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Information provided by Gordon Beattie W2TTT
July 19, 2007 WI2W Steve .
19-Jul-07 W4DSA Daniel .
19-Jul-07 N3CRT   Charlie .
19-Jul-07 NS2K     Jim .
19-Jul-07 NJ1W    Dave .
19-Jul-07 KC2AWX   Harvey .
19-Jul-07 K2AMI  Tony .
19-Jul-07 KC2QYM  Peter .
19-Jul-07 KO2OK  Bennett .
19-Jul-07 WB2HID Gene .
19-Jul-07 KF2ID    Ben .
19-Jul-07 W2JEK   Don .
19-Jul-07 W2TTT  Gordon as K2BAR net control  
19-Jul-07   Topics discussed were:
19-Jul-07   The use of ferrites salvaged from computers in the Ham shack to suppress stray RF
19-Jul-07   The selection of left or right hand “dits” and “dahs” on iambic paddles for sending CW
19-Jul-07   The use of the a cheap and flexible USB interface and software to drive an AZ/EL rotator for Amateur Satellite and other uses.
19-Jul-07   A “rapid roll call” to test FM Simplex and SSB capabilities of the stations was held with good results


No recording
K2ZO Jim                            Spoke about Bazooka antennas
9-Aug-07 KC2AWX Harvey              Question about 6M DX calling frequency (50.110)
9-Aug-07 KC2IGJ John                    Question about the proper way to solder a PL-259 with the appropriate reducer as appropriate;
9-Aug-07   Offered camera guts for ultra-sonic detector
9-Aug-07 K2AMI Tony  
9-Aug-07 KO2OK Bennett    Referenced a cool web site for fun projects with instructions
9-Aug-07 N3CRT Charlie                  Question about whether to terminate empty splitter port – YES!
9-Aug-07 NJ1W Dave  
9-Aug-07 W2JEK Don                        Spoke about an ultrasonic detector for locating insulators generating line noise; also small portable antenna for PSK31
9-Aug-07 KB2LCA Gary  
9-Aug-07 KC2KIS Andrew               Andrew spoke about his stealth antennas used in his apartment
9-Aug-07 AB2BE                                  Asked about the effect of larger capacity hats on the behavior of his Tar Heel antenna;
9-Aug-07   Question about terminators for unused leads
9-Aug-07 KC2ORX Robert  Comment: “No Radios at the Picnic”  - Bring a chair!
9-Aug-07 W4DSA Daniel  Narrowband FM (2.5 kHz) can be useful, but may have issues with passing sub audible tone
9-Aug-07 W2TTT Net Control  Thanked KO2OK for his help with MIXw and PSK31 and discussed its use to characterize power line noise
9-Aug-07   Referenced the web site for replaying the BARA Tech Net as well as other great nets  


Reel 1 Reel 2
KF2ID Ben        Question on portable antennas for use while traveling to Israel
16-Aug-07 KC2AWX Harvey  Question on the use of CAT 5/5e/6 cable jumpers to extend the microphone on IC-706MkIIG
16-Aug-07 KC2KXV  Vinny    Question on low profile antennas including Isotron & stealth dipoles with attention to RFI issues
16-Aug-07 K2ZO Jim          
16-Aug-07 KB2LCA  Gary    Question on a old monitor scope that had a washed out trace
16-Aug-07 KC2IGJ John      Question on what are “suck out” filters, roofing filters and the purpose of a quarter-wave stub
16-Aug-07 W4DSA Daniel  
16-Aug-07 W2JEK  Don  
16-Aug-07 NS2K  Jim  
16-Aug-07 N3CRT  Charlie  
16-Aug-07 W2BCR  Linda  
16-Aug-07 K2AMI Tony  
16-Aug-07 N2DRO  Allen  
16-Aug-07 W2TTT Gordon Net Control Gave a presentation on a work in progress called the “Orange Box” portable station project to present ideas and obtain feedback.


23-Aug-07 KC2IGJ John      Question how to measure RF output with a dummy load, diode detector and a voltmeter; 
23-Aug-07   Also question on how to  accurately measure given local high power transmitters.
23-Aug-07 KC2MMC Terry  
23-Aug-07 KC2ORX  Robert  
23-Aug-07 W4DSA Daniel                 Question how to filter out WQEW
23-Aug-07 W2JEK Don  
23-Aug-07 WA2FIV  Bob  
23-Aug-07 N2OEL  Noel  
23-Aug-07 K2AMI  Tony  
23-Aug-07 NJ1W Dave  
23-Aug-07 NS2K Jim  
23-Aug-07 KC2QYM Peter  
23-Aug-07 N3CRT Charlie  Spoke on his Shoutcast server and Rigblaster computer interface
23-Aug-07 W2TTT Gordon Provided an update on the Orange Box…the DM-330MV power supply died
    probably due to 144 MHz RF in really close proximity to the power supply and cables.


30-Aug-07 K2ZO Jim  
30-Aug-07 KB2LCA Gary                      Question on J-Pole Grounding
30-Aug-07 KC2AWX Harvey  Commentary and discussion on relative signal strength of stations on 10M
30-Aug-07 KO2OK Bennett  
30-Aug-07 W2BCR Linda  
30-Aug-07 N2SKG Ron  
30-Aug-07 W2IP Paul                       Spoke on RHCP antennas for GPS
30-Aug-07 K2DSL  David  
30-Aug-07 KC2IGJ John                      Follow-up on methods for measuring power using dummy loads & voltmeters
30-Aug-07 W4DSA Daniel    
30-Aug-07 W2JEK Don  
30-Aug-07 WA2FIV Bob  
30-Aug-07 K2AMI Tony  
30-Aug-07 NJ1W  Dave  
30-Aug-07 NS2K Jim                           
30-Aug-07 KC2QYM Peter  
30-Aug-07 N3CRT Charlie  Spoke on GPS Antennas
30-Aug-07 W2TTT Gordon Net Control 


Reel 1 Reel 2
1. K2ZO Jim  
4-Oct-07 2. K2DSL David  
4-Oct-07 3. W4DSA  Daniel    
4-Oct-07 4. W2JEK  Don  
4-Oct-07 5. K2AMI Tony  
4-Oct-07 6. NJ1W  Dave  
4-Oct-07 7. NS2K  Jim                           
4-Oct-07 8. N3CRT  Charlie
4-Oct-07   has info on battery types and maintenance
4-Oct-07 9. N2OEL  Noel      Question on appropriate wire gauge
4-Oct-07 10. AB2XT  John      NOTE NEW CALLSIGN!!! 
4-Oct-07   Made a suggestion to have discussion on how to use TUBES & circuit simulation software  
4-Oct-07 11. KC2RSS  Zach          
4-Oct-07 12. WI2W Steve    
4-Oct-07 13. NO2T Jerry    
4-Oct-07 14. W2TTT Gordon Net Control introduced topic of how to operate under emergency power conditions   


11-Oct-07 1.W2VU  Rich  
11-Oct-07 2. WE2R  Charlie  
11-Oct-07 3. W2VVV  Tim  
11-Oct-07 4. KB2LCA  Gary      Question on how to configure a coaxial balun for resonance on a particular frequency
11-Oct-07 5.KC2KXV  Vinny  
11-Oct-07 6.K2DSL  David  
11-Oct-07 7.W4DSA  Daniel    
11-Oct-07 8.W2JEK  Don  
11-Oct-07 9. NJ1W  Dave      A portable PSK31 all-in-one box called NUE-PSK31 can be found on
11-Oct-07 10.NS2K  Jim                  Referenced the FireFox Propfire add on at .     
11-Oct-07 11. N3CRT  Charlie  
11-Oct-07   Has info on N0HR’s Firefox toolbar for Amateur Radio and the NUE-PSK31 & other goodies from the net
11-Oct-07 12. AB2XT  John      Is it normal for the NTS folks to send you a greeting message and recruit you? (yes) J
11-Oct-07   Why does a 1962 ARRL Handbook suggest that lower frequencies provide selectivity & gain?
11-Oct-07 13. WI2W  Steve  
11-Oct-07 14. NO2T Jerry  
11-Oct-07 15.W2TTT  Gordon Net Control introduced topic asking how each station was prepared for emergency power  

25-Oct-07 1.WE2R Charlie  
25-Oct-07 2.W2VVV  Tim  
25-Oct-07 3.K2ZO Jim  
25-Oct-07 4.K2DSL  David  
25-Oct-07 5.K2AMI  Tony              Gave a talk on the Fox Hunt and how to prepare and participate in the event
25-Oct-07   And of course the Pizza or Ice Cream that BARA provides after the event!
25-Oct-07 6.KF2ID Ben  
25-Oct-07 7.W4DSA Daniel   
25-Oct-07 8.W2JEK Don  
25-Oct-07 9. NJ1W Dave  
25-Oct-07 10.N2CYY Lou                 
25-Oct-07 11.NO2T  Jerry  
25-Oct-07 12.KA2UIJ Jim  
25-Oct-07 13.NS2K Jim  
25-Oct-07 14. W2BCR Linda  
25-Oct-07 15.AB2XT John   
25-Oct-07 16. W2TTT Gordon,
Net Control


Reel 1 Reel 2
1. N2OEL Noel      Question about BALUNs  How to pronounce the term and what is the correct size and type of current balun?
1-Nov-07 2.NS2K Jim  
1-Nov-07 3. NJ1W  Dave  
1-Nov-07 4. N3CRT   Charlie Question on station design and layout.  Posted a link to photos from the AMSAT Symposium at
1-Nov-07 5. AB2XT John  
1-Nov-07 6. WI2W Steve ?  
1-Nov-07 7. KC2IVN Gary  
1-Nov-07 8. KC2QYM  Peter     Question about basic station grounds
1-Nov-07 9. K2ZO  Jim  
1-Nov-07 10. K2AMI Tony  
1-Nov-07 11. KA2BDU  Helmut Question about using his handheld transceiver (VX-7R): When are you fixed, mobile, portable?
1-Nov-07 12. K2DSL  David  
1-Nov-07 13. W4DSA Daniel  
1-Nov-07 14. W2JEK Don  
1-Nov-07 15. W2TTTGordon                Net control


Reel 1 Reel 2

1. K2ZO Jim
8-Nov-07 2. K2DSL Dave
8-Nov-07 3. WI2W Steve
8-Nov-07 4. NJ1W Dave
8-Nov-07 5. N3CRT Charlie
8-Nov-07 6. K2AMI Tony
8-Nov-07 7. K2SAV/AG Al
8-Nov-07 8. W4DSA Daniel
8-Nov-07 9. NO2T Jerry
8-Nov-07 10. W2TTT Gordon, Net Control


15-Nov-07 K2ZO Jim  
15-Nov-07 K2AMI Tony Asked for a post-net check on 50.200 of his "new" converted amplifier.
Worked great per W2TTT, WI2W, W2JEK
15-Nov-07 KC2KXV Vinny Referenced a web site: as a wonderful informational resource
15-Nov-07 K2DSL David  
15-Nov-07 NJ1W Dave  
15-Nov-07 AB2XT John  
15-Nov-07 WI2W Steve  
15-Nov-07 W4DSA Daniel Question on Amateur Radio radar. Check out KA9MVA's DARTS Tