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Information provided by Gordon Beattie W2TTT
10-Jan-08 W2VVV Tim  
  KC2AWX  Harvey                  Question on propagation on 10m and 6m for 1/9/2008
  WI2W  Steve  
  K2ZO Jim                         On the QSO QSK device shown in February, 2008 QST
  K2AMI Tony                      Referenced the Jan VHF contest 19-20 January
  KC2PYB Richard  
  KC2SAV Al  
  KA2BDU Helmut                 Question:  Need a crystal for 28.3 – 28.5 MHz for a Collins 75S & 32S1. 
    1 or 2, as you can slave the transmitter to the receiver
  K2DSL David  
  KC2SKL Kelly  
  KO2OK  Bennett  
  KC2SNR Mike  
  N2OEL  Noel                      Question how to properly use segments of an LED Christmas light chain on a bicycle.
  N3CRT Charlie
  NS2K  Jim
  N2GOP Glenn
  WG2Y Bruce
  W2TTT Gordon, Net Control