on Mel's indoor loop
070325tech-004 10.47 Performance between Mel's indoor and outdoor antennas
070325tech-004 11.48 The fate of Mel's variable capacitor on his loop
070325tech-004 13.30 The 2 types of Teflon
070325tech-004 15.03 The misunderstanding of antenna capture areas
070325tech-004 16.01 New antenna inventions are still happening over the 100 year old history of the dipole
070325tech-004 17.30 How Mel started with loop antennas
070325tech-004 20.48 The future of Mel's loop antenna
070325tech-004 23.20 The importance of the Antenna area relationship
070325tech-004 26.49 Continued - space trivia questions
070325tech-004 28.47 Guy's TVI interference problem solved
070325tech-004 30.10 Guy's MFJ dualband tuner (discontinued) and an old variable filter used to reduce TVI
070325tech-004 33.21 Guy's Kenwood TS2000 the culprit of the TVI?
070325tech-004 37.07 How Guy got his CF2 filter and the info from


April 1, 2007 Show

070401tech-001 3.36 Making a fox hole radio diode out of a razorblade and pencil lead
070401tech-001 13.40 Passive radio (crystal) predecessor of RF tag technology
070401tech-001 16.43 Bugs that use passive radio technology
070401tech-001 18.01 Antique Electric Supply (Tempe AZ) good source for old radio parts
070401tech-001 19.10 The pros and cons of using VOX
070401tech-001 25.07 Fresh water and the influence it has on angle of radiation
070401tech-001 27.30 Booster angle, conductivity, and dielectric constinence
070401tech-001 25.02 Interesting characteristics of water
070401tech-001 34.12 Using water as a waveguide dummy load
070401tech-001 38.07 What happens when you put a snowball in a microwave
070401tech-001 40.00 Government radar system (Raytheon) to take over ham 70cm band?
070401tech-001 50.42 Over the horizon (OTH) radar and how it uses high and low frequencies.
070401tech-002 0.00 Using a noise blanker to stop OTH signals
070401tech-002 2.17 The capability of an HT at 5W
070401tech-002 5.30 The filtering capabilities of an HT
070401tech-002 9.21 Phasing a vertically polarized dipole and a horizontally polarized dipole
070401tech-002 14.10 How to work a phase shifter with an antenna tuner
070401tech-002 18.01 Mel's phasing with a high SWR
070401tech-002 19.38 Can you phase two antennas with a Y connector?
070401tech-002 24.38 Phase shifting in HF vs VHF
070401tech-002 29.15 The advantages of using an Op Amp
070401tech-002 31.42 The advantages of adding a Q Multiplier
070401tech-002 34.49 Using the MFJ-1026 noise blanker
070401tech-002 37.38 The need to discuss noise blankers in depth on the TechNet
070401tech-002 39.09 Using a dual loop antenna with phasing equipment
070401tech-002 43.22 How Mel adjusts his receiving loop from PA to SC and removing thunder crashes
070401tech-002 46.06 Canceling out unwanted signals on broadcast towers using yagis
070401tech-002 50.16 Dick and Eric discuss the workings of a old cable company's antenna system
070401tech-003 0.00 Con't Dick and Eric discuss the workings of a old cable company's antenna system
070401tech-003 6.50 The effectiveness of multi-wavelength beverage antennas
070401tech-003 8.14 Yagis vs beverage antennas - which perform better
070401tech-003 12.26 Working stations in New Zealand using phase arrays
070401tech-003 14.31 Challenges with 75 meters in the summer
070401tech-003 15.50 How signals from parts all over the world are received in NJ
070401tech-003 20.54 How the D layer effects 75m signals
070401tech-003 25.39 How Florida is different on HF than other states
070401tech-003 28.31 The shortcomings of noise squashers
070401tech-003 31.51 The need for better noise squashing antennas
070401tech-003 36.13 Examining the design flaws of the MFJ-1026 noise squasher


April 8, 2007 Show

070408tech-001 5.00 Ameritron AL1500 amp plate tuning with 2 tubes and a grid current question
070408tech-001 14.20 Precautions when loading the Ameritron AL1500 for the 1st time on 10m
070408tech-001 17.38 What is a "double dip?"
070408tech-001 19.43 How Mel kept his homebrew amp cool with increased airflow
070408tech-001 21.03 The importance of good airflow for the Ameritron AL1500
070408tech-001 25.16 Does a coupler effect your signal in the coax
070408tech-001 27.50 Importance of fan placement to keep your rig cool.
070408tech-001 36.42 Mel's gives a good overview of his indoor loop antenna and construction


April 15, 2007 Show

070415tech-001 3.00 8877 RF Power amp overheating problem possibly the tank coil circuit
070415tech-001 6.15 Parasitic Oscillators
070415tech-001 7.10 What creates heating of a coil
070415tech-001 13.05 Locating the arch in the amplifier
070415tech-001 17.28 C1 arching vs. C2 arching
070415tech-001 26.09 Mel's example of a coil modification
070415tech-001 34.52 Tempo FMH-42 and finding out its transmitting crystals
070415tech-001 40.42 How to determine the length of a phasing line and impedance matching
070415tech-001 44.21 How delay plays a part in phased antennas
070415tech-002 0.00 An antenna array's phasing center
070415tech-002 4.30 Using different types of coax can result in different electronic lengths
070415tech-002 11.20 Operating a amp without its cage
070415tech-002 13.38 The importance of properly made silver-plated copper
070415tech-002 18.12 The effectiveness of using vacuum variable capacitors
070415tech-002 20.35 How silver bearing solder behaves
070415tech-002 24.13 How to measure the temperature of a circuit
070415tech-002 25.08 Using an infrared camera to measure the temperature of a circuit
070415tech-002 26.05 Infrared cameras and low light
070415tech-002 28.55 Praise for PBS's "MythBusters" show
070415tech-002 33.40 The real weight of a cubic meter of air
070415tech-002 38.13 The debate of the theory of flight
070415tech-002 43.02 SPACE REPORT - Shuttle delay due to hail storm damage
070415tech-002 45.45 The high cost of a citizen going into space
070415tech-002 48.19 The possibility of getting space sickness
070415tech-002 49.50 Confusion over dB's
070415tech-002 51.05 Continued - First TechNet Lesson on decibels
070415tech-003 0.00 First TechNet Lesson on decibels
070415tech-003 3.40 Examples of different sound levels
070415tech-003 7.00 Decibel Example #1 Using decibel measurements
070415tech-003 9.02 The different types of dB logs
070415tech-003 12.51 Using a calculator to compute dB logs
070415tech-003 14.51 Decibel Example #2 Using dBs with microphones and amps
070415tech-003 21.19 Decibel Example #3 dBs and voltage current ratios
070415tech-003 27.32 Decibel Example #4 Converting dBs back to ratios
070415tech-003 32.03 Horizontal scales, vertical scales and their relation to dBs and logs
070415tech-003 33.36 Recap of the all Decibels Examples 1 through 4


April 22, 2007 Show

070422tech-001 1.50 Choosing an antenna switch box
070422tech-001 5.02 Why 750 hardline could be one of the best deals around
070422tech-001 6.09 One cable vs. multiple cable connections with a switch box
070422tech-001 7.01 How to use a step relay
070422tech-001 9.51 How to find cheap 750 hardline
070422tech-001 12.45 How to install a "stinger" connector to 750 hardline
070422tech-001 19.19 Discussion - Passive Intermodulation (PIM)
070422tech-001 22.54 750 hardline with 70 ohms a problem to use?
070422tech-001 25.20 Whatever happened to channel 1 on TV?
070422tech-001 29.45 The Early Days of TV
070422tech-001 32.05 All about the Pilot 3" Channel 1 TV
070422tech-001 34.21 How early TVs were manufactured
070422tech-001 36.49 Antenna electronic phase shifting - revisited
070422tech-001 48.10 Heat from soldering iron may damage lithium backup battery
070422tech-002 0.00 The importance of using lithium backup batteries with tabs
070422tech-002 5.15 How lithium ion batteries behave
070422tech-002 8.40 The cost of replacing regular NiCads with Lithium Ion batteries
070422tech-002 10.15 SPACE REPORT Founder of Paypal next in space
070422tech-002 11.39 Recap of "Mythbusters" TV show and the theory of air lifting
070422tech-002 19.02 The strength of water pressure when a car submerged
070422tech-002 22.11 Why equalizing the pressure of the space stations doors is mandatory when docking
070422tech-002 28.02 Discussion - Problem with intermod on a 10m repeater - can a crystal filter fix it?
070422tech-002 33.39 How multi-stage harmonics behave
070422tech-002 38.10 The role that a limiter plays in intermod and harmonics
070422tech-002 47.10 Can Bee Colony Collapse Disorder be caused by cellphone RF?
070422tech-002 53.39 8877 amplifier tube filaments and their proper voltage drain
070422tech-002 58.19 How Collins rigs manage filament voltage
070422tech-003 0.00 Continued - How Collins rigs manage filament voltage
070422tech-003 19.50 Electronic spacing of vertical phase antennas
070422tech-003 25.06 SPACE REPORT con't Stephen Hawkings preparing for space travel
070422tech-003 34.26 2 antennas for the same band - only one is connected - how is the performance?
070422tech-003 38.58 How does antenna capture area effect 2 closely placed antennas?
070422tech-003 41.30 TechNet Decibel Example #5 from Mel's email
070422tech-003 48.15 TechNet Decibel Example #6 from Mel's email
070422tech-003 53.10 TechNet Decibel Example #7 Decibels and Noise Power
070422tech-004 0.00 Con't TechNet Decibel Example #7 Decibels and Noise Power
070422tech-004 13.10 SINAD tests and how they work
070422tech-004 17.40 How a good IF Strip effects SINAD test results
070422tech-004 22.57 Praise for LIMARC TechNet audio streaming and index system
070422tech-004 27.33 Four definitions of the Q in a resonant circuit
070422tech-004 29.19 Harold Wheeler's research of electronically small antenna arrays
070422tech-004 33.07 Mel's preview of TechNet Decibel Example #8 The Qs of dBs
070422tech-004 34.48 How to test someone if they are having a stroke
070422tech-004 36.42 The risk of using small indoor dipoles at high wattage
070422tech-004 43.17 Discussion of Dick's rule - "Antenna resonates then radiates"
070422tech-004 48.40 What comprises a Radiating System
070422tech-004 50.10 Discussion - Dick's research on tank units
070422tech-004 58.01 How far does a radio signal really travel?


April 29, 2007 Show

070429tech-001 0.00 Background and purpose of the TechNet
070429tech-001 3.48 now has the TechNet in streaming audio
070429tech-001 6.03 Praise for William Beaty's article "Philosophy of Electrical Engineering"
070429tech-001 7.32 Ameritron 8877 amplifier meter face plate replacement easy to do?
070429tech-001 9.56 The dangers of opening up a meter box
070429tech-001 15.40 How Mel opens up a meter box
070429tech-001 20.30 Triboelectric series problems with a meter
070429tech-001 22.51 The importance of measuring correct meter movement
070429tech-001 25.07 Suggestions for using graphics software to make new meter face
070429tech-001 26.50 QST article on using WordPerfect software to make new meter face
070429tech-001 29.03 Digital interpretations of analog meters
070429tech-001 31.09 Praise for Triplet & Simpson Volt Ohm Milliamp Meter
070429tech-001 32.11 Dick's 30K full scale volt meter that has no resistive loading
070429tech-001 47.47 Low output wattage on 6m - revisited
070429tech-001 49.02 Possible plate tank circuit behavior on VHF
070429tech-002 0.00 Continued - Possible plate tank circuit behavior on VHF
070429tech-002 3.15 Is a 2:1 or yet a 20:1 SWR really that bad?
070429tech-002 9.41 Input SWR vs Output SWR
070429tech-002 11.03 What is a Load Pulling Test
070429tech-002 14.38 Is a 3:1 SWR on a solid state rig good?
070429tech-002 17.00 QST article on converting the Heathkit SD200 and the SD220 to 6m
070429tech-002 18.08 Praise for William I Orr's (W6SAI) book West Coast Design 22nd Edit on TX circuits
070429tech-002 22.26 Using old toaster parts (Nicrome) for shunt material
070429tech-002 27.01 Shunting devices that measure high current
070429tech-002 30.32 Mel's email Advice needed for an 80m elevated radial antenna
070429tech-002 35.00 Difference between a vertical half-wave dipole and an elevated ground radial
070429tech-002 39.01 How tree branches effect RF transmission
070429tech-002 41.06 How does an elevated inverted L perform
070429tech-002 42.45 Techniques for Mechanically Shortening Antennas
070429tech-002 43.55 How does mechanically shortening antennas effect the Q factor
070429tech-002 47.35 Harold Wheeler's chapter in the Antenna Engineering Handwork on effects of the Q factor
070429tech-002 51.00 Krauss' "Infinitesible Dipole" and an antenna's capture area
070429tech-002 53.50 Is the bending over of the top wire a top loading capacitor or is it zigzagging
070429tech-002 57.16 Voltage of the radial tips and how tree branches effect its impedance
070429tech-002 58.09 Slope of radials and its effects on impedance
070429tech-003 0.00 Continued - Slope of radials and its effects on impedance
070429tech-003 11.52 SPACE REPORT - Stephen Hawkings 0 gforce ride
070429tech-003 14.15 Discovery of an earth-like planet 20 light years away
070429tech-003 16.30 The effeciency of today's solar panels
070429tech-003 21.50 Climb and recovery of parabolic orbits
070429tech-003 22.10 ESO in Chile and Manfred Mornhinwig
070429tech-003 24.13 The dry, dead soil in the Paranel Mountains
070429tech-003 26.29 The value of solar energy
070429tech-003 32.21 Enter GILESE581C on google to find info on earth-like planets
070429tech-003 40.01 Dick's 10Ghz equipment discussion
070429tech-003 42.55 Dead battery vs new battery - which has more electrons?
070429tech-003 49.16 The relation of air pressure and dialectric strength
070429tech-003 53.00 Dick's patent on his wide element Yagi
070429tech-003 55.38 TechNet Decibel Example #8 Q and Decibels
070429tech-004 0.00 Continued - TechNet Decibel Example #8 Q and Decibels
070429tech-004 3.40 TechNet Decibel Example #9 Open loop voltage gain of an op amp in dBs
070429tech-004 12.45 Measuring S parameter vectors
070429tech-004 15.20 Dealing with ratios and dBs
070429tech-004 21.15 Dicks colleague George Flanagan and his high-voltage circuits
070429tech-004 25.30 Cont - TechNet Decibel Example #9 Open loop voltage gain of an op amp in dBs
070429tech-004 29.12 Dick: There are no dumb questions
070429tech-004 31.05 What really is a radio wave?
070429tech-004 36.10 IEEE lecture on James Maxwell on May 30, 2007
070429tech-004 38.45 now has the TechNet in streaming audio
070429tech-004 40.15 The magic of propagation


May 6, 2007 Show

070506tech-001 0.00 K1JT's new digital mode redefines moon bounce QSOs
070506tech-001 6.23 End fed antennas for HF and the effects on sloping them
070506tech-001 10.50 What happens when you resonate an antenna of the wrong length?
070506tech-001 13.15 Where to place an impedance matching device
070506tech-001 17.21 The purpose of a line isolator
070506tech-001 19.01 Where to place a balun device on an end fed antenna
070506tech-001 21.57 The purpose of installing a stub
070506tech-001 25.40 Is there a magic length for a stub?
070506tech-001 35.00 "Shocking" video on high power line video
070506tech-001 53.57 Is it worth it to upgrade to a longer HT antenna?
070506tech-002 0.00 Con't Is it worth it to upgrade to a longer HT antenna?
070506tech-002 2.20 Icom IC218 problem with weak wire between BNC and TX board
070506tech-002 5.29 Mel suggests using solder wick for IC218-like repair
070506tech-002 7.18 Kenwood HF rig problem - no TX power below 24Mhz
070506tech-002 18.08 How relays work
070506tech-002 26.07 SPACE REPORT Photos of Jupiter's rings
070506tech-002 27.03 Earth-like planet found 10 light years away
070506tech-002 32.40 New Horizon satellite speed impressive
070506tech-002 33.10 The long time it takes to communicate with space satellites
070506tech-002 35.00 The advantages of raising ground plain radials
070506tech-002 38.35 Different results when placing the SWR at the antenna base vs. the at the rig
070506tech-003 0.00 Con't Different results when placing the SWR at the antenna base vs. the at the rig
070506tech-003 2.58 Expanding range using a meter to measure CW in the car
070506tech-003 5.29 Deep battery discharge article:
070506tech-003 10.00 Electric golf cart battery discharge
070506tech-003 14.19 Dynamic breaking by dropping magnets through metal pipes
070506tech-003 19.15 Discussion- current flow at the end of dipoles
070506tech-003 27.40 now has the TechNet in streaming audio
070506tech-003 30.16 Choosing the balance between antenna driven kilowatts and dB gain
070506tech-003 33.56 Refraction vs. super refraction
070506tech-003 36.15 Discussion - group delay distortion
070506tech-003 39.49 Monopole resistive components and reactive components
070506tech-003 46.51 K2RIW article on Yagi impedance matching
070506tech-003 58.51 Importance of a good antenna for QRP work
070506tech-004 0.00 Different ways a balun is used


May 20, 2007 Show

070520tech-001 3.55 N2EO's update on making a custom-made meter scale with Photoshop
070520tech-001 6.14 Transmitting on HF sets off Carbon Monoxide detector in home
070520tech-001 12.31 Line insulators and/or balun suggested for stopping the detector interference
070520tech-001 15.31 Guy-wire tower disasters
070520tech-002 0.00 Continued - Guy-wire tower disasters
070520tech-002 3.40 Dick's story of a 2 tower disaster
070520tech-002 5.23 Dick tells of the tallest tower ever erected
070520tech-002 8.35 SPACE REPORT - 6,000 lb consumable delivery sent to space station
070520tech-002 10.03 The importance of recycling consumables for long space travel
070520tech-002 17.55 How the earth successfully recycles everything
070520tech-002 19.29 Mel's email - Field Day preparation at Floyd Bennett Field
070520tech-002 22.51 The CCD Dipole - how its made and how it performs
070520tech-002 31.01's ad of the CCD dipole
070520tech-002 35.15 Staten Island 40m 36 radial vertical antenna problem-never performs as well as dipole
070520tech-002 54.15 How to feed a 40m dipole with 70 ohm hardline
070520tech-002 57.15 All about working with Stinger connectors
070520tech-003 0.00 Continued - All about working with Stinger connectors
070520tech-003 2.55 How to mechanically connect 750 hardline to a dipole
070520tech-003 17.08 Making your own Heathkit-like Dummy Load
070520tech-003 18.51 How to build a Cantenna
070520tech-003 19.58 The MFJ-250 Dummy Load that uses transmission fluid
070520tech-003 24.01 Good Dummy Load article located on Ham radio Magazine June 1979
070520tech-003 33.25 Fluke multimeter leads - where to buy?
070520tech-003 35.02 Popular electronic stores located on Long Island that has handicapped parking too
070520tech-003 38.10 Where to program a Motorola GP300
070520tech-003 46.11 now has the TechNet in streaming audio
070520tech-003 52.04 Air powered car discussion
070520tech-003 53.03 has info on the City-CAT car
070520tech-004 0.00 Continued - has info on the City-CAT car
070520tech-004 5.32 Overview of the battery-powered car from Tesla Motors
070520tech-004 9.10 Air compressed cars vs. battery powered cars
070520tech-004 11.45 Air tank explosion concerns


May 27, 2007 Show

070527tech-001 3.15 Amtron 99 10m vertical problem - ham needs better reception
070527tech-001 11.10 Amtron 99 10m vertical problem - QTH surrounded by warehouse
070527tech-001 13.53 Guidelines for installing guy wires
070527tech-001 16.52 Love/Hate reviews of the Ringo Ranger
070527tech-001 18.30 Adding ground plane radials to the Amtron 99 necessary?
070527tech-001 25.38 Specs of the Amtron 99
070527tech-001 28.40 Making a vertical out of 2 CB whip antennas
070527tech-001 33.01 Importance of good SWR and antenna height
070527tech-001 40.03 Ham problem - 11 element Yagi and need for better SWR
070527tech-001 42.04 History of Yagi research
070527tech-001 44.09 has good article by K2RIW about getting 1:1 SWR on a Yagi
070527tech-001 49.49 Do you need a good SWR on your driver before adding the elements?
070527tech-001 52.01 Importance of following a Yagi designer's assembly instructions
070527tech-002 0.00 Dick's favorite Yagi designs
070527tech-002 1.03 Precautions of aluminum oxide forming on Yagi elements
070527tech-002 3.02 VHF vertical transmission, VHF horizontal transmission, and cross polarization
070527tech-002 7.11 HF vertical transmission, HF horizontal transmission, and cross polarization
070527tech-002 8.55 The role of Faraday Rotation
070527tech-002 12.45 Designs for building a 2m collapsible Yagi with a PVC pipe
070527tech-002 15.01 PVC pipe vs aluminum tubing for a Yagi's boom
070527tech-002 20.40 "High Performance Yagis" - good article in the ARRL Antenna Book 19th Edition
070527tech-002 26.47 discussion - revisited
070527tech-002 28.38 Examination of the CCD antenna
070527tech-002 31.01 Examination of the CCD antenna's gain
070527tech-002 35.41 Examination of the CCD antenna's SWR
070527tech-002 38.08 Examination of the CCD antenna's current
070527tech-002 42.40 Examination of the CCD antenna's performance
070527tech-002 44.01 Seabeck's Yagi side-lobe claims
070527tech-002 48.25 Examination of the StepIR antenna
070527tech-002 51.51 Stories how dipoles drastically outperform a verticals
070527tech-003 0.00 Con't - Stories how dipoles drastically outperform a verticals
070527tech-003 2.38 antenna examined
070527tech-003 16.10 The Hertzian's dipole "Performance for the Buck"
070527tech-003 17.39 New attractions at Floyd Bennett Field
070527tech-003 19.00 Mel shares responses to his loop antenna
070527tech-003 21.00 Dick's experience with a 1Ghz dipole
070527tech-003 22.19 Dick: A simple dipole isn't that simple
070527tech-003 28.00 Voyager's transmissions from beyond Pluto
070527tech-003 30.10 Voyager's transmitter examined
070527tech-003 35.39 How a radio and TV wave travels through deep space
070527tech-003 40.15 Drake's equations for extraterrestrial life
070527tech-003 42.00 Why haven't we've been contacted yet by ETs?
070527tech-003 45.20 The large scale of the universe
070527tech-003 49.30 The practicality and effectiveness of SETI research
070527tech-003 56.46 Remote external antenna tuners - better than tuners in the shack?
070527tech-004 0.00 Con't - Remote external antenna tuners - better than tuners in the shack?
070527tech-004 3.05 Phasing Yagis and how to power divide
070527tech-004 9.55 How to feed a driven element
070527tech-004 16.03 The fundamentals of circular polarization
070527tech-004 27.27 Combining cables for proper time delay


June 3, 2007 Show

070603tech-001 1.24 Going into detail with Simplex
070603tech-001 2.40 Using repeaters vs using simplex
070603tech-001 4.45 About the Long Island 147.575 Simplex Club
070603tech-001 5.35 Simplex on the HF bands
070603tech-001 8.19 All about cross banding
070603tech-001 15.01 Operation a 10m repeater in the NYC metro area
070603tech-001 16.45 The history of 10m repeaters
070603tech-001 18.35 Background on remote bases
070603tech-001 25.15 Looking back at popular sunspot cycles
070603tech-001 27.55 Advantages of a SSB repeater
070603tech-001 29.02 Issues with SSB repeaters
070603tech-001 31.05 Frequency errors with SSB repeaters
070603tech-001 35.00 FCC regulations using broadband repeaters on the 20m band
070603tech-001 37.05 Why 6m is called the "magic" band
070603tech-001 38.05 How rain scatter was used on 10Ghz
070603tech-001 40.30 Problem - can't reach a lot of 900Mhz repeaters
070603tech-001 43.06 Mod issues of a commercial 800Mhz Kenwood rig to 900Mhz
070603tech-001 47.07 900 Mhz ham band vs the 1200Mhz ham band
070603tech-001 49.48 SPACE REPORT - Exoplanet article in Sky and Telescope Magazine
070603tech-001 51.56 New types of very large telescopes
070603tech-001 55.20 NASA plans to put permanent base on the moon
070603tech-001 57.05 Placing an amateur radio station the moon
070603tech-001 58.10 How a ham moon station will change the landscape of moonbouncing
070603tech-002 0.00 Con't - The future of moonbouncing
070603tech-002 7.07 The security of mounbounce transmissions vs. using the internet
070603tech-002 9.30 The odds of a moonbounce station attack
070603tech-002 10.50 Using the back side of the moon for astronomy equipment
070603tech-002 12.51 The status of the Space Elevator project
070603tech-002 14.02 Reflections by Mel and Dick
070603tech-002 18.08 The story of the man who tightroped across the WTC towers
070603tech-002 24.03 The importance of antenna height above the tree lines
070603tech-002 26.05 HF antenna height performance vs. VHF antenna height performance
070603tech-002 33.50 MELS EMAIL 01 - TAK-antenna skeptics
070603tech-002 37.50 Dick responds with Krause's article on the "Infinitessible Dipole"
070603tech-002 45.51 MELS EMAIL 02 What is the definition of a Linear Loading Dipole
070603tech-002 48.19 What effects the gain of an antenna?
070603tech-002 54.03 MELS EMAIL 03 Has Mel made a 40m version of his loop?
070603tech-002 56.50 40m loop performance vs Mel's 80m loop performance
070603tech-002 58.00 Using the heat test to measure your antenna's performance
070603tech-003 0.00 Cont - Using the heat test to measure your antenna's performance
070603tech-003 3.15 Is the TAK-antenna circular polarized?
070603tech-003 8.15 Can you stack the TAK-antenna?
070603tech-003 14.45 Can you phase the TAK-antenna?
070603tech-003 20.00 Getting the Yagi Phenomenon with the TAK-antenna
070603tech-003 25.50 Examining stacking with the Stepp-IR antenna
070603tech-003 29.30 Creative ways to position the TAK-antenna
070603tech-003 34.00 How will Mel's loop work transmitting outside?
070603tech-003 39.21 What will the performance of Mel's dipole on the tower vs. his loop outside
070603tech-003 47.02 The lack of loop information in the ARRL antenna book
070603tech-003 52.39 Mel defends his loop antenna design
070603tech-003 55.21 Barry N2MB discusses a canceling scenario using 2 vertical dipoles


June 10, 2007 Show

070610tech-001 2.38 Speed of a radio wave
070610tech-001 6.04 How different wavelengths behave
070610tech-001 7.05 How empty space plays a role in light waves
070610tech-001 8.30 How does a wave get from point A to point B
070610tech-001 12.18 The puzzling aspect of Apollo 15's one way wave path from the moon
070610tech-001 14.15 Particle properties vs. wave properties
070610tech-001 16.05 Why magnetism is a mystery
070610tech-001 17.49 What is the speed of magnetism?
070610tech-001 19.00 The relationship between magnetism and radio waves
070610tech-001 21.10 Free space as a resistor
070610tech-001 23.11 Past techniques of measuring the speed of light
070610tech-001 27.37 Mel and Dick examine a black hole
070610tech-001 28.58 What is escape velocity?
070610tech-001 30.00 More questions about black holes
070610tech-001 35.11 Theories of what causes a gamma ray burst
070610tech-001 37.40 Gamma ray bursts in relation to cosmic rays
070610tech-001 38.55 Light waves vs. radio waves
070610tech-001 41.20 What is the medium substance that waves travel through
070610tech-001 47.00 What is the real color of our sky?
070610tech-001 49.13 Do neutron waves travel as fast as light?
070610tech-002 0.00 What are neutrinos and how do they travel?
070610tech-002 7.30 Does coiling up a coax effect it's performance?
070610tech-002 10.26 Are we allowed to communicate with the shuttle astronauts?
070610tech-002 17.20 SPACE REPORT with Paul WS2N - 75 ohm hardline article in QST June 2007 p.53
070610tech-002 18.31 The future of hardline in the wake of fiber optics
070610tech-002 20.11 Review of recent shuttle lift off
070610tech-002 22.11 Upcoming shuttle and space station projects
070610tech-002 28.32 website good source for NASA info
070610tech-002 30.09 Watching the earth and thunderstorms from space on NASA TV
070610tech-002 33.01 Email responses to Mel's loop antenna performance
070610tech-002 38.39 TAK-antenna variations
070610tech-002 41.31 Antenna article by John Krause - good information on effective, compact dipoles
070610tech-002 45.45 Efficient antenna radiation
070610tech-002 52.09 Nice TechNet feedback at HOSARC Ham fest
070610tech-002 57.15 Dick's most recent consulting project
070610tech-002 59.39 MEL'S EMAIL 01 - 3.8 Mhz, microhenrys, and coil formula question
070610tech-003 0.00 Cont. MEL'S EMAIL 01 - 3.8 Mhz, microhenrys, and coil formula question
070610tech-003 6.15 What role Pico farads play in the formula
070610tech-003 12.30 How calculators have different displays for formulas
070610tech-003 14.31 History of HP calculators in Europe and the US
070610tech-003 17.37 Dick praises the discontinued HP28S
070610tech-003 20.29 The HP28S vs other scientific calculators
070610tech-003 22.40 Reverse polish notation explained
070610tech-003 24.34 Using reverse polish notation with Mels 3.8 Mhz email question
070610tech-003 28.43 The HP28S vs other scientific calculators revisited
070610tech-003 43.15 Batteries that are used with scientific calculators
070610tech-003 47.25 How Lionel train whistle car works with transformers
070610tech-003 55.01 Making transformer measurements with a multimeter
070610tech-004 0.00 Con't Making transformer measurements with a multimeter
070610tech-004 3.01 Powering relays through a remote
070610tech-004 4.10 A look at Thomas Edison's lab and his philosophy
070610tech-004 7.20 good website for HP Calculator Emulators
070610tech-004 9.34 MEL'S EMAIL 02 Measuring Q
070610tech-004 11.07 Using Grid Dip Meters to measure Q
070610tech-004 15.15 What determines a Q of a coil?
070610tech-004 22.01 Measuring Q with a grid dip meter with two coils
070610tech-004 27.01 Dick and Mel explain the Q Formula
070610tech-004 30.19 The growth of dip meters into network analyzers
070610tech-004 38.22 Why the need for adjusting tunnel diodes
070610tech-004 43.09 MFJ sells a "poor man's" network analyzer
070610tech-004 47.05 The need for hands-on experience to build a foundation of knowledge
070610tech-004 53.40 LIMARC will be offering TechNet thru IRLP repeaters
070610tech-004 55.56 Echolink vs IRLP
070610tech-004 1.01.43 MRF889 150W combinable transistor
070610tech-004 1.03.59 ECTA amplifiers - why they are a good deal
070610tech-004 1.05.11 Snow flaking explained


June 17, 2007 Show

070617tech-001 0.00 Already in progress - MFJ antenna relays examined
070617tech-001 2.26 Advantages of have multiple transmission lines
070617tech-001 7.14 How reliable are antenna relays?
070617tech-001 14.32 210 Exoplanet now found
070617tech-001 16.12 Dick received his new "Antenna Engineering Handbook"
070617tech-001 18.14 How well is the performance using a 430Mhz-450Mhz Yagi for 454Mhz
070617tech-001 23.30 What to test when changing a beach municipality antenna's system
070617tech-002 0.00 Con't What to test when changing a beach municipality antenna's system
070617tech-002 7.45 Liability considerations when hams volunteer assistance
070617tech-002 17.45 The ins and outs of the Good Samaritan Law
070617tech-002 26.05 The fun in placing a video camera on top of your tower
070617tech-002 27.30 SPACE REPORT with Paul WS2N
070617tech-002 28.03 Recent repairs on the space station and shuttle
070617tech-002 31.45 Computer and power supply repairs on the shuttle
070617tech-002 35.00 Panel repairs on the space station
070617tech-002 38.00 Shuttle landing locations throughout the globe
070617tech-002 39.10 Upgrading The Rover intelligence through software upgrades
070617tech-002 43.05 The trouble with Opportunity's right front wheel
070617tech-002 45.45 Mel's tells about his camera atop his tower
070617tech-002 49.58 MELS EMAIL 01 - Praise for TechNet's explanation of the Q formula
070617tech-002 50.51 MELS EMAIL 02 - Which to use - a tower antenna or a simple loop?
070617tech-002 51.50 VHF antenna requirements vs. HF antenna requirements
070617tech-002 54.13 The importance of antenna adaptability
070617tech-002 56.09 Testing of Mel's loop antenna vs. his tower antenna
070617tech-003 0.00 Con't Test results of Mel's loop and the 80m tower antenna
070617tech-003 1.15 How polarization plays a role in antenna tests
070617tech-003 2.58 Mel's evaluation of the HF bands for field day
070617tech-003 6.09 Details for Field Day at Floyd Bennett Field Airport
070617tech-003 8.51 MELS EMAIL 03 Examining the specs of HF log periodic antennas
070617tech-003 13.20 Evaluating side lobes of log periodics
070617tech-003 15.31 Interpreting side lobe data
070617tech-003 18.10 Interpreting advertised antenna specs
070617tech-003 21.20 Mel's reads giant HF periodic antenna specs
070617tech-003 23.50 Drawbacks of spending a lot of money on a new hobby
070617tech-003 26.50 Why not many hams use HF log periodics
070617tech-003 31.15 Past TechNet topics can be found on
070617tech-003 32.06 MELS EMAIL 04 - What antenna to make to reach Antarctica on 40m
070617tech-003 38.19 Comparing the Antarctica antenna design to a suspension bridge
070617tech-003 41.50 MELS EMAIL 05 - Limitation of gain of Yagi antennas
070617tech-003 44.45 What's better on HF - vertical antennas or horizontal antennas?
070617tech-003 48.50 Examining the 4 Hygain 14AVQ vertical antennas placed in a phased array?
070617tech-003 53.28 Will Mel build a 40m loop antenna?
070617tech-003 56.40 Measuring dBi in relation to isotropic measurements
070617tech-004 0.00 Measuring dB gain using a four square antenna
070617tech-004 2.30 Electronic steering a four square antenna
070617tech-004 5.52 Successful contesting with a four square antenna
070617tech-004 9.50 Testing coils for dissipation
070617tech-004 13.30 How to test RF step attenuators without running RF through them
070617tech-004 15.11 Book - Reference Data for Radio Engineers - good source on attenuators
070617tech-004 23.23 MELS EMAIL 06 - Is it worth to take down WA9HUZ parabolic dishes?
070617tech-004 28.45 Why it's not practical to use a dish on 440Mhz
070617tech-004 29.50 Tips on screen patching a dish
070617tech-004 33.07 Examining different sizes of TVRO dishes
070617tech-004 36.15 Which performs better - parabolic dishes or Yagis?
070617tech-004 38.21 The performance of loop Yagis
070617tech-004 39.50 A look at Andrew amps, antennas, and cables
070617tech-004 43.30 The risk of taking down dishes off towers
070617tech-004 45.33 Examination of the W3AD blowtorch Yagi
070617tech-004 48.15 The research of Dr. Reed Fisher W2CQH
070617tech-004 51.15 Different ways of building Yagi power dividers
070617tech-004 57.01 The research of Dr. Reed Fisher W2CQH revisited
070617tech-005 0.00 Limitations of 70 ohm CATV hardline
070617tech-005 2.43 How to connect multiple antennas
070617tech-005 3.30 W2IMU Tech Notes - good source for EME info
070617tech-005 4.23 K2UYH website has info in getting to W2IMU Tech Notes
070617tech-005 6.22 - good source on phased array info
070617tech-005 10.03 The durability of 1296Mhz Yagis


June 24, 2007 Show

070624tech-001 3.20 When two fan dipoles are placed near each other
070624tech-001 7.15 What happens when you shorten a dipole
070624tech-001 8.02 What happens when you lengthen a dipole
070624tech-001 10.21 Discussion on impedance matching and the use of baluns
070624tech-001 15.20 Is a 2:1 SWR really that bad?
070624tech-001 20.42 Using 400 ohm twin lead - what length do you use?
070624tech-001 23.02 Using 400 ohm twin lead - the pros and cons
070624tech-001 25.15 The effectiveness of using a stub as a variable capacitor
070624tech-001 30.00 How the design of the basic dipole challenges engineers
070624tech-001 32.00 What effects ohms in a closed loop?
070624tech-001 33.20 The importance of accurate scaling of antennas
070624tech-001 39.35 Examining M Square Loop performance
070624tech-001 42.31 Choosing circumference for an omni pattern
070624tech-001 45.10 W6SAI: "Horizontal polarization is better for Dxing"
070624tech-001 46.39 The Texas Longhorn antenna is examined
070624tech-001 48.31 Where does one find N connectors for 750 hardline?
070624tech-001 49.31 Popular HF mobile antennas used in the 1960's and 1970's
070624tech-001 53.04 Issues when stacking small antennas in close proximity
070624tech-001 56.10 Reviewing the Hula-hoop and Cloverleaf antennas
070624tech-002 2.18 The benefit of using a network analyzer
070624tech-002 4.53 The shortcomings of antenna modeling techniques
070624tech-002 6.58 Is grounding necessary for a marine antenna?
070624tech-002 9.01 The confusion over a balanced antenna's performance
070624tech-002 12.08 How a half-wave antenna is a balanced antenna
070624tech-002 18.01 Different ways to feed a half wave dipole
070624tech-002 22.19 April May 1972 QST good source for Henry amps and half wave plate circuit resonators
070624tech-002 32.31 2007 Field Day recap with Dick
070624tech-002 33.40 2007 Field Day recap with Mel
070624tech-002 36.22 Praise for Floyd Bennett Field for holding events
070624tech-002 42.41 All about heat sinks
070624tech-002 45.03 What is radiant heat?
070624tech-002 47.10 Review of the 2007 Yonker's Field Day
070624tech-002 48.31 Should your rig's fan push or pull the air away from its heat sink?
070624tech-002 54.35 SPACE REPORT- The recent landing of the shuttle at Edwards AFB
070624tech-003 0.00 SPACE REPORT cont Trips planned to orbit two asteroids by 2011
070624tech-003 4.13 How solar winds effect the space station's panels
070624tech-003 6.35 What role gyros play in the space station
070624tech-003 12.04 MELS EMAIL 01 - Quadrature hybrid phased arrays for HF
070624tech-003 16.10 Howe's "Stripline Techniques" and the "Antenna Engineering HB" good source for hybrids
070624tech-003 17.40 "Phased Array Techniques" 3 Vol set - good source info on hybrids
070624tech-003 18.00 Henry Keen's W2CTK "Hybrids and Couplers" another good for hybrids
070624tech-003 20.15 Dick's story when he worked with Henry Keen
070624tech-003 23.05 Phased array antenna techniques and steering - Krause's "Antennas" good source
070624tech-003 25.48 "Antenna Engineering Handbook" by RG Johnson and John Volakis good source for hybrids
070624tech-003 27.45 Mel recalls Henry Keen
070624tech-003 30.50 Different terms used for Quadrature hybrids
070624tech-003 37.02 The Wimshurst High Voltage Generator discussed
070624tech-003 42.33 MELS EMAIL 02 - Building a bowtie antenna for 80m - is it worth it?
070624tech-003 46.15 A look at older bowtie antenna models
070624tech-003 52.10 Using bamboo and galvanized wire to make bowtie antennas
070624tech-003 60.01 The use of galvanized wire in ham radio
070624tech-003 64.10 Bowtie antennas revisited
070624tech-003 69.45 KC2QIQ shares how he built a bowtie antenna for 20m, 40m, and 80m


July 1, 2007 Show

070701tech-001 0.00 Already in progress - Diagnosing Telephone RFI problems
070701tech-001 10.01 Ending interference to a smoke detector
070701tech-001 13.11 Why having an ALC circuit is important when running high power
070701tech-001 15.15 Mel and Dick examine the rig setup regarding the telephone RFI problem
070701tech-001 20.01 Mel and Dick offer solutions to the telephone RFI problem
070701tech-001 26.02 Where to buy telephone RFI filters
070701tech-001 35.30 and Radios Shack good sources for RFI filters
070701tech-001 38.21 Dick tells of the "Three Vector Effect" - an undesired signal coming from 3 directions
070701tech-001 41.33 KE2EJ Eric explains how broadcast TV shows are programmed by remote computer
070701tech-001 45.20 KC2MPY Charlie: What's better - a j-pole at 25' or a beam at 15'? See reel 003 35.15
070701tech-001 50.55 The "12dB per degree" rule explained
070701tech-001 53.24 Dick explains "Bistatic Radar Gain Phenomenon" and "Creeping Wave Phenomenon"
070701tech-001 59.30 How DSL filters work
070701tech-002 0.00 How to tune a Yagi without touching all the other elements
070701tech-002 1.59 "Yagi Impendance Matching" article good source for yagi tuning
070701tech-002 6.10 SPACE REPORT - Opportunity is now at the Victoria Crator
070701tech-002 10.31 Problems now with the oil getting Oportunity's wheel
070701tech-002 12.51 Victoria Crator landscape daunting
070701tech-002 15.58 good source for Oportunity and Spirit updates
070701tech-002 16.55 Dawn spacecraft is scheduled to launch on 7/7/7 to the asteroid belt
070701tech-002 19.50 good source for new earth asteroids
070701tech-002 24.10 Do we have to blow up near earth asteroids?
070701tech-002 27.05 NASA is not prepared for an emergency deployment to stop an asteroid
070701tech-002 39.30 Tungusta is last alledged large meteor to hit the earth
070701tech-002 45.40 400 tons of space natural debris falls on the earth each year
070701tech-002 46.09 Ther have been five major extintions recorded in earth's history
070701tech-002 50.30 now received good feedback for TechNet streaming audio
070701tech-002 52.38 Uses of Rubidium for keeping time
070701tech-002 57.11 An examination of unpredictable probablity
070701tech-003 0.00 We may be too reliant on the small number of past extinction events to predict future
070701tech-003 2.46 Dick going deeper into the Law of Probability i.e. stock market, roulette wheels, casinos
070701tech-003 11.45 Dick explains the "Central Limit Theorem"
070701tech-003 17.10 Techniques to prove oscillator accuracy
070701tech-003 18.02 Why pulsars aren't used for keeping time
070701tech-003 20.04 MELS EMAIL 01-Ways to determine the quality of used coax line
070701tech-003 30.15 Mel tells how to use an antenna analyzer to test the quality of coax
070701tech-003 35.15 KC2MPY Charlie: shares the result of his jpole/yagi question from reel 001 45.20
070701tech-003 39.01 KC2MPY Charlie explains how he built his plumber's delight Yagi
070701tech-003 39.53 How to care for copper antennas
070701tech-003 42.04 How copper oxide effects antenna performance
070701tech-003 45.00 Home Depot good source for cheap left-over copper tubing
070701tech-003 46.06 Why Dick likes to build antennas with aluminum tubing
070701tech-003 51.55 MELS EMAIL 02 - What can hams do on the 300Ghz band?
070701tech-003 57.11 The changing definition of the term "microwave band"
070701tech-003 57.40 Dick looks back at the work of Ed Tilton W1HDQ
070701tech-004 0.00 Misconceptions of microwave radio radiation
070701tech-004 2.10 Throughout history hams were given the higher frequencies and made use of them
070701tech-004 3.45 Solid State Power Amps (SSPAs) show great promise in the microwave band
070701tech-004 10.25 KE2EJ Eric tells of two examples of extreme RF exposure
070701tech-004 14.38 KE2EJ Eric gives the status of WCBS's antenna construction
070701tech-004 17.00 Multipath - US standards compared to European standards
070701tech-004 27.25 MELS EMAIL 03 - What is a W2FMI - MTU box?
070701tech-004 29.31 Different ways to feed a dipole
070701tech-004 33.40 Mel explains how to use the W2FMI-MTU box
070701tech-004 35.11 How impedance relates to antenna height
070701tech-004 36.11 The challenges of a new ham and what the new ham should do about it
070701tech-004 43.40 MELS EMAIL 04 - Are baluns necessary for dipoles? Can you make your own balun?
070701tech-004 49.10 ARRL's "Radio Amateurs Handbook" has good charts on reactance and inductance
070701tech-004 51.56 How to notch out 2Mhz on a 902Mhz band repeater
070701tech-005 0.00 Con't - How to notch out 2Mhz on a 902Mhz band repeater
070701tech-005 10.05 Ceramic filters - do they solve all of the problems?
070701tech-005 12.55 What is a Constant Impedance Filter?
070701tech-005 14.46 Mixer ports, oscillators, and padding are discussed
070701tech-005 16.45 Preview of next weeks email: 1/4 wave ground plane antennas


July 8, 2007 Show

070708tech-001 2.20 TenTec Omni 7 double roofing filters - what happens when noise hits the DSP?
070708tech-001 8.15 Can the Joe Taylor, K1JT software handle voice EME transmissions?
070708tech-001 11.14 The characteristics of FM's "crashing effect"
070708tech-001 14.48 Mel explains what a roofing filter does
070708tech-001 19.50 Dick: Noise vs Noise
070708tech-001 25.50 How band pass filters (BPF) work with leakage
070708tech-001 27.10 The performance of a 30 Pole Filter
070708tech-001 34.09 The "Widrow Algorithm" and phased array antennas
070708tech-001 36.07 The two forms of DSP and how they work
070708tech-001 37.07 An explanation of what IF DSP is
070708tech-001 39.10 Sampling, bit size, and the demands on the microprocessor
070708tech-001 41.50 Explanation of Signal to Noise Ratio Discrimination
070708tech-001 44.16 The design challenges of band pass filters
070708tech-002 0.00 Con't The design challenges of band pass filters
070708tech-002 0.19 Mel and Dick explain how 16 bit sampling rate and DSP work together
070708tech-002 5.11 Success story from 070701-001 00:00 Telephone RFI problem issue
070708tech-002 8.08 The low quality of low quality non-amphanol right angle connectors
070708tech-002 9.15 Non-amphanol connectors and their performance on microwave bands
070708tech-002 10.58 The unfounded fear of insertion loss interference
070708tech-002 14.01 What is the maximum power a SO-239 can handle at 30Mhz?
070708tech-002 18.09 The limits of an SMA connector at high power at 15Ghz
070708tech-002 19.20 Different ways to remove enamel from copper wire
070708tech-002 23.23 Dick and Mel describe a fine grade wire with green melt able insulation
070708tech-002 24.30 Auto body paint thinner that can be used for enamel removal
070708tech-002 34.00 SPACE REPORT - Is there global warming on Mars?
070708tech-002 38.45 Is the solar constant constant?
070708tech-002 43.03 Dawn space launch delayed
070708tech-002 43.50 Examining the specs of the Dawn spacecraft
070708tech-002 47.30 Next shuttle launch STS118 Teacher in Space mission - NASA's second try
070708tech-002 51.29 Trivia Question by N2EO Who played one of the senior astronauts in "Deep Impact"
070708tech-002 57.35 Nova's "Science Now" on WLIW-TV good show on near earth asteroids
070708tech-002 58.53 MELS EMAIL 01 - "The QRP Special" antenna's 4:1 balun - why does it have it?
070708tech-003 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 01 - "The QRP Special" antenna's 4:1 balun - why does it have it?
070708tech-003 1.40 The role of a balun
070708tech-003 3.10 Different ways RF is fed into a dipole
070708tech-003 9.25 Why a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna near the ground is not the bet way to go.
070708tech-003 9.50 WB2HWW: Can you feed an inverted V at the correct angle with a 50 ohm cable?
070708tech-003 12.37 A reactance error will hurt a lot faster than resistance error
070708tech-003 18.55 How to calculate the reflection coefficient magnitude
070708tech-003 20.49 What capacitors hats do for a dipole
070708tech-003 28.15 Mel explains the workings of the "QRP Special" antenna
070708tech-003 32.31 Dick and Mel examine the miss match of the "QRP Special" antenna
070708tech-003 44.12 WB2HWW: What is an inverted V's radiating pattern?
070708tech-003 48.15 Comparing a turnstile antenna to 2 inverted Vs placed at 90 degrees
070708tech-003 51.30 What is polarization agility?
070708tech-003 54.50 Dick suggests ways to test the performance WB2HWW Howie's inverted V
070708tech-004 0.00 Con't Dick suggests ways to test the performance WB2HWW Howie's inverted V
070708tech-004 1.50 Scratching the surface of Polar Symmetry
070708tech-004 3.10 Advertising claims are questioned in "10m Delta Loop" ad
070708tech-004 4.42 MELS EMAIL 02 - Clarification re the Smith Chart 90 ohm resistance 160 capacitor
070708tech-004 12.46 Matched loss in a transmission line explained
070708tech-004 20.42 MELS EMAIL 03 - Isotron 40m antenna- How well is its bandwidth and VSWR?
070708tech-004 25.36 Does coax separate the forward signal and the reverse signal?
070708tech-004 28.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 03- Ham claims Isotron's low efficiency - Dick disagrees
070708tech-004 34.40 MELS EMAIL 04 - The myth of a bare wire dipole outperforming an insulated dipole
070708tech-004 41.00 MELS EMAIL 05 - How many radials do you need to get on the air?
070708tech-004 44.50 The difficulty comparing 2 or more antennas in 2 different locations and time
070708tech-004 49.22 N2EO, Rich, Open wire line with a tuner gives best results
070708tech-004 53.07 Rotation of Polarization and The Faraday Effect is regularly overlooked.
070708tech-004 55.00 Polarization steering is also often overlooked
070708tech-004 65.03 The most important parts of a transmitter


July 15, 2007 Show

070715tech-001 0.00 "ARRL Antenna Handbook" good source for a lot of 2m antenna designs
070715tech-001 5.00 An interesting look at 2m SSB
070715tech-001 6.00 Dick shares his experiences on 2M polarization
070715tech-001 11.19 Kenwood maybe discontinuing ham line
070715tech-001 13.05 Suggestions for buying a 2m rig that's user friendly
070715tech-001 16.15 Icom IC218 - a good value in handy talkies
070715tech-001 19.34 Mel gives his opinion of his Icom 718 HF rig
070715tech-001 22.50 WB2HWW, Howie, suggests using a friends rig to better evaluate rigs
070715tech-001 25.01 Dick suggests visiting field day sites to evaluate models
070715tech-001 29.20 Advantages of being rigs that are in need of repair
070715tech-001 30.25 Why Dick loves his old Kenwood TS711A 2m all-mode rig
070715tech-001 32.42 A simple dipole outperforms 80-90% of antennas used
070715tech-001 36.29 How to make a multiband fan dipole and how to test it
070715tech-001 40.35 How to take advantage of being in an apartment building to install an antenna
070715tech-001 46.01 The Space Elevator Project will be on WLIW "Nova Science Now" 8pm 7/19/2007
070715tech-001 46.02 The Space Elevator Project will be on WNET "Nova Science Now" 8pm 7/7/2007
070715tech-002 0.00 "Antennas and Propagation" Dec 2006 Issue New UHF dipole covered
070715tech-002 1.23 The 137 year history of the dipole keeps evolving
070715tech-002 1.49 "Antenna Engineering Handbook" 4th Edition known as the bible for antennas
070715tech-002 4.00 good source for Yagi /antenna building
070715tech-002 8.44 SPACE REPORT -WS2N, Paul, Phoenix mission to Mars North Pole launch date 8/7/2007
070715tech-002 12.49 Phoenix mission details covered
070715tech-002 18.21 How the Star Wars gun sound was made using an antenna guy wire
070715tech-002 21.38 Every Wed. 8:30p NYIT is the "Astronomical Society of LI weekly meeting
070715tech-002 24.02 WS2N, Paul, suggests the History Channel on Tuesdays "The Universe"
070715tech-002 25.50 MELS EMAIL 01 - What is impedance and reactance?
070715tech-002 29.15 Dick gives examples explaining impedance and reactance
070715tech-002 36.42 MELS EMAIL 02 - 3 Reasons for grounding
070715tech-002 40.50 "Some baluning devices" chapter in "Microwave Theory and Techniques" good source
070715tech-002 40.50 "Microwave Theory and Techniques" 1982 Ruthroff good info on Baluns
070715tech-002 44.06 MELS EMAIL 03 - Burning sensation when keying mic on 14Mhz - what's happening
070715tech-002 47.10 Con't MELS EMAIL 03 How to correct a "hot-mic" and get to the source of problem
070715tech-002 50.30 Explanation of Artificial Ground devices
070715tech-002 52.09 2 ways to remove line RF
070715tech-002 56.55 Using ferrites, torroids, and changes in coax length to remove line RF
070715tech-003 0.00 Con't Using ferrites, torroids, and changes coax length to remove line RF
070715tech-003 1.20 MELS EMAIL 04 - Stainless steel ground rods and the spacing of ground rods
070715tech-003 2.45 Dick describes his shack's grounding system
070715tech-003 7.43 "Lightning Manual" by Polyphaser Co. (out of print) good source on lightning protection
070715tech-003 8.41 The difference between positive and negatively charged lightning bolts
070715tech-003 9.45 Dick: why not to use a stainless steel grounding rod
070715tech-003 11.30 Mel describes his shack's grounding system and his "porcupine" at his tower
070715tech-003 14.35 Solid state equipment more lightnign sensitve than older tube radios
070715tech-003 17.10 Lighting experiments that can be done with a Vandagraf generator
070715tech-003 21.10 N2MB, Barry and Mel share their experiences with lightning
070715tech-003 26.03 MELS EMAIL 05 - Do I need a 12:1 balun for a 600 ohm line / 50 ohm connector
070715tech-003 29.15 Antenna height plays a large part of the dipole's impedance
070715tech-003 30.15 Adjusting impedance by using a T connector or changing the coax length
070715tech-003 34.50 How to make a phoney capacitor
070715tech-003 36.07 Does an open ended piece of coax radiate?
070715tech-003 38.34 MELS EMAIL 06 - The Gieskieng antenna - what is it?
070715tech-003 42.00 Dick compares the Gieskieng antenna to an inverted V antenna
070715tech-003 47.19 details of the Gieskieng antenna
070715tech-003 55.09 Mel: Can separate generations of magnetic and electrical fields control phase shift?
070715tech-004 0.00 Cont Can separate generations of magnetic and electrical fields control phase shift?
070715tech-004 0.34 It's necessary to adhere to Maxwell's (and Clark's) equation.
070715tech-004 1.10 Dicks shares some of the best antenna ranges in the US
070715tech-004 4.10 The Gieskieng antenna revisited
070715tech-004 7.54 The CFA antenna - a risky antenna for performance
070715tech-004 15.05 Carolina Windom 80-10m with RG-58 & 1:1 balun - insertion loss high? Upgrade coax?
070715tech-004 21.35 The Gieskieng antenna - can you use a pipe at the center?
070715tech-004 24.11 Carolina Windom 80-10m discussion continued
070715tech-004 30.30 MELS EMAIL 07- Is it possible to control feed line radiation?
070715tech-004 35.11 Carolina Windom email revisited - will the balun control the RF from the coax?


July 22, 2007 Show

070722tech-001 3.20 MELS EMAIL 01 - K2JJ- Interesting 470 microhenry RF telephone filter schematic
070722tech-001 5.56 Lack of electronic supply stores around Brooklyn
070722tech-001 9.10 History and present locations of electronic supply suppliers
070722tech-001 14.49 The history of 2m and 400Mhz repeater splits
070722tech-001 18.50 Examination of cell phone frequency off-sets
070722tech-001 21.05 Power ratios of the large (Goldstone) dish
070722tech-001 27.00 The unique panel placement of the 300' NRAO radio telescope dish in West Virginia
070722tech-001 31.40 Optically connecting super telescopes to observe Exoplanet and comets
070722tech-001 38.00 Suggestions for installing an 8 gauge wire from a car battery to an IC-7000
070722tech-001 45.23 Windshield and silicone bathroom sealer good for wire and firewall sealer
070722tech-001 51.01 GE RTV108 sealer receives high marks for performance and where to buy it
070722tech-002 0.00 Cont- GE RTV108 sealer receives high marks for performance and where to buy it
070722tech-002 1.30 MELS EMAIL 02 - How long do guy wires last?
070722tech-002 1.40 Dick shares his experiences with using guy wire
070722tech-002 6.30 How to replace guy wires - and live
070722tech-002 8.15 Mel shares how he recently replaced his guy wires
070722tech-002 9.15 Specific ways of attaching guy wires, symbols, and turnbuckles
070722tech-002 12.00 The importance of guy clips
070722tech-002 14.41 Lethal guy wire stories
070722tech-002 16.40 Mel gives suggestions for coating guy wires
070722tech-002 22.10 The advantages of rust converting paint for towers
070722tech-002 24.30 The soaring prices of guy wires and rope
070722tech-002 34.40 Telephone pole guy wire and insulator construction discussion
070722tech-002 41.06 TechNet Success Story of crystal filters purchased for 10m
070722tech-002 45.32 MEL'S EMAIL 03 - All about RMS meters
070722tech-002 57.30 Radio Read Water Meters - can they cause interference?
070722tech-003 0.00 Con't - Radio Read Water Meters - can they cause interference?
070722tech-003 1.20 RMS meters revisited
070722tech-003 4.43 MEL'S EMAIL 04 - Why does an SWR meter change at differrent place on the coax?
070722tech-003 17.20 Mel and Dick summarize findings of the SWR meter changes
070722tech-003 25.02 Choosing coax cable impedances
070722tech-003 27.02 Resistive and reactive components of a cable
070722tech-003 36.44 Where to find 10 ohm coax cable
070722tech-003 38.21 Con't - Why does an SWR meter change at differrent place on the coax?
070722tech-003 40.31 Defining standing wave on the line
070722tech-003 43.30 The in-depth definition on VSWR
070722tech-003 46.00 Mel explains what really happens when you add on to an exisitng coax line
070722tech-003 49.10 Dick also explains what really happens when you add on to an exisitng coax line
070722tech-003 54.22 Mel relates adding to coax line to a Smith Chart discussion recorded on
070722tech-003 55.26 MEL'S EMAIL 05 - Making a vertical in a form of a cage antenna - resistance effected?
070722tech-004 0.00 Cont - MEL'S EMAIL 05 - Making a vertical in a form of a cage antenna - resistance effected?
070722tech-004 0.58 More cage antenna chart info in Antenna Engineering Handbook Chapter 4
070722tech-004 1.50 More cage antenna chart info in K2RIW article on its homepage
070722tech-004 3.20 Mel and Dick relate the cage antenna email to a 160m antenna Mel read about
070722tech-004 16.50 Mel and Dick conclude that the 160m antenna had 4 wires to the ground
070722tech-004 22.05 "Loafer" antennas discussed


July 29, 2007 Show

070729tech-001 2.26 WA2KXE Walt: White noise interfering FM stations- could it be BPL or military?
070729tech-001 3.10 All about front-end overload
070729tech-001 9.01 WAKXE Walt: Could white noise be from LIPA
070729tech-001 10.51 Equipment to use to find sources of white noise
070729tech-001 13.51 NASA's signal level vs. the strength of Voyager's transmission signal strength
070729tech-001 18.02 Discussion of WLNG airplay, format and reception
070729tech-001 23.00 Modern-day equipment and the handling of front-end overload
070729tech-001 26.47 "Poor radio performance" is a relative statement
070729tech-001 34.15 SPACE REPORT , Paul WS2N: Boozing before shuttle lift-off
070729tech-001 40.41 Endeavor scheduled for 8/7 lift off and its mission objectives
070729tech-001 47.50 Solar power increase space station productivity
070729tech-001 50.40 Reviewing the Orion mission to the moon
070729tech-001 53.03 NASA's 600' lightning arresting towers to be constructed
070729tech-002 0.00 Con't NASA's 600' lightning arresting towers to be constructed
070729tech-002 0.45 "From Here to Infinity" on WLIW good show on expanding universe and big bang theory
070729tech-002 5.01 The future of Spirit and Opportunity
070729tech-002 7.53 The space elevator revised
070729tech-002 9.40 W2KRN webiste for good source of SPARK and ARC towers
070729tech-002 10.09 A look back at SPARK and ARC towers and the tallest structures on earth
070729tech-002 20.01 The origin of the Brooklyn Navy Yard radio towers
070729tech-002 31.20 The proper use of guy wire and wirerope
070729tech-002 38.31 MELS EMAIL 01 - Are there any effects of breaking up resonating guy wires?
070729tech-002 48.10 Mel shares his experiences with egg insulators and resonating guy wires
070729tech-002 50.58 Are SWR readings effected by transmission line length?
070729tech-002 56.15 How do you measure and adjust the tension of guy wire?
070729tech-002 57.30 Equipment used to measure guy wire tension
070729tech-003 0.00 Con't Equipment used to measure guy wire tension
070729tech-003 1.01 The physics involved in guy wire tension and rules to remember
070729tech-003 2.15 Dick tells of storys of tower accidents in the past
070729tech-003 7.50 Tower ratings and what they mean
070729tech-003 11.33 What is more dangerous - erecting a tower or taking it down?
070729tech-003 13.31 Tower safety equipment
070729tech-003 17.20 NAB Handbook tower construction/maintainance chapter excellent source on towers
070729tech-003 17.39 What it was like working on the WTC antenna towers
070729tech-003 30.26 MELS EMAIL 02 - The W7RAI Beam coupling technology breakthrough - hype?
070729tech-003 34.09 Critical issues when copying a Yagi design
070729tech-003 41.08 Evaluating the claims on the Force 12 Antenna website
070729tech-003 46.20 What is the maximum dB gain for Yagis?
070729tech-003 49.49 The misunderstanding of side lobes
070729tech-003 53.50 Sources to read about proper antenna technique testing
070729tech-003 58.59 MELS EMAIL 03 - Gain, antenna real estate, and capture area - how they all relate
070729tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 03 - Gain, antenna real estate, and capture area - how they all relate
070729tech-004 1.02 Gain vs. Area
070729tech-004 5.03 Looking back at the CCD antenna again. First discussed on 070520tech-002 22.51
070729tech-004 8.03 Different design approaches for a one wavelength antenna vs the CCD antenna
070729tech-004 10.37 Is a 300 ohm antenna more narrowband?
070729tech-004 16.02 MELS EMAIL 04 - Are there formulas to calculate percentage of RF current along a dipole?
070729tech-004 27.49 Antenna Engineering Handbook Ch.4 good source for reactive and resistance component charts.
070729tech-004 31.41 also a good source for reactive and resistance component charts.
070729tech-004 31.41 Cont MELS EMAIL 04 - Are there formulas to calculate percentage of RF current along a dipole?
070729tech-004 34.55 Difference in using a degree-based calculator vs. a radius-based calculator
070729tech-004 41.40 Mel explains that on ham radio related question will be answered on the TechNet
070729tech-004 42.51 Cont MELS EMAIL 04 - Dick makes formula correction
070729tech-004 45.25 MELS EMAIL 05 - Will raising antenna 20' with 20' more coax significantly increase loss?


August 5, 2007 Show

070805tech-001 3.50 Mel's update on HF and 6M conditions
070805tech-001 5.51 Mel's early years in amateur radio
070805tech-001 8.14 Dick's first receiver - the Heathkit AR-3 and his rig add-ons
070805tech-001 10.12 Discussion of the rigs: 6W 6 tube, Drake 2B, and the Drake R4B
070805tech-001 13.10 Drake's legendary noise blanker
070805tech-001 16.41 How Dick made his own transformer
070805tech-001 18.14 The early days of 6M
070805tech-001 19.14 Why 6m is called the magic band
070805tech-001 24.01 Looking back at the Clegg Interceptor and other Clegg radios
070805tech-001 29.05 Looking back at old TV and ham power transformers
070805tech-002 0.00 Con't Looking back at old TV and ham power transformers
070805tech-002 0.45 Dick's transistor radio projects in the 1960's
070805tech-002 1.06 Looking back at the Clegg Venus 6m rig
070805tech-002 3.33 The Drake R4C and R4B examined
070805tech-002 7.15 How Dick got into ham radio and why he failed the code test
070805tech-002 11.03 Ham written tests: Then and Now
070805tech-002 14.33 History of the novice license
070805tech-002 16.35 Mel's early years in amateur radio and his unique ham diploma
070805tech-002 19.40 Romco's 2m transmitter history (circa 1943)
070805tech-002 22.55 A look at the Gonset and inside parts of a Goonie Box
070805tech-002 29.00 Long Island ham radio outlets in the 1960's
070805tech-002 30.02 Dick and Howie (WB2HWW) look at the old Swan rigs
070805tech-002 33.05 The impact Drake and Clegg had on the ham radio hobby
070805tech-002 40.14 The Zenith SW radio that got Mel hooked on amateur radio
070805tech-002 40.56 Mel remembers the Abbott UHF transceiver and the Johnson Viking 2
070805tech-002 42.04 Discussion on the Hammarlund HQ129
070805tech-002 44.35 Early military experiments with meteor scatter and the birth of packet
070805tech-002 47.30 Mel's early slow scan rigs
070805tech-002 49.00 Early days and the growth of RTTY and other teletype machines
070805tech-002 58.05 How Howie WB2HWW made an AM radio generate a carrier
070805tech-003 0.00 Faulty capacitor the real cause of "frozen" rotator
070805tech-003 2.39 Dick shares how he photographs stars behind his tower
070805tech-003 3.40 The 35W4 tube and early 5 tube radios
070805tech-003 5.09 TV tubes that influenced ham radio rigs
070805tech-003 6.54 Unique DuMont TV tubes
070805tech-003 8.12 Remembering doorknob capacitors
070805tech-003 9.54 GC Electronics products and high voltage arching
070805tech-003 11.00 DuMont and RCA TVs that Mel worked on in the 1940's
070805tech-003 15.01 Dumont and it's popular bar TV
070805tech-003 18.04 Ion traps that were used in cathode ray tubes
070805tech-003 21.50 The history of DuMont, WABC, and early oscilloscopes
070805tech-003 24.09 Mel meets Captain Video
070805tech-003 26.09 The need for live TV for good picture quality in the early years of TV
070805tech-003 28.10 The challenges of early kinescope recordings
070805tech-003 32.31 Andy (WA2CDL): CQ June 2007 article of 6m Whispering Gallery propagation
070805tech-003 34.00 The tilt of your yagi and the effects on the "Whispering Gallery"
070805tech-003 43.20 Introduction to Maximum Usable Frequency
070805tech-003 47.40 What is temperature and its relation to deionization?
070805tech-003 55.50 Maximum Usable Frequency and the atmospheric layers
070805tech-004 0.00 Con't Maximum Usable Frequency and the atmospheric layers
070805tech-004 1.09 Maximum Usable Frequency in relation to frequency used
070805tech-004 1.30 How Maximum Usable Frequency is calculated
070805tech-004 6.21 The behavior of the D layer throughout the day
070805tech-004 10.39 The relation of the D and E layers
070805tech-004 12.38 Tropo and Scatter stories from Dick
070805tech-004 15.57 The workings of a Maximum Usable Frequency chart by Mel
070805tech-004 22.41 The importance of using UTC time with Maximum Usable Frequency charts
070805tech-004 24.51 Using Long Path or Short Path with a Maximum Usable Frequency chart
070805tech-004 26.38 Dick and Mel Long Path or Short Path stories
070805tech-004 33.33 The absorption and reradiation of the Ionosphere
070805tech-004 39.25 Misunderstanding of dipole designs an isotropic antennas
070805tech-004 48.50 Elevated ham sticks that offer polarization flexibility
070805tech-004 55.15 MEL'S EMAIL #01 Pumping saltwater into ground under antenna system
070805tech-005 0.00 Con't MEL'S EMAIL #01: Pumping saltwater into ground under antenna system
070805tech-005 3.46 MEL'S EMAIL #02: Should imput impedance be calculated on a tapered vertical?
070805tech-005 7.20 Can you model a tapered antenna for a truncated cone?
070805tech-005 10.50 Shokurov and his complex antenna theories
070805tech-005 11.11 M Factor and multi-element antennas
070805tech-005 13.40 Length and Diameter ratio: Things to look out for
070805tech-005 16.03 Coupling coefficient: An important factor
070805tech-005 18.05 Dick's latest patented Yagi project


August 12, 2007 Show

070812tech-001 3.10 Tornado touches down in Brooklyn
070812tech-001 14.58 How do you protect rotators from lightning?
070812tech-001 19.35 Mel protects his tower by putting a thin metal porcupine at the top
070812tech-001 22.16 Multiple house outlets that pop out - not so dependable
070812tech-001 24.09 Stories of lethal lightning strikes
070812tech-001 31.51 How can a ham get a hold of 1.2Ghz ham gear? Japan?
070812tech-002 0.00 Con't How can a ham get a hold of 1.2Ghz ham gear? Japan?
070812tech-002 1.50 Rich N2EO: Catch 22 - no gear, no people, no people, lack of gear
070812tech-002 2.40 Dick reviews the popularity of each ham band
070812tech-002 5.05 Are there any 1.2 Ghz handy talkies presently being sold in the US?
070812tech-002 6.21 Equipment that is available on 1.2Ghz in Japan
070812tech-002 7.04 How do you get Japanese ham gear to the US?
070812tech-002 12.50 Possibility of contacting a Japanese ham to get equipment
070812tech-002 17.58 SPACE REPORT w/ Paul WS2N Shuttle's damaged foam tile problem
070812tech-002 20.30 Update on Teacher in Space mission
070812tech-002 24.04 Update on the 300 foot truss installation
070812tech-002 28.04 Phoenix mission to Mars - no delays on schedule
070812tech-002 29.01 The agenda for the shuttle's 100 foot arm
070812tech-002 30.13 Details for the STS 125 Hubble repair mission
070812tech-002 35.40 How can a ham get a hold of 1.2Ghz ham gear? Japan? Revisited
070812tech-002 36.05 Japan Amateur Radio League good source for making relationships for 1.2Ghz gear.
070812tech-002 36.41 Introduction to D-Star
070812tech-002 41.09 Why APCO-25 isn't used
070812tech-002 43.03 D-Star is not blind-friendly
070812tech-002 44.58 D-Star promotion is more driven by civil defense rather than hams
070812tech-002 47.15 All about D-Star compatibility
070812tech-002 48.45 Why a high price tag for D-Star?
070812tech-002 49.59 Analog is leaving - digital audio is coming in
070812tech-002 50.20 How barcodes became the norm
070812tech-002 55.14 2nd harmonics now a problem in the new 700Mhz band?
070812tech-002 58.39 Update on the auctioned -off 700Mhz frequencies
070812tech-003 0.00 Revisited - 2nd harmonics now a problem in the new 700Mhz band?
070812tech-003 6.30 The high cost to upgrade rigs to D-Star
070812tech-003 7.00 QST Sept. 2007 has in review and depth promotion on D-Star
070812tech-003 10.12 MELS EMAIL 01 - Maximum Usable Frequency revisited and explained in more detail
070812tech-003 16.40 Wikipedia's definition of Maximum Usable Frequency
070812tech-003 22.31 Websites have good real-time Maximum Usable Frequency maps
070812tech-003 24.30 On HF, rig power plays little role in the ionosphere
070812tech-003 31.50 Background on atmospheric layer research
070812tech-003 33.45 MELS EMAIL 02 -What is the NEC-WIN antenna software?
070812tech-003 36.45 Dec. 2006 IEEE Journal (Antenna and Propagation section) on a full octave dipole
070812tech-003 37.40 Mel explains the NEC-WIN software in detail
070812tech-003 43.58 Is NEC-WIN software available from Paragon Technology?
070812tech-003 46.15 ARRL Antenna Handbook good source for a CD-ROM of antenna design software
070812tech-003 50.00 What modeling software RF engineers are using - or not using like Dick
070812tech-003 53.45 The ARRL Antenna Handbook is found in a lot engineer's offices
070812tech-003 58.11 MELS EMAIL 03 Is a tuner actually tuning the antenna?
070812tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 03 Is a tuner actually tuning the antenna?
070812tech-004 1.05 Dick: The tuner is really tuning the radiating system
070812tech-004 7.30 Reference to a Smith Chart that related to a tuner and a plotting a circle
070812tech-004 12.58 Can a tuner, which is not connected to the antenna, tune the antenna
070812tech-004 14.50 What does the plotted circle on the Smith Chart tell you?
070812tech-004 18.16 Books from the ARRL, Krause, Theodore Mareno, will back up the Smith Chart results
070812tech-004 24.30 Dick:Tuners a made to be used at near 100% efficiency
070812tech-004 28.10 Howie WB2HWW: Tuners can also be used as a low-pass filter
070812tech-004 33.09 Dick: A multiband antenna can greatly benefit from a tuner.
070812tech-004 34.35 How good a tuners that a built into the rig?
070812tech-004 37.10 Pigeons sitting on dipole wire- very rare.
070812tech-004 44.34 MELS EMAIL 04- How can a ham verify the advertised claims of antenna gain figures?
070812tech-004 50.30 The history of false advertising claims by antenna manufacturers
070812tech-004 58.00 Mel remembers when Carl Mosley confronted antenna manufacturers for false advertising
070812tech-005 0.00 Dick remembers the worst case of antenna manufacturing advertising
070812tech-005 1.14 Alan Katz and Dr. Dick Turin's mission for accurately testing antennas
070812tech-005 3.25 W1GHZ website good source for antenna gain information
070812tech-005 4.55 How the EIA method of measuring gain influenced today's testing procedures
070812tech-005 7.26 Dick: You are always in a reflective environment when testing HF antennas
070812tech-005 11.58 Mel: Don't knit pick with antenna gain numbers
070812tech-005 19.50 Dick and Mel explain LIMARC's TechNet's mission and purpose.


August 19, 2007 Show

070819tech-001 0.00 Already in progress - Managing the efficiency of yagi side lobes
070819tech-001 1.10 What a 3D Yagi patter looks like
070819tech-001 2.10 Possibility of a huge difference between azimuth patterns and elevating patterns
070819tech-001 7.50 How to reach Dick by email
070819tech-001 10.36 Tune your antenna first then consider ground reflection in your software
070819tech-001 21.39 On 900Mhz band, signals are DFQ at night but unreadable during the day-why?
070819tech-001 26.01 An example of super-refraction
070819tech-001 29.28 An example of sub-refraction
070819tech-001 32.00 Dick: The higher the frequency, the less Faraday effect, especially in the 900Mhz band
070819tech-001 35.35 Super refraction is more prominent in winter than it is in summer
070819tech-001 36.34 600W 900Mhz Elta amplifiers are being sold on Ebay at extremely low prices
070819tech-001 41.02 Bob, K2TV: MetroCor is reorganizing the 900Mhz to optimize ham repeaters performance
070819tech-001 45.06 The FCC rules and regulations regarding transmitting on the 900Mhz band
070819tech-001 48.41 good source for purchasing 900Mhz yagis
070819tech-001 51.10 Dave, KC2RPE, Can I put something below or above an attic HF antenna to increase performance?
070819tech-002 0.00 Con't Can I put something below or above an attic HF antenna to increase performance?
070819tech-002 7.32 source for RF shielding products
070819tech-002 8.00 Do I shield a wire antenna magnetically or electrically?
070819tech-002 13.02 Isotron antenna the answer to KC2RPE's attic HF wire antenna problem?
070819tech-002 14.50 Explanation of the Inverse Square Law
070819tech-002 20.50 Pop out wall outlet receptacles- are they outlawed?
070819tech-002 26.06 The dangers of having your house "Speed wired"
070819tech-002 33.55 Paul W2PNI explains the dangers of the "Dim/Bright" problem and its hazards
070819tech-002 36.45 Stories of houses catching on fire due to aluminum wiring
070819tech-002 42.10 Laws may be passed to require government building to have high efficiency light bulbs
070819tech-002 47.29 SPACE REPORT Shuttle mission cut short due to Hurricane Dean
070819tech-002 51.40 Paul WS2N, a unique way to apply glue to damaged shuttle tiles
070819tech-002 57.05 Shuttle astronaut had glove layering problems
070819tech-003 0.00 Con't Shuttle astronaut had glove layering problems
070819tech-003 1.32 The different air pressure settings inside the shuttle
070819tech-003 4.41 All about space suits and custom-made gloves
070819tech-003 14.01 MELS EMAIL 01- At the full legal limit, the SWR suddenly goes up-is it the cable?
070819tech-003 19.29 What is dissimilar metal?
070819tech-003 23.45 How voltage can an RG8 cable handle?
070819tech-003 27.20 MELS EMAIL 02 - I want to make a full-wave outside loop, but I have to compress it
070819tech-003 37.19 A half wave loop almost has the same performance of a full wave loop
070819tech-003 39.15 ARRL Antenna Handbook CH.4 info how t predict resistance and impedance of a antenna
070819tech-003 40.58 All antennas have some sort of null
070819tech-003 43.40 What happens if Mel moves his 4 towers closer and wraps the wire around them twice?
070819tech-003 48.10 Howie WB2HWW: QST July 2007 good article of balloon antennas on field day
070819tech-003 52.10 Howie WB2HWW remembers his first attempt in making a dipole - and working
070819tech-003 54.41 Dick: Soil is a volume metric resistor
070819tech-004 0.00 Polarimitry may change when antenna design changes
070819tech-004 1.40 Many FM broadcasters use stacked loop antennas
070819tech-004 6.21 Pushing your son on a swing- good example of resonance and co-phase energy absorption
070819tech-004 13.30 How to properly compare two antennas
070819tech-004 14.30 The importance of understanding Faraday Rotation
070819tech-004 18.50 Advantages of using an inverted V antenna
070819tech-004 19.45 You must test your antennas a lot of times to judge it correctly
070819tech-004 21.30 Can I make a dualbander out of a single whip?
070819tech-004 27.50 Adding traps to a dipole makes it into a multiband antenna
070819tech-004 33.01 Examples of microwave multiband antennas
070819tech-004 34.15 Can you have 2 transmitters transmitting at the same time to the same antenna?
070819tech-004 35.02 Guidelines for proper TechNet email questions about equipment and the reasons why
070819tech-004 40.04 Howie WB2HWW: Making legit comments about products is appropriate
070819tech-004 43.09 Dick responses about endorsing products and services on the TechNet
070819tech-004 45.20 Mel responses about endorsing products and services on the TechNet


August 27, 2007 Show

070827tech-001 0.00 Computer hard drive and memory defragmentation problem - show edited
070827tech-001 0.01 Measuring resonance with a 1/4 wave of twin lead (topic ends short)
070827tech-001 3.34 Mel explains his grid drip usage
070827tech-001 6.05 Dick's Heathkit grid dip meter and how he used it
070827tech-001 6.44 Grid dip meters and amateur television
070827tech-001 11.45 NYC area amateur television in the 1970's
070827tech-001 13.20 The advantages and disadvantages of slow-scan television
070827tech-001 15.55 How the troposphere effects amateur television
070827tech-001 21.54 Mel's early experiences with amateur television
070827tech-002 0.00 Dick is surprised not more hams have made loops
070827tech-002 0.30 Factors that change when you change the specs of a loop antenna
070827tech-002 1.58 Mel: What bands the loop will work on
070827tech-002 3.30 Mel: Loop shield may be a key factor in its performance
070827tech-002 4.00 Dick examines the workings of a loop in detail
070827tech-002 9.25 Discussion on an antenna-scope (topic ends short)
070827tech-002 11.49 A video freeze frame of a lightning bolt shows fuzziness-why?
070827tech-002 13.45 The properties of lightning
070827tech-002 16.20 Where lightning is found in our solar system
070827tech-002 17.17 What is required for lightning to occur?
070827tech-002 21.50 Triboelectric effect discussed
070827tech-002 23.00 Vandagraf generators and other vintage high voltage equipment


September 10, 2007 Show

070910tech-001 2.50 Are there any advantages of grounding a copper roof vent pipe?
070910tech-001 5.30 Precautions to take before thunderstorms
070910tech-001 8.40 Does wire grounding effect the antenna's performance?
070910tech-001 13.30 Is it possible to put two Astron power supplies in series to power an ELPA amplifiers?
070910tech-001 14.45 The different parts of a power supply and how they work
070910tech-001 18.20 How new power supplies differ from older power supplies
070910tech-001 22.39 Why are power supplies isolated
070910tech-001 28.31 The Collins KWS-1 blower repair explanation
070910tech-001 33.05 Recap of complicity of the power supply/ELPA amplifier question
070910tech-001 37.01 Power supply isolation and feedback
070910tech-001 39.09 Power supply switching circuits
070910tech-001 42.07 High current battery / power supply accidents
070910tech-001 47.38 Explanation of the details of switching power supplies and their transformers
070910tech-001 51.01 What is a boost/buck power supply?
070910tech-001 53.50 How to test a power supply if it is floating capable?
070910tech-001 55.08 What is a full transformer-like power supply?
070910tech-001 56.13 Dec 1999 QST article good info on power supplies
070910tech-001 57.50 Precautions for switching power supplies.
070910tech-002 0.00 Con't Precautions for switching power supplies.
070910tech-002 1.01 What happens in a power supply's short circuit?
070910tech-002 2.07 Dick uses the example of 2 power supplies are put in series
070910tech-002 3.52 Issues with power supplies 60 cycle direct transformers
070910tech-002 6.25 Amp and voltage issues with 900Mhz ELPA amplifiers
070910tech-002 12.05 Dick's experiences with using ELPA amps
070910tech-002 12.48 Different ways to make a attenuator for high power ELPA amps
070910tech-002 14.09 Using a regulator with two power supplies
070910tech-002 18.10 An example of two power supplies in a series going into a load
070910tech-002 20.20 Mel and Dick share experiences with multiple power supplies
070910tech-002 25.01 The fate of Lander Electronics of Melville NY
070910tech-002 27.51 Looking back at the Boonton product line
070910tech-002 32.05 Review of the KCRC memorial event in Brooklyn
070910tech-002 33.30 Back to more Boonton products
070910tech-002 34.14 Coney Island and Manhattan Beach historic land being sold to developers
070910tech-002 35.50 Chemicals used for restoring Coney Island amusement park structures
070910tech-002 39.01 Coney Island 's real estate future
070910tech-002 44.00 Dick shares how he tried to use The Parachute Jump as a 10Ghz reflector
070910tech-002 47.50 The poor condition of Coney Island's boardwalk and surrounding areas
070910tech-002 54.55 The potential of the 900Mhz band and where to get ELPA amps
070910tech-003 0.00 Cont The potential of the 900Mhz band and where to get ELPA amps
070910tech-003 4.00 Looking inside the ELPA amplifier
070910tech-003 4.23 Google search KD5FZX for a good website on ELPA amp conversions
070910tech-003 7.01 Drive and attenuation of the ELPA amplifier
070910tech-003 9.45 The ELPA amp's transistors and power dividers
070910tech-003 15.52 ELPA's self-protected circuitry
070910tech-003 16.55 A needed correction on the KD5FZX conversion web page
070910tech-003 19.02 How linear is the ELPA amp?
070910tech-003 21.20 Comparing the ELPA amp to a Mirage amp
070910tech-003 24.31 Manhattan Beach's real estate future revisited
070910tech-003 31.00 Looking back at the Lindsay snow storm
070910tech-003 46.18 Looking back at the troubled Brighton Beach Line
070910tech-003 50.03 NYC subways vs storms
070910tech-003 56.30 Lots of low road clearances throughout Brooklyn
070910tech-004 0.00 Cont Lots of low road clearances throughout Brooklyn
070910tech-004 3.39 The weird commuters on the Brooklyn subway lines
070910tech-004 10.29 Stringent training for subway rail employee to prevent death
070910tech-004 14.01 Dick tells of his favorite microscope
070910tech-004 15.49 The difficulty working with micro miniature components even with a microscope
070910tech-004 21.00 Discussion on different types of microscopes
070910tech-004 27.50 Discussion on different types of thermo-imaging cameras
070910tech-004 34.20 Finding cancer with thermo-imaging cameras
070910tech-004 37.05 The awesome smelling system of the dog
070910tech-004 41.13 Dick loves his key finding remote device "The Keyringer"
070910tech-004 43.35 What is the Left-Hand Rule and the Right-Hand Rule?
070910tech-004 44.08 Applying the Left-Hand Rule and the Right-Hand Rule to current,magnetic fields, and motion
070910tech-004 50.01 Simple generators and car alternators


September 16, 2007 Show

070916tech-001 3.25 How close can you place your VHF antenna next to a TV roof antenna?
070916tech-001 7.40 Examples of possible front end overload due to closely mounted antennas
070916tech-001 10.55 K1RIW article good source for construction and feeding of the driven element
070916tech-001 16.26 WB8WJU website related to grid and plate capacitance and neutralization of amp tubes
070916tech-001 22.45 Mel recommends W6SAL Bill Orr authored a good book on tube electrode capacitors
070916tech-001 27.25 W4AKO on the Marconi Net 3.872 Mhz cited the incredible sunspot cycle of 1958
070916tech-001 33.20 Using white light polar observing to safely see sunspots through telescopes
070916tech-001 35.10 What happens when the effects of solar flares hit the earth thus effecting the Faraday Effect
070916tech-001 42.10 Mel recalls the sunspot cycle of 1958
070916tech-001 46.45 Dick recalls the sunspot cycle of 1958
070916tech-001 50.11 Dick explains what an unconditional stable amplifier is
070916tech-001 54.05 Website has Technet show archives available in streaming audio
070916tech-001 56.05 SPACE REPORT with Paul WS2N Foam tile problems on past shuttle missions
070916tech-002 0.00 Cont SPACE REPORT with Paul WS2N Foam tile problems on past shuttle missions
070916tech-002 1.37 Scheduled shuttled missions including the James Webb Telescope
070916tech-002 6.15 Dawn Space craft launching at the end of September 2007
070916tech-002 8.39 James Webb Telescope will not be able to be repaired once up in space
070916tech-002 11.05 James Webb Telescope discussed in detail
070916tech-002 21.07 James Webb Telescope vs the Hubble telescope
070916tech-002 24.25 Looking deeper into a gamma burst
070916tech-002 29.40 How loud is the Sun?
070916tech-002 31.50 Can you harvest sound? Sound as a source of energy.
070916tech-002 36.00 Can a repair space ship be sent out of earth's orbit to the James Webb Telescope?
070916tech-002 46.05 James Webb Telescope vs the Hubble telescope revisited
070916tech-002 50.02 Biological life can be found almost anywhere
070916tech-002 52.29 Is there possible biological life on Jupiter's moons?
070916tech-003 0.00 Con't Is there possible biological life on Jupiter's moons?
070916tech-003 0.50 Setting maximum sizes for the Shuttle Bay based on railroad cars
070916tech-003 4.03 MELS EMAIL 01 Are glass insulators the only good insulators to use?
070916tech-003 5.53 Other high quality insulators available. Plexiglas, polycarbonate
070916tech-003 12.45 All about rectangular waveguides and why they're rectangular
070916tech-003 20.01 Can you reduce the SWR by making the waveguide horn longer?
070916tech-003 22.09 1950 McGraw Hill book Principles of Waveguide Transmission by George Southworth
070916tech-003 22.45 W1GHZ website good source for horn designs and patterns
070916tech-003 25.05 Issues that effect dish performance
070916tech-003 30.20 How to build a transmitting loop out of copper pipe and how to tune it
070916tech-003 35.10 High marks for Principles of Waveguide Transmission by George Southworth
070916tech-003 38.32 MELS EMAIL 02 Yagis vs. Quads on 6m - which is better?
070916tech-003 44.51 Dick challenges Doug DeMores article on Quad side lobe performance
070916tech-003 52.44 K5RMG website good source for side lobe performance
070916tech-003 54.20 MELS EMAIL 03 - Dick is introduced to the JE Lindsay article Sept 1967 IEEE Ant and Prop
070916tech-003 59.40 MELS EMAIL 04 - Can increasing a yagi boom 1.8x of a quad will equal a Quads forward gain
070916tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 04 - Increasing a yagi boom 1.8x of a quad will equal a Quads forward gain
070916tech-004 7.05 Dick evaluates different military antenna ranges and their real purposes
070916tech-004 9.10 Dick and Mel review the references and researchers from the yagi boom email 04
070916tech-004 23.09 Can an amplifier neutralization circuit harm the amplifier tube?
070916tech-004 31.03 What figures to look for in acceptable neutralization
070916tech-004 37.15 The proper procedure to perform neutralization
070916tech-004 42.39 Discussion on S Perimeters and transistors
070916tech-004 45.18 Precautions to take when working with amp tubes, grids and plates


September 24, 2007 Show

070924tech-001 0.00 Already in progess-WB2CUK Bill: Unidentified QRM on 75m
070924tech-001 0.59 Mel explains the QRM in detail
070924tech-001 12.45 Mel plays an example of the QRM
070924tech-001 14.50 Other ham plays their reception of the QRM
070924tech-001 19.30 Dick and other hams offer suggestions of the QRMs origin
070924tech-001 33.44 W2TTT Gordon and Dick discuss how notch filters may effect BPL QRM
070924tech-001 37.00 W2PNJ Bob: Is a Twin Sloper grounding rod and wire down a truck trunk effect SWR?
070924tech-001 41.55 Using a boost/buck power supply with the Twin Sloper
070924tech-002 0.00 Comparing the design of the Alpha Delta DXA to other wire antennas
070924tech-002 0.30 Mel describes what a pipe wire antenna is.
070924tech-002 4.11 More discussion on Alpha Delta's Twin Sloper
070924tech-002 6.37 How do protect a mast-mounted pre-amp?
070924tech-002 13.31 Lack of differential keying and pre-amp damage
070924tech-002 17.46 RF chokes and pre-amps
070924tech-002 19.38 WO2N Bernie: gives good review of the Alpha Delta DXA Twin Sloper
070924tech-002 22.09 WB2HWW Howie Offers others ways to protect pre-amps
070924tech-002 26.45 QST Oct 07 p.60 Hand-On Radio- good source on using stubs for protection
070924tech-002 28.20 W2JPW Lou reviews the schematics of his amp then Dick discusses shunt inductors & diodes
070924tech-002 32.45 WB2HWW Howie explains why shunts are very effect
070924tech-002 39.25 Mel refers to a TechNet Smith Chart discussion on 061001tech-002
070924tech-002 40.50 W2JPW Lou tells new info regarding his schematic revisited
070924tech-002 45.25 Why dealers don't want to sell commercial antennas to hams
070924tech-002 49.01 N2EO:Can I put a transformer in the fuse box to change the voltage line from 212 to 230v?
070924tech-002 54.06 Mel shares his experiences with 220v transformers
070924tech-003 0.00 Transmitting tubes and filament voltage: A critical relationship
070924tech-003 4.37 WA2CDL Andy: Diodes and the problems they create under abnormal conditions
070924tech-003 10.46 What has more power- Push/pull tubes or parallel tube amps
070924tech-003 13.56 Dick's parallel Kilowatt amplifier article in QST
070924tech-003 17.05 The pros and cons of using push/pull amplifiers
070924tech-003 19.15 Tangent and Co-Tangent shorted stubs
070924tech-003 21.00 How calculators behave with tangent problems
070924tech-003 22.00 2 pieces of coax each 1/8 a wavelength problem discussed with Dick
070924tech-003 24.10 Why push/pull amps aren't used anymore
070924tech-003 26.05 Drifting in the amplifier is due to the tube itself
070924tech-003 29.55 Examination of the formula for the length of a stub in degrees
070924tech-003 31.55 Capacitive reactance of an open stub
070924tech-003 33.12 The history of push/pull amps including Williamson, Marantz, and Dynaco
070924tech-003 38.21 Mel explains the operation of the Johnson push/pull amps of World War II
070924tech-003 42.41 Old techniques that handles microwave circuits
070924tech-003 46.10 The evolution that lead to the Collins Pi Network
070924tech-003 48.11 Dick recalls when Howdy Doody held up a piece of coax on screen
070924tech-003 51.10 Looking back at the Johnson Viking amps V1, V2, and V3
070924tech-003 53.49 Dick examines the push/pull technology of Motorola's MRF899
070924tech-003 56.19 Quadrature hybrids used in amplifiers
070924tech-004 0.00 Motorola MRF899 distortion and gain
070924tech-004 6.01 ST Microelectronics product line looked at
070924tech-004 9.01 The challenge of using solid state equipment of the X-Band
070924tech-004 12.22 Example of high-power X band equipment
070924tech-004 13.10 Dick: Why fight for 50 Ohms?
070924tech-004 15.33 The importance of test points in designing and prototyping
070924tech-004 17.51 Different types of high-power Quadrature Hybrids
070924tech-004 29.28 New developments in Couplers
070924tech-004 40.01 MELS EMAIL 01:What protection devices are out there for rotor control boxes?
070924tech-004 44.49 What's an MOV and what does it do?
070924tech-004 50.14 The state of high voltage transistors
070924tech-004 57.15 The awesome technology that's packed into a cell phone.


September 30, 2007 Show

070930tech-001 2.00 WS2N, Paul: Is it possible to home brew an amp probe?
070930tech-001 6.30 Why fluorescent lights make a lot of noise
070930tech-001 7.36 What to look for when using an amp probe
070930tech-001 9.03 How WS2N Paul devised a wire finder in his house using an AM radio
070930tech-001 16.05 What factors can the cause the AM radio to achieve better reception?
070930tech-001 19.11 What a volt pen is and how to use it
070930tech-002 0.00 Con't What a volt pen is and how to use it
070930tech-002 2.00 WB2HWW Howie describes a device he used to hear phone lines and taps using a 1Kc tone
070930tech-002 3.35 Dick recalls the Radio Shack Signal Squirter
070930tech-002 5.45 Pros and cons of compact florescent lights
070930tech-002 8.30 Mel recalls the Fluke 801 AC/DC probe for oscilloscopes
070930tech-002 9.57 Switching regulators in amplifiers
070930tech-002 13.16 Switching supplies on transmitters
070930tech-002 17.46 Electronic filters and switching regulators
070930tech-002 19.19 Rich N2EO gives update on his Ameritron amp tube project
070930tech-002 23.30 Examining the Q of the circuit coils
070930tech-002 32.15 SPACE REPORT with WS2N Paul Dawn Space Mission Overview
070930tech-002 45.46 STS-120 preview and the docking plans with the ISS
070930tech-002 52.20 What is the final size going to be for the ISS
070930tech-002 52.53 Will NASA deorbit all the pieces of the ISS?
070930tech-002 54.47 Calculating the weight of Mir and the ISS
070930tech-002 56.51 Looking at ISS's history
070930tech-003 0.00 Con't Looking at ISS's history
070930tech-003 2.15 MELS EMAIL 01- What is the background of the Montauk Radar Station
070930tech-003 5.15 Dick's personal experiences with the Montauk Radar Station
070930tech-003 9.37 The workings of Otis AFB radar system
070930tech-003 11.38 FCC shutdown of CA repeaters due to interfering with Air Force radars
070930tech-003 15.11 CA 70cm repeaters may move to 900Mhz or 1290 Mhz band
070930tech-003 17.20 Reasons why the 902Mhz band could be very popular
070930tech-003 19.20 Dick's professional involvement with the 902Mhz band
070930tech-003 21.16 How resilient are RF tags to interference?
070930tech-003 24.01 The popularity of the 10Ghz band
070930tech-003 25.47 Montauk Radar System discussion revisited
070930tech-003 27.24 MELS EMAIL 02 -A ham needs a 150W dummy load for 432Mhz- any suggestions?
070930tech-003 29.16 Dick offers cheaper solutions to the 150W dummy load email
070930tech-003 32.50 Where to find cheap dummy loads
070930tech-003 37.02 Looking at the Bird 500W dummy load
070930tech-003 41.50 MELS EMAIL 03 - 5/4th wavelength dipole-how much better is it than a 1./2 wave dipole?
070930tech-003 44.51 Dick: An antenna is not just an antenna but it is also a radiating system
070930tech-003 49.14 Mel recalls double extended zep antennas
070930tech-003 51.59 Using a Smith Chart to determining whether to use an L, T, or P network
070930tech-003 57.00 Dick urges everyone who homebrews to learn the Smith Chart
070930tech-004 0.00 Dick encourages people to use to listen to your favorite topics
070930tech-004 3.09 Dick and Mel discuss Smith Chart computer software
070930tech-004 5.21 There a magic distances when multiple stubs a used on a line
070930tech-004 13.06 Mel recalls how he uses Smith Charts without a computer
070930tech-004 14.19 Dick: QST OCT 07 p. 60 good source for reading about using stub tuners and Smith Charts
070930tech-004 20.02 Discussing high power transistor efficiency
070930tech-004 28.15 MELS EMAIL 04- Are crystal filters worth buying?
070930tech-004 31.00 Mel recalls how he built his filters
070930tech-004 36.40 Looking at software designed radios
070930tech-004 41.02 Mel: I like natural sounding Collins vs DSP
070930tech-004 47.44 KC2QIQ, Glen shares the specs of the Motorola MRF-9100 LR3
070930tech-004 51.50 Problems with Rowhaus in military rigs
070930tech-004 55.50 MELS EMAIL 05 - Is my 6m 8874 (x2) amplifier's design the same as K2RIW's KW amp?
070930tech-004 58.04 K1FO website good source for examining parallel KW amplifier
070930tech-004 59.31 Neutralization question re: N2EO Rich's amplifier
070930tech-004 61.02 MELS EMAIL 06 - Is there an ALC in a parallel KW amplifier?


October 7, 2007 Show

071007tech-001 2.28 WB2CVC Bill gives update on mystery QRM mentioned on 070924-001 0.00
071007tech-001 4.01 What is cumulative leakage in relation to BPL
071007tech-001 6.07 Why a telephone poll repair takes a long time to complete
071007tech-001 8.10 Who to call when a local pole needs repair
071007tech-001 13.38 Discussion on transmitting that causes QRM on a near TV and computer speakers
071007tech-001 22.30 Is it safe to transmit 40w when the antenna is 3 feet away from another person
071007tech-001 28.07 The eye vs the brain re: RF exposure
071007tech-001 29.05 The HAC requirement for cell phones
071007tech-001 31.49 Does window glass or windows screens block RF?
071007tech-001 33.45 The history of ANSI's C95 report
071007tech-001 36.58 The use of Airborne Instrument Labs radiation hazard monitors in B1 bombers
071007tech-001 38.07 Dick recalls an emergency regarding a waveguide RF exposure incident
071007tech-001 41.01 An example of RF exposure causing sterility
071007tech-001 44.00 Background on the 2450Mhz RF energy used in microwave ovens
071007tech-001 49.05 Examining the radio spectrum in relation to RF exposure to the body
071007tech-001 53.50 Bayville LI lawsuit re: unfounded information on RF exposure
071007tech-002 0.00 Con't Bayville LI lawsuit re: unfounded information on RF exposure
071007tech-002 5.10 History of the Bayville / Oyster Bay LI area
071007tech-002 6.31 The use of RF for heart treatments
071007tech-002 10.06 A shocking statement Dick heard at an IEEE meeting
071007tech-002 12.51 The shortcomings of antenna theory not taught in engineering schools
071007tech-002 19.07 The lack of electronic shop classes in NYC area schools
071007tech-002 23.13 What does Brookhaven National Labs do these days?
071007tech-002 33.31 MELS EMAIL 01 In NYC you can be shocked by a manhole cover or sidewalk
071007tech-002 37.01 The new challenges of Con Ed
071007tech-002 41.05 Examination of cell phone reports and their lawsuits
071007tech-002 49.48 Problems with apartment leases and cell phone towers on their roofs
071007tech-003 0.00 Situations of the over-reaction to RF exposure
071007tech-003 1.05 RF exposure in the workplace years ago
071007tech-003 4.57 Older instruments that tested RF exposure in the workplace
071007tech-003 7.50 Looking back at the 1963 Zenith TV recall and its public reaction
071007tech-003 13.37 How the TV radiation scare started
071007tech-003 15.30 Dumpster Diving treasures
071007tech-003 27.40 Ham Irwin Dressner and his research on oil burner efficiency
071007tech-003 24.14 Dick and Mel look back at taking their first ham tests
071007tech-003 34.10 MELS EMAIL 02 Ham: Please go into detail of Mel's loop construction
071007tech-003 37.40 The overload of email re: Yagi vs Quads and a discussion of how to test them
071007tech-003 44.10 KC2QIQ, Glen HF beam rotator enables vertical and horizontal polarization with results
071007tech-003 51.13 Mel explains how many times he has to adjust his loop for good reception
071007tech-003 56.00 How Mel operates his loop to handle QRM
071007tech-004 0.00 Con't How Mel operates his loop to handle QRM
071007tech-004 11.13 Dick explains that a lot of revisions go into his articles
071007tech-004 14.03 MELS EMAIL 03 My tuner's chassis is made out of plastic - is it adequately shielded?
071007tech-004 23.00 MELS EMAIL 04 What line should I use for a 500 foot run?
071007tech-004 29.04 Reference Data for Radio Engineers Transmission Line Chapter good source for line info
071007tech-004 33.09 Shielding, spacing and the number of wires used discussion


October 14, 2007 Show

071014tech-001 0.00 N2EO Rich: Copper coil getting warm any concern to be worried?
071014tech-001 11.01 The power spred between the transmitter and the receiver
071014tech-001 15.11 Mel shares his opinion when his coils get hot
071014tech-001 16.15 Orientation on silver plating
071014tech-001 20.30 Could a tank circuit run cooler if it was silver plated?
071014tech-001 23.45 Triboelectric effect discussed
071014tech-001 26.02 Silver Plating revisited
071014tech-001 31.40 Misunderstandings of copper oxide
071014tech-001 33.41 N2EO Rich's copper coil question revisited
071014tech-001 41.14 WS2N Paul Detection of wire noise update
071014tech-001 43.30 Jenny Distributors tone testers for sale - see reel 002 14:32
071014tech-001 47.41 W2PWJ Bob: Smoke detector goes off when transmitting- will using large ferrites help?
071014tech-001 55.35 How to make ferrite beads work effectively
071014tech-002 0.00 Mel suggests using AC filters re: W2PWJ's smoke detector problem
071014tech-002 4.39 The two purposes why appliances have filters
071014tech-002 7.05 Mel shares his success stories in finding filters I discarded items
071014tech-002 10.51 The legality of putting old filters in new equipment
071014tech-002 14.32 N2MB: ANES good source for Tone-Tester #240
071014tech-002 14.44 Progressive Electronics tone-testers are being sold by Jenney Dist. 800 422 6191
071014tech-002 17.40 Feeding off-center fed dipoles
071014tech-002 21.36 K2RIW article on dipole impedance
071014tech-002 25.40 Mysteries unanswered when signals are sent through "nothing" from moon to earth
071014tech-002 28.21 How listening, music and morse code could be all interrelated
071014tech-002 37.18 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Dawn space mission update
071014tech-002 40.10 Heat shields on the James Webb Telescope
071014tech-002 45.49 It's tough to take a photo of the ISS
071014tech-002 55.00 Mel gives the history of the fall of Brooklyn's silver plating industry
071014tech-003 0.00 Toxic waste disposal
071014tech-003 1.12 The art and science of studying morse code
071014tech-003 9.02 Incredible morse code feats witnessed
071014tech-003 14.39 Music and emotional response
071014tech-003 18.45 Dick explains how he tunes antennas using the principles of musical tones
071014tech-003 24.29 Mel's recent rotor wedge problem
071014tech-003 28.03 Dick explains what wind balancing rotators is
071014tech-003 37.10 Radioworks's Carolina Windom antenna examined
071014tech-003 39.40 Using an RFID tag as an antenna range device
071014tech-003 42.03 MELS EMAIL 01- Can a 40m dipole be put up vertically or make it an inverted V?
071014tech-003 47.15 Phasing 2 40m dipoles and other antennas
071014tech-003 52.01 Four square antennas are discussed
071014tech-003 54.50 N2EO says a good source for wire antennas is book Low Band Dxing by ON4UN thru ARRL
071014tech-003 57.59 MELS EMAIL 02 - Advertisement for GAP antenna - true or is it hype?
071014tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 02 - Advertisement for GAP antenna - true or is it hype?
071014tech-004 8.00 Looking at the GAP's shunt inductors
071014tech-004 15.51 Why GAP's local noise is similar to signal to noise ratio
071014tech-004 21.09 The efficiency of GAP antennas
071014tech-004 23.50 Mel refers to a QST article regarding the background of the GAP antenna
071014tech-004 27.37 MELS EMAIL 03 - Funny looking HF mobile antenna with a ring and 4 spokes-what is it?
071014tech-004 33.02 Judging the gain of a mobile antenna consists of a large number of factors
071014tech-004 39.00 How the SATIMO instrument works by measuring antenna performance
071014tech-004 47.03 Dick explains the making of a sleeve-fed monopole/bazooka fed monopole
071014tech-004 52.05 The shielding of a sleeve fed monopole
071014tech-004 55.22 The Cellwave company and its history
071014tech-004 58.12 The bandwidth of the sleeve fed monopole


October 21, 2007 Show

071021tech-001 2.50 WB2QGZ Bill: What brand grease do you use for a Yeasu G400 rotor?
071021tech-001 6.11 Granger gets high marks for grease selection
071021tech-001 9.10 Mel speaks highly of Lubraplate and how to properly apply it
071021tech-001 12.45 Prop pitch rotors and their maintenance
071021tech-001 18.01 KC2QMJ Steven: A drive/Q/bandwidth question regarding the Kenwood TS-520
071021tech-001 27.01 Using pi-network with the TS-520's drive and plates
071021tech-001 33.59 Kenwood 830 compared to the Kenwood TS-520
071021tech-001 41.00 K2QMJ Steven: How doe butterfly capacitors work?
071021tech-001 44.10 How does the 955 tube circuit work?
071021tech-001 47.35 A grid dip meter conversion from tube to solid state
071021tech-001 49.09 Tubes that are used in grid dip meters and ham rigs
071021tech-001 53.00 Comparing low voltage oscillators
071021tech-001 55.02 General Radio 857 schematic and others can be found at
071021tech-001 57.11 The Drake R4C's legendary noise blanker
071021tech-002 0.00 Con't The Drake R4C's legendary noise blanker
071021tech-002 0.49 Homebrew solid state replacements circuits
071021tech-002 6.28 Circa 1940 converters and the tubes used in them
071021tech-002 9.48 Explanation of noise figure and noise power density
071021tech-002 15.16 The astronomy lectures with Joe Taylor that Dick attended
071021tech-002 17.39 Doing moon bounce with an HT at the Aricebo Radar Installation
071021tech-002 18.50 Discussing GasFETs and how the use of filters effect their performance
071021tech-002 30.35 Achieving preamplifier stability
071021tech-002 34.30 Dick: Sign of the times: Elmering through TechNets
071021tech-002 37.53 WB2HWW Howie How much is the noise figure raised when a power transistor is involved?
071021tech-002 38.25 The inside story of power transistors
071021tech-002 42.00 has indexed/audio streaming TechNets available now
071021tech-002 43.32 Dick summarizes the microwave conference he attended in Philadelphia
071021tech-002 51.05 Observations of the Aricebo Radar Installation
071021tech-002 55.05 Mels shares his visit to Aricebo's control room
071021tech-003 0.00 An overview of modern GasFET transistors
071021tech-003 3.41 IF shifts and their relation to the Doppler effect
071021tech-003 10.01 Dick shares an example of a radiomentry experiment
071021tech-003 18.05 Recent SETI and Exoplanet detection research
071021tech-003 23.40 MELS EMAIL 01 Good articles on elevated monopoles in QST 1/95 Ham radio Mag. 5/83
071021tech-003 31.20 Most antennas are derived from the dipole design
071021tech-003 38.21 Open feed line and its resonance
071021tech-003 45.13 Antenna networking comparing series and parallel
071021tech-003 51.38 What happens to the J Factor when the dipole isn't equal on both sides
071021tech-004 0.00 Con't What happens to the J Factor when the dipole isn't equal on both sides
071021tech-004 1.03 Wavelength to diameter ratio-does it effect the impedance at the feed point?
071021tech-004 3.45 Wavelength/Diameter graphs can be found in the 1961 Antenna Engineering HB 3.3 & 3.4
071021tech-004 9.31 Wavelength/Diameter graphs can also be downloaded at bottom home page
071021tech-004 12.26 How to easily make a fat dipole for 80m
071021tech-004 16.29 The slow moving resistive component of dipoles
071021tech-004 19.45 The radiation efficiency of using different gauge dipole wire
071021tech-004 23.40 Antenna modeling and Kraus's Infinitessible dipole theory reexamined
071021tech-004 41.05 Boom length vs gain of a yagi
071021tech-004 45.35 K9LNS website good source of info on SteppIR antenna arrays
071021tech-004 49.10 Advertisement- yagis to half size but getting good performance with high pot loading-hype?


October 28, 2007 Show

071028tech-001 2.30 KC2MDP Steve: Converting a crystal Motorola APCOR radio to use in the ham bands-possible?
071028tech-001 8.50 Possible website of schematics for Motorola radios on
071028tech-001 13.55 WB2CDL Andy gives background on APCOR radios
071028tech-001 17.07 N2EO looking for computer control software for the TenTec Orion 2
071028tech-001 19.40 SPACE REPORT w/ WS2N Paul Women now commanding the ISS
071028tech-001 23.45 Doubling the size of the ISS on drawing board
071028tech-001 27.00 A2WKV George Is there an HT with Bluetooth technology on the market?
071028tech-001 27.20 W2TTT Gordon shared Yeasu Bluetooth product line and ARRL website article on Bluetooth
071028tech-001 32.01 Bluetooth possible solution to RF exposure problem?
071028tech-001 35.19 KE2QR Fred Suggests internet's Yahoo group i.e.. Yeasu FTM1 has info on Bluetooth technology
071028tech-001 36.10 W2TTT Gordon: Is Bluetooth really that safe? Dick: Yes
071028tech-001 40.53 N2APG Dave A new comet can be seen with binoculars- info on
071028tech-001 49.29 NASA's New Mars Recovery Mission - Pros and Cons
071028tech-002 0.00 Mel: Why don't more hams use speaker mics to avoid RF exposure?
071028tech-002 6.21 Review of the recent LIMARC hamfest
071028tech-002 9.50 The GAP antenna and zigzagging of coax line
071028tech-002 10.20 Electronic lengths vs physical lengths of a dipole
071028tech-002 19.50 The GAP antenna and zigzagging of coax line revisited
071028tech-002 27.30 Dick examines photos of different GAP antennas
071028tech-002 34.10 Test results if an antenna is laid on the ground
071028tech-002 36.03 The Herbie Snake Antenna-how it's made and how it works
071028tech-002 38.01 The surprising efficiency of a cell phone antenna
071028tech-002 39.50 Do I need a balun if I use a 300 ohm twin lead?
071028tech-002 41.09 Ways to get your feed line through a house window
071028tech-002 45.50 How to make a balun for a 300 ohm twin lead
071028tech-002 47.58 N2EO Rich gives high marks for DX Engineering baluns
071028tech-002 50.49 Dick gives high marks for the ARRL Antenna Book and CD
071028tech-002 54.58 How Dick ran his feed line through his window with a piece of fiberboard
071028tech-002 56.05 How Paul WS2N fed his lines into his house
071028tech-003 0.00 How Mel uses AC foam to get feed line through his window
071028tech-003 2.15 KC2BYB Dan: Not enough room for G5RV, made a slanted inverted V, but no luck on 40m
071028tech-003 11.02 Mels shares his experiment with different dipole antennas heights
071028tech-003 15.00 Dick: Vertical antenna's height off the ground plays a large role in performance
071028tech-003 19.25 Using multiple antennas to handle Faraday Rotation
071028tech-003 29.26 Is there software that monitors QTH and antenna surroundings
071028tech-003 33.58 WA2CDL Andy and Dick evaluate the GAP Titan antenna
071028tech-003 40.33 Looking at the GAP Titan zigzag design
071028tech-003 51.51 MELS EMAIL 01- How do you properly attach an antenna to a rotor
071028tech-003 52.33 Understanding what factors cause slippage
071028tech-003 55.39 Understanding wind balancing and use of a weathervane
071028tech-003 57.52 Mel shares his experience in drilling through a rotor for modification
071028tech-004 0.00 Con't Mel shares his experience in drilling through a rotor for modification
071028tech-004 7.04 MELS EMAIL 02- Are there any products that reduce light pollution for the astronomer?
071028tech-004 21.31 Different type of street light glass used to battle light pollution
071028tech-004 23.49 The advantages for using the proper telescope
071028tech-004 26.05 Possible UFOs that Dick saw through his binoculars while looking at his antenna tower
071028tech-004 28.56 Mel: The 1965 Kecksburg PA UFO incident may be reopened
071028tech-004 33.49 MELS EMAIL 03- Does insulated wire effect a quad Yagi's tuning?
071028tech-004 38.50 How inductance changes due to the different types of covered wire
071028tech-004 46.05 MELS EMAIL 04- Explain how to determine the Q and frequency of crystal filters
071028tech-004 47.50 Mel suggests crystal article in QST by W1FC Doug Seymour
071028tech-004 50.01 Dick and Mel go deeper in the making of crystal filters
071028tech-004 61.05 Timewave DSP unit vs. crystal filters


November 4, 2007 Show

071104tech-001 2.00 N2EO Rich Problem with the Ameritron transformer relay, filament, possible tube hot-spots
071104tech-001 8.25 Mel and Dick go into detail about relays and resistors
071104tech-001 15.58 Double Pole vs. Single Pole relays
071104tech-001 19.42 Dick gives high marks for Digikey, Allied, and Mauser for electronic parts
071104tech-001 21.51 Relays, contacts, and in-rush current examined
071104tech-001 31.06 Is it safe to transmit 10w through a mag mount in the living room?
071104tech-001 34.15 N2NYW Ed Receiver S-Meter discrepancy between two rigs receiving the same repeater
071104tech-001 44.38 WB2CUK Bill Remedy offered for N2EO Ameritron problem
071104tech-001 45.40 WB2CUK Bill shares how his Klegg FM27B works
071104tech-001 47.26 W2IGH Hugo has all TechNets on streaming audio from Sept 2006
071104tech-001 48.56 W2IGH Hugo Has been using a 400 Ohm ladder line with a G5RV w/good results-opinions?
071104tech-001 55.13 What happens when you raise the height of a G5RV
071104tech-001 56.31 has all TechNets on streaming audio from Sept 2006
071104tech-002 0.14 W2IGH Hugo G5RV balun was not changed, now using an MFJ9418 tuner - revisited
071104tech-002 1.11 Four things to check when using a tuner
071104tech-002 5.01 SPACE REPORT w/Paul WS2N Repairing of the ISS solar panels update
071104tech-002 9.50 Future shuttle/ISS mission plans on
071104tech-002 14.10 145.430 Kings Park repeater good source for transmitted NASA info
071104tech-002 16.11 The coverage of NASA Select TV
071104tech-002 17.37 Mel: We could not have the NYC Marathon without amateur radio
071104tech-002 18.50 Mel and Dick review the 2007 NYC Marathon
071104tech-002 23.10 Dick's articles can be found on K5RMG (Roadrunners Microwave Group) website
071104tech-002 28.35 MELS EMAIL 01-Is propagation better as you near the equator?
071104tech-002 33.40 Dick: What really moves a radio signal in free space?
071104tech-002 35.26 ISS solar panel repair revisited
071104tech-002 51.39 The possibilities of harvesting solar power on earth
071104tech-002 52.58 ISS solar panel repair revisited
071104tech-003 0.00 Renewable energy vs. oil
071104tech-003 1.29 Transequitorial propagation discussed
071104tech-003 3.00 MELS EMAIL 02- Evaluation of Collins filters
071104tech-003 9.50 Dick evaluates test filters and noise blankers that were/are on the market
071104tech-003 11.30 WS2N Paul Cable box clock was not reset correctly for daylight savings time
071104tech-003 15.05 KC2JGH John Want to replace the ladder line to coax on the Vangorden Shorty antenna
071104tech-003 20.00 MELS EMAIL 03 - The GAP antenna and the impedance matching equation
071104tech-003 21.50 Google: "dipole broadbanding techniques" good source for impedance matching within the dipole
071104tech-003 22.20 Dec 2006 IEEE Antenna and Propagation Proceedings - good article on dipole bandwidth
071104tech-003 23.10 Dick explains the Generic Technique
071104tech-003 26.10 MELS EMAIL 4- Is a vertical antenna with an elevated feed line better than one with a loading coil?
071104tech-003 33.39 Factors that cause polarization
071104tech-003 35.45 MELS EMAIL O5- Can I use the stub concept to shorten radials?
071104tech-003 41.10 Laying down ground plain radials
071104tech-003 48.02 What's needed to change an antenna's pattern
071104tech-003 52.04 Different ways hams can test their antennas
071104tech-003 55.01 MELS EMAIL 06 - How small of an antenna can I use for 432Mhz moonbounce?
071104tech-004 0.00 MELS EMAIL 06 - How small of an antenna can I use for 432Mhz moonbounce? Revisited
071104tech-004 3.50 What's easier - 2m moonbounce or 70cm moonbounce?
071104tech-004 6.21 K2UIH-432 And Above-EME News - good source for moonbounce info
071104tech-004 10.00 How to improve your moonbounce experience
071104tech-004 15.20 What time of day is best for moonbouncing?
071104tech-004 18.32 MELS EMAIL 07- Is LORAN C still operating?
071104tech-004 25.24 MELS EMAIL 08- Is there any fiber optics interest in ham radio?
071104tech-004 30.16 MELS EMAIL 09- Discuss the DSP system by the Watkins & Johnson Company
071104tech-004 33.14 The exciting future of SDR (Software Defined Radio) and the Elecraft K3
071104tech-004 41.12 Are there any towns that are totally WiFi?
071104tech-004 46.00 WiFi yagis designs and WiFi encryption
071104tech-004 51.09 Mel give very high marks for the Elecraft K3


November 11, 2007 Show

071111tech-001 2.00 K2MU Tony Signal distortion caused by polar ionosphere
071111tech-001 3.54 The VE8AT beacon at the North Pole and its frequency
071111tech-001 5.00 To get Doppler shift does there have to be real velocity?
071111tech-001 9.21 All about Serrodyne Modulation
071111tech-001 14.05 "The Radar Handbook" by Merrill Skolnick good source for Serrodyne Modulation
071111tech-001 15.29 What creates Doppler and how it behaves when radar is used
071111tech-001 17.39 Dick shares his aircraft scatter experiment
071111tech-001 26.16 Doppler shift and auroral back scatter
071111tech-001 30.15 Different types of scatter
071111tech-001 31.28 LIMARC's Swap and Shop Net is on Thursday Nights
071111tech-001 35.41 W2PNJ Bob: Is Belden 8257 better than Belden 8214?
071111tech-001 42.25 Mel praises the quality of the Belden 9914 for feedline
071111tech-001 45.27 Dick's favorite cables to use with rotators is RG9 and RG214
071111tech-001 48.05 W2OSR several transmission cable types are discussed
071111tech-002 0.00 Continued W2OSR several transmission cable types are discussed
071111tech-002 6.28 KC2BYV Dan wants to make a G5RV vertical - is that a good idea?
071111tech-002 7.03 Dick and Mel share opinions on vertical dipoles
071111tech-002 16.42 Bazooka fed dipole explained
071111tech-002 18.31 KC2OES Fred Has RCA AR8505 tube receiver- is it worth it to replace 5 of the 6 tubes?
071111tech-002 22.54 The RCA AR8505 has two screw terminals in the back-are they for a twin lead?
071111tech-002 24.31 Mel: How to properly test tubes
071111tech-002 25.56 Mel explains "The Great Key Night"
071111tech-002 31.09 Are the 5AGU series of fuses still available?
071111tech-002 37.15 SPACE REPORT PAUL WS2N: Cassini mission update
071111tech-002 41.08 STS-120 returns, Paul corrects facts he gave last week
071111tech-002 46.08 What's on the Russian space drawing board
071111tech-002 47.45 NOVA "Cassini Project" show highly praised
071111tech-002 49.35 What are the long-term goals for the ISS?
071111tech-002 56.00 The benefits of space science and research
071111tech-003 0.00 Cont The benefits of space science and research
071111tech-003 1.01 NOVA "Cassini Project" Show good source for Doppler examples
071111tech-003 6.55 Challenges of Apollo 13 and Apollo 15
071111tech-003 9.14 Apollo moon landing trivia
071111tech-003 19.56 MELS EMAIL 01: Found a square antenna in silent keys garage-what kind is it?
071111tech-003 20.35 Mel goes into detail of the Cushcraft Square Pole product line
071111tech-003 22.45 Loop, Hula-hoop, and Halo antennas discussed
071111tech-003 31.02 MELS EMAIL 02: "RFD599" is a part of my receiver - what is it?
071111tech-003 32.03 Moon landing trivia revisited: Plaque on the Moon
071111tech-003 39.45 MELS EMAIL 03: Can I use my 20m antenna to work on 40m?
071111tech-003 46.40 The correct definition of the term "resonate"
071111tech-003 49.30 Remote tuning at the antenna with a tuner from LDG Electronics
071111tech-004 0.00 Alternatives to tuning a wire antenna
071111tech-004 2.55 MELS EMAIL 04: The effects of tilting a vertical dipole to a horizontal dipole
071111tech-004 9.38 MELS EMAIL 05: What's better- a sloping dipole or an inverted V
071111tech-004 13.25 MELS EMAIL 06: No room for 80m ground plains, will a 40m ground plain suffice
071111tech-004 18.00 Changing antenna wavelengths and the necessity of a ground plain
071111tech-004 19.00 The importance of testing your antenna on air with other hams
071111tech-004 20.30 MELS EMAIL 07: Receiving with a vertical and a dipole- why do they perform the same?
071111tech-004 21.30 How a lot of factors like Faraday rotation effect radio waves between two hams at the same time.
071111tech-004 33.09 The WOW signal of 1977 examined
071111tech-004 34.35 How adding a clip lead to your rig effects the S/N ratio
071111tech-004 49.20 The WOW signal examined of 1977 revisited


November 18, 2007 Show

071118tech-001 1.55 Cutting the middle of a 80m loop to a square dipole-will the performance change?
071118tech-001 5.01 Mel explains the workings of his 80m loop and other antennas
071118tech-001 12.20 Dick gives different ways to alter the makeup of the antenna
071118tech-001 17.30 WJ2B Ron shares results of feeding an 80m triangular loop with coax
071118tech-001 20.01 KC2RXV Ken Using 2 HTs with the same antenna, one receives better than the other-why?
071118tech-001 23.05 Dick: Andy WA2CDL good source to test your rig at LIMARC Ham fests
071118tech-001 26.28 Mel: The problem with interchanging HT antennas
071118tech-001 29.02 The challenges of interchanging antennas with the Yeasu VX7 quad band HT
071118tech-001 32.00 After market HT antennas or OEM rubber duck-which will perform better?
071118tech-001 37.07 High marks for Diamond HT antennas
071118tech-001 39.11 The necessity of checking the HTs' attenuators when comparing HTs
071118tech-001 42.37 Intermodulation distortion drops 30dBs when a 10dB step attenuators is used
071118tech-001 44.29 Building a 902Mhz repeater - need advices on cavity filters and antennas to use
071118tech-001 51.49 The importance of working with METROCOR when setting up a repeater
071118tech-001 54.33 TV monitors available for an ICOM rig?
071118tech-001 58.27 Hot wheel's "Speed gun" can be used as a crude 10Ghz HT
071118tech-002 0.00 Dick: Drawback of using a Hot wheel speed gun to be used as a 10Ghz HT
071118tech-002 4.49 How Dick does QRP on 10Ghz
071118tech-002 10.09 A 10Ghz test that can be shared among hams
071118tech-002 10.45 SPACE REPORT WITH WS2N Paul Update on the ISS's Harmony node
071118tech-002 14.13 The upcoming Constellation Program- what is it?
071118tech-002 19.02 Moon bases to be put on the moon in near future
071118tech-002 20.46 New Moon rover designs
071118tech-002 22.09 The shuttle's versatile robotic arm
071118tech-002 28.12 4th year anniversary coming up for Spirit and Opportunity
071118tech-002 29.17 Which has better performance- a pure vertical 1/2 wave dipole or a vertical polarized loop?
071118tech-002 35.06 N2MB Barry shares his experience with his vertical 1/2 wave
071118tech-002 40.05 Barry and Dick discuss plans for possible future antenna project
071118tech-002 53.34 Mel describes the K3LR antenna
071118tech-002 54.39 Dick and Barry vertical dipole planning revisited
071118tech-003 0.00 Cont Dick and Barry vertical dipole planning revisited
071118tech-003 0.45 Examining the 7J4ALL/JR3 antenna design and its possibilities
071118tech-003 2.24 MELS EMAIL 01-Trying a 40m vertical dipole at different angles, but works best at 60 degrees-why?
071118tech-003 5.30 The myths about placing a vertical dipole adjacent to a tower
071118tech-003 9.42 Scenarios of angle of radiation and antenna lobes
071118tech-003 13.03 Discussion on ground mirroring and mirror images
071118tech-003 19.41 CQ Magazine by K3LR p.6 good source on phasing systems
071118tech-003 24.09 K3LR Four square phasing examined
071118tech-003 28.10 Past and future AMSAT satellites and their types of orbit
071118tech-003 33.51 AMSATS's Eagle Phase 3 and 4 satellite project objectives
071118tech-003 35.00 MELS EMAIL 02- SSB sounds "mushy" on Collins R-390-what's wrong?
071118tech-003 44.45 Mels gives in depth history of Collins SSB rigs
071118tech-003 49.03 Mel continues with Rockwell's take over of Collins
071118tech-003 54.41 The high demand for Collins mechanical filters
071118tech-003 56.58 The Collins 651-S-1 receiver discussed
071118tech-004 0.00 Cont The Collins 651-S-1 receiver discussed
071118tech-004 1.19 Collins move into solid state rig design
071118tech-004 6.55 MELS EMAIL 03- My manual antenna tuner gets hot- is that normal?
071118tech-004 10.16 Mel: The use of a field strength meter
071118tech-004 16.28 MELS EMAIL 04- Why does my linear amp say " tune quickly at a low level"
071118tech-004 18.19 Peak level, PEP, and normal levels discussed
071118tech-004 22.02 The ideal way to set up a rig with a two-tone test
071118tech-004 27.11 The ratio of PEP ratings explained in detail
071118tech-004 30.45 Mel talks about his collection of Collins receivers
071118tech-004 33.48 MELS EMAIL 05- Remedies for non-balanced antennas
071118tech-004 40.35 End fed antennas and the challenges of having different wavelengths


November 25, 2007 Show

071125tech-001 1.45 The use of a 1/2 wave coax balun
071125tech-001 7.50 How Mel uses ladder line at his shack
071125tech-001 11.30 MFJ and DX Engineering good source for balun boxes
071125tech-001 15.45 W2JPW Information on Dstar requested
071125tech-001 17.44 How to obtain IEEE article hardcopies without having to join the IEEE
071125tech-001 20.00 The state of DStar revisited
071125tech-001 23.14 Do aging power supplies make noise? If so, does the noise interfere with HF?
071125tech-001 28.13 Are all switching power supplies noise-free?
071125tech-001 29.25 XQ2FHD website and QST article (Dec 99 and Dec 00) good article for switching power supplies
071125tech-001 36.36 Ferrite cores- How can I get the most out of them?
071125tech-001 39.03 How to make use of a sniffer antenna
071125tech-001 43.40 Interference cause by your rig transmitting
071125tech-001 45.50 WB2WW give in depth information on Dstar
071125tech-001 47.20 The capabilities of 1.2 Ghz and 902MHz ham bands, the equipment and how to find them on EBay
071125tech-002 0.00 Cont The capabilities of 1.2 Ghz and 902MHz ham bands, the equipment and how to find them on EBay
071125tech-002 3.02 SPACE REPORT with Paul WS2N Scientific America Dec 07 good article on GLEST
071125tech-002 5.11 Harmony module, Spirit, and Oportunity update
071125tech-002 11.09 Putting a base on the Moon's South Pole
071125tech-002 16.49 Mel experiments with his 40m dipole at different positions and posts his results
071125tech-002 34.02 Dick shares hi upcoming inverted v project
071125tech-002 37.20 Are there any differences in the performance between a horizontal dipole and a vertical dipole?
071125tech-002 59.30 (U of Tenn amateur radio club) good info on a launching an amateur radio balloon
071125tech-003 0.00 Cont balloon set to go to 40K feet on 10Mhz and 144.390
071125tech-003 4.30 More questions regarding Mel's pine tree antenna structure
071125tech-003 7.10 Does Mars have water? How can we get an astronaut there?
071125tech-003 12.06 The moon's expanding orbit and the ice on the moon's surface
071125tech-003 27.50 Discovery Channel show Mars Rising good source for addressing challenges to go to Mars
071125tech-003 33.09 The problem with recycling human consumables on the way to Mars
071125tech-003 36.55 The need for a new propulsion system to get to Mars in less time
071125tech-003 42.50 The accelerated pace of technology
071125tech-003 50.00 MELS EMAIL 01- Email feedback
071125tech-003 55.58 MELS EMAIL 02- Factors that cause TV interference and a look at harmonics
071125tech-004 0.00 The high pass filter agreement between the FCC and TV manufacturers
071125tech-004 3.10 Mel explains the transmission line notch filter and the T-Connector stub filter
071125tech-004 8.05 TV interference, the blaming of hams, and possible solutions
071125tech-004 18.00 The designs of high pass and low pass filters
071125tech-004 29.04 MELS EMAIL 03- How can you tell the efficiency of a 40m vertical
071125tech-004 33.14 Mel and Dick discuss antenna efficiency
071125tech-004 39.35 RT and RR of antenna efficiency
071125tech-004 48.47 Testing a 14Mhz counter poise when connected on an automobile
071125tech-004 51.15 Does air have loss?


December 2, 2007 Show

071202tech-001 1.30 Ways you can listen in on the Space Shuttle
071202tech-001 1.50 145.430 and cable's NASA Select Channel good sources for shuttle broadcasts
071202tech-001 10.25 Listening to the Japanese satellite polar orbiting the moon on 2Ghz
071202tech-001 15.05 WA1MBA web site microwave reflector has info on the Japanese satellite
071202tech-001 18.00 W2TTT Gordon shares his plans of how to pick up the Japanese satellite
071202tech-001 26.30 W2OSR Bob examines the Cobra HF antenna
071202tech-001 33.18 Ways to properly miniaturize your antenna
071202tech-001 36.09 Granite State Antennas website good source for antenna info
071202tech-001 39.30 Is it effective to use return loss when measuring an antenna?
071202tech-001 43.47 Dick: Reflective Power (SWR) and antenna gain are almost always unrelated
071202tech-001 51.09 Mel: How antenna modeling software does a poor job in factoring in soil conditions
071202tech-002 0.00 Cont Mel: How antenna modeling software does a poor job in factoring in soil conditions
071202tech-002 2.28 KC2OCS Fred PD transmits near his QTH and causes interference - Any suggestions?
071202tech-002 4.18 Overload and band pass filters
071202tech-002 9.01 Dick explains what a Coaxial Stub Tuner is and what multiple filters do
071202tech-002 18.39 WB2CQT Larry The role of a helical filter
071202tech-002 21.42 Is it better to measure an antenna at the antenna or at the rig?
071202tech-002 28.01 Ham band filters and their high costs
071202tech-002 29.49 Coaxial Cavity Filters may be the answer for home brewers
071202tech-002 30.50 Tracking filters and their names
071202tech-002 36.30 The usefulness of an attenuator, how it works and its misunderstandings
071202tech-002 48.19 Dick shares his SSB 432Mhz DX experiment to a fellow ham in the Carolinas
071202tech-002 54.50 Building your own rig vs. building your own antenna
071202tech-002 56.02 Dick: High altitude always brings in better signals
071202tech-003 2.32 Mels shares cavity filters and transceiver tests in the early days of repeaters
071202tech-003 6.15 WA2CDL Andy The FCC ruling on 2nd harmonic levels
071202tech-003 12.50 Town near Taiwan scared of unfounded cell tower RF
071202tech-003 15.51 BPL interference to amateur radio
071202tech-003 22.02 WB2BXO Frank The FCC, BPL, and mobile measurements
071202tech-003 30.04 Frank has problem with HF tuning and his SWR meter
071202tech-003 40.00 Properly using the Bird Watt Meter
071202tech-003 44.30 MELS EMAIL 01 - Please explain in more detail radiation resistance and heighten wavelength
071202tech-003 48.30 Dick explains the design of the Sleeve Dipole
071202tech-003 54.15 WB2HWW Howie explains how he used ham sticks as a loaded dipole on HF
071202tech-003 56.45 Sloping dipole experiments
071202tech-004 0.00 MELS EMAIL 02 - Listener thanks Technet for resolving his TVI problem
071202tech-004 1.26 MELS EMAIL 03- Can I use a Collins 31L amp with a new rig and how do I hook up the ALC?
071202tech-004 2.19 Precautions with ALCs
071202tech-004 5.02 ALC and drivers that are built into rigs
071202tech-004 7.49 Mel goes into detail re: the legendary Collins 31L amp circuits
071202tech-004 15.01 MELS EMAIL 04- The westcoast HETLV vertical- do you know anything about them
071202tech-004 26.20 MELS EMAIL 05- Please give an example pf a changing a constanets of the 468 frequency formula
071202tech-004 29.30 Dick gives a different approach to the 468Mhz formula
071202tech-004 38.20 Dick: RF energy is blind and a discussion on inductance, capacitance, and resonance
071202tech-004 43.38 MELS EMAIL 06- How can I convert 75 ohm hard line to 50 ohms
071202tech-004 48.42 Mel suggested using a single stub tuner to the impedance form 75 ohms to 50 ohms
071202tech-004 51.05 Mel and Dick agree to use a Smith Chart for the impedance conversion


December 9, 2007 Show

071209tech-001 3.19 WS2N Paul Has questions on a spinning magnet coil sensor taken from his car
071209tech-001 8.00 Dick asks Paul for details and description of the magnet and coil
071209tech-001 11.01 Paul has puzzling questions regarding the magnet
071209tech-001 12.19 Examining how the voltage get the coil and how the spring and rod operates
071209tech-001 23.58 The different way a piece of steel can be magnetized
071209tech-001 26.17 Redial vs Actual magnetism
071209tech-001 28.50 Outrunner vs. Inrunner motors
071209tech-001 31.39 Dick asks Paul for details and description of the magnet and coil revisited
071209tech-001 36.31 Behavior of magnetic fields around different magnets
071209tech-001 55.05 Printed circuit motors and their coils
071209tech-001 59.20 Radio control model airplanes, their motors and motor magnets
071209tech-002 0.00 Cont Radio control model airplanes, their motors and motor magnets
071209tech-002 0.30 The latest in rare earth magnets
071209tech-002 13.49 The low noise factor of new brushless DC motors
071209tech-002 19.58 SPACE REPORT WS2N Paul Shuttle put on hold due to faulty hydrogen fuel sensors
071209tech-002 33.00 SMITH CHART LESSON #9 Stopping antenna mismatches with stubs
071209tech-002 35.31 How magnets are magnetized
071209tech-002 36.40 The magnetic fields of MRIs and their dangers
071209tech-002 49.15 Poor working conditions for trades people around the world
071209tech-002 57.09 Cont SMITH CHART LESSON #9 Stub antenna matching
071209tech-003 0.00 Cont SMITH CHART LESSON #9 Stub antenna matching
071209tech-003 16.00 Dick summarizes the progress in SMITH CHART LESSON #9
071209tech-003 21.47 Dick explains the Pico farad per foot in SMITH CHART LESSON #9
071209tech-003 25.49 Review of SMITH CHART LESSON #9
071209tech-003 34.29 Stub tuning vs terroid and baluns (SMITH CHART LESSON #9)
071209tech-003 37.13 Making a 75 ohm dummy load (SMITH CHART LESSON #9)
071209tech-003 47.29 MELS EMAIL 01 What is the construction of a Full wave triangle antenna system
071209tech-004 0.00 MELS EMAIL 02 Modifying headphones for a hearing impaired ham
071209tech-004 7.02 The power of 16 ohm headphones
071209tech-004 12.26 The Baxandal Circuit and what it does
071209tech-004 14.51 MELS EMAIL 03 A ham's SuperPro 600's S-Meter reads higher than his newer gear - why?
071209tech-004 16.55 S-Meters are far from accurate
071209tech-004 20.30 Short history of the S-Meter
071209tech-004 22.48 Dick: The microvolt is the real measurable unit in S-Meters
071209tech-004 30.00 The demise of HP's Instrumentation Division
071209tech-004 39.09 Revisited SMITH CHART LESSON #9 impedance matching
071209tech-004 41.47 MELS EMAIL 04 Does the loading coil of a horizontal dipole have to be placed in the middle?


December 16, 2007 Show

071216tech-001 2.40 Was the Yeasu 1000D designed to transmit on the CB band?
071216tech-001 6.05 Advantages of having a ham radio license
071216tech-001 11.30 US's unique 900Mhz band
071216tech-001 13.29 A testimony of an ex-CBer
071216tech-001 17.15 CB vs Ham Radio
071216tech-001 26.00 WS2N Paul automobile sensor discussion revisited from 071209tech-001 03.19
071216tech-001 35.17 Paul and Dick examine the sensor's magnetic field
071216tech-001 37.09 Paul explains the markings on his sensor
071216tech-001 49.34 QST Jan 2008 has article on Smith Charts and the proper stacking of yagis
071216tech-001 51.26 Yagi phasing examined
071216tech-001 58.00 W2TTT Gordon, looking back at 220Mhz ham transverters
071216tech-002 0.00 Cont W2TTT Gordon, looking back at 220Mhz ham transverters
071216tech-002 2.40 WA2CDL Andy: QST Jan 2008 article "World Above 50Mhz" article good source for yagi stacking
071216tech-002 15.05 Dick elaborates on the QST Jan 2008 article "World Above 50Mhz" article
071216tech-002 22.06 Does increase of power effect the antenna effective captive area?
071216tech-002 30.11 Mel shares his experience of stacking and angle of radiation
071216tech-002 40.02 How feedline termination of the 2nd yagi effects a 2 stacked yagi array
071216tech-002 42.21 What is the ideal stacking distance?
071216tech-002 48.41 Does stacking 2 yagis improve low angle performance?
071216tech-002 52.36 In a stacked arrangement, is there a decrease in front to back ratio?
071216tech-002 56.54 If both yagis can rotate, can that improve performance and efficiency during contesting?
071216tech-003 0.00 Cont If both yagis can rotate, can that improve performance and efficiency during contesting?
071216tech-003 1.30 WA2CDL Andy: SteppIR antenna can instantly make a forward beam into a reverse beam.
071216tech-003 3.39 Does stacking cause a null above 30 degrees?
071216tech-003 7.50 Are stacking kits worth the investment?
071216tech-003 10.04 Dick explains the Law of Diminishing Return
071216tech-003 17.00 Rules to follow if you're making a beam with more than three elements
071216tech-003 19.35 Dick names websites as good sources for yagi information
071216tech-003 20.02 SPACE REPORT WS2N Paul Preview of STS122 that is on hold until January
071216tech-003 28.00 Discussion on gamma ray telescopes and other telescopes
071216tech-003 35.19 Update on Shuttle hydrogen engine sensors and the Hubble Telescope
071216tech-003 42.55 Why does Hailey's Comet's tail last so long?
071216tech-003 50.45 Are comets the only moving space objects that are made of ice?
071216tech-003 54.09 Global warming- natural or man-made?
071216tech-003 55.20 MELS EMAIL 01- Ham thanks TechNet for info discussed on modifying headphones
071216tech-003 56.40 MELS EMAIL 02- Gunplexers - W1GHZ website good source for gunplexer information
071216tech-004 0.00 Cont MELS EMAIL 02- Gunplexers - W1GHZ website good source for gunplexer information
071216tech-004 2.01 Fresnel plates and lenses
071216tech-004 9.07 MELS EMAIL 03 - Explain more about how to make directional couplers from Mel's lecture
071216tech-004 21.45 Dick: ARRL Handbook has good chapter on directional coupler designs
071216tech-004 34.03 Mel shares the early days of his 1W repeater and his colleague George WB3FRY
071216tech-004 39.40 MELS EMAIL 04 - Please explain logarithmic equations for signals
071216tech-004 47.22 Mel gives detail history of the decibel
071216tech-004 54.38 Rules of TechNet emails


December 23, 2007 Show

071223tech-001 2.42 K2QIW: Should I buy a first production rig or wait? Does the price drop later on?
071223tech-001 14.01 Yaesu FT1000 and the Yaesu FT9000 production run quality
071223tech-001 18.31 Dick: The advantages of buying older rigs
071223tech-001 27.40 No-lead government soldering initiative update
071223tech-001 31.20 Opinions on feeding full wave loop baluns
071223tech-001 35.50 Mel shares his experience with loops on 40m and 80m
071223tech-001 36.45 All about Mel's Johnson KW Matchbox
071223tech-001 40.02 Faraday rotation and the ionosphere
071223tech-001 44.45 Benefits of an open wire line
071223tech-001 46.51 Joe and Glen describes how his 160m loop is designs
071223tech-001 54.41 The strong front end of Motorola's HTs
071223tech-001 62.41 Jan 2008 QST article "Above 50Mhz" revisited
071223tech-001 64.04 Andy (WA2CDL): preview of Diodes and Square Law discussion suggested
071223tech-002 0.00 Andy (WA2CDL): preview of Diodes and Square Law discussion suggested
071223tech-002 1.25 KC2RGW Chris: What would be the performance feeding the long side of an isoceles triangle loop?
071223tech-002 9.45 Debate on horizontal dipole low band performance vs vertical dipoles low band performance
071223tech-002 14.17 TechNets available for download on as far back as 9/06
071223tech-002 15.34 Ground wave factors, take off angles, and polarization conclusions
071223tech-002 27.15 The passing of LIMARC'S Norm K2YEW and Van Field W2OQI
071223tech-002 30.10 The most common power ratios are 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1
071223tech-002 35.39 N2EO high marks Ten Tec production standards
071223tech-002 36.27 N2MB: Excellent band openings on 70cm band
071223tech-002 38.13 Mel: positive email re: TechNet coverage of the origins of CB radio (071216tech-001 2.40)
071223tech-002 39.11 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: The history of the dB
071223tech-002 42.09 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: How the term decibel came to be
071223tech-002 45.49 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: How multiples and percentages of the decibel were established
071223tech-003 0.00 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: How to compare dBs in ham radio and consumer electronics
071223tech-003 8.50 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: Dick uses dB comparisions with larger figures
071223tech-003 13.53 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: How to compensate dB on an analog scale
071223tech-003 16.17 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: dBs recorded on a volt, ohm, and milliamp meter
071223tech-003 21.20 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: Strange markings found on a bandpass filter roll off points
071223tech-003 25.21 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: dB gains
071223tech-003 36.37 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: Measuring dBs with a sound wave meter
071223tech-003 43.10 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: Human hearing, dBs, and hearing safety
071223tech-003 50.05 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01: Mel and Dick summarize the dB discussion
071223tech-003 57.36 MELS EMAIL 01: What is the difference between a full wave dipole and a rhombic antenna
071223tech-004 0.00 Con't MELS EMAIL 01: What is the difference between a full wave dipole and a rhombic antenna
071223tech-004 2.01 2m moonbounce examples using rhombic antennas
071223tech-004 5.51 Differences between a rhombic and a dipole revisited
071223tech-004 18.43 MELS EMAIL 02: Do radio frequencies exist above 300Ghz?
071223tech-004 27.00 Dick and Mel review the bands above 300Ghz
071223tech-004 34.41 What's more harmful - the sun's rays or RF from a cell phone?


December 30, 2007 Show

071230tech-001 2.36 KC2QIW Jeff: How do I use an automatic antenna tuner with my G5RV?
071230tech-001 13.50 KA2EJ Eric: The limitations of the G5RV-like any antenna
071230tech-001 15.40 KA2EJ Eric: Shares how he loaded the mast on top of the WTC
071230tech-001 17.41 Stories of using automatic antenna tuners on low and high power mode
071230tech-001 26.10 Mel shares how he improvised his W8CR Easy Tuner System
071230tech-001 32.02 Which is better- automatic or manual antenna tuners?
071230tech-001 33.16 Mel shares how he improvised his W8CR Easy Tuner System revisited
071230tech-001 39.21 W2OSR Bob: Changing the height of his 17m dipole and its effect on inductance
071230tech-001 49.31 The 135 year history of the dipole why it is still important
071230tech-001 52.50 Experiments hams can try with transmitting and receiving antennas
071230tech-002 0.00 Con't Experiments hams can try with transmitting and receiving antennas
071230tech-002 12.33 Glen: What's the best method to measure antenna polarization?
071230tech-002 16.04 The ionosphere and its effect on polarization
071230tech-002 26.30 Q: If more people listen to a station, does the quality of the signal decrease?
071230tech-002 35.02 Taking power from large overhead power lines-legal?
071230tech-002 53.01 Opinions on Theft of Signal and some examples
071230tech-003 0.00 The difference between theft of radio signal and theft of goods and services
071230tech-003 6.55 The Communications Act of 1996 and its effect on experimenters
071230tech-003 8.55 The Communications Act of 1996 vs the Communications Act of 1934
071230tech-003 11.54 The telephone Blue Box situation of the 1970s
071230tech-003 14.38 The spam problem on the internet
071230tech-003 20.40 W2TTT Gordon Explains the structure of BARA's TechNet
071230tech-003 23.02 Discussing W2TTT's high hit rate on
071230tech-003 31.15 W2PNJ Paul explains a large installation project of 118 atomic clock in a school with a 4w TX
071230tech-003 33.05 Latest projects on Dicks microwave reflector group (WA1MBA) using band openings
071230tech-003 35.00 Dick: Why VHF/UHF reflection is interesting
071230tech-003 38.00 Some extreme examples of shielding from RF
071230tech-003 42.31 Atomic clocks and their accuracy
071230tech-003 48.03 How national power grid phasing works and clock setting
071230tech-003 55.23 Scenarios LILCO's interruptions of power phasing
071230tech-004 0.00 Con't Scenarios LILCO's interruptions of power phasing
071230tech-004 7.19 MELS EMAIL 01: Listeners need more teaching on dB discussion of 071223tech-002, 003
071230tech-004 8.20 MELS DB DISCUSSION 01 revisited review from 071223-003 47.09 to 004 0.00
071230tech-004 10.01 Intro to Examinational Mathematics
071230tech-004 22.01 MELS EMAIL 02: Who invented the wet noodle antenna?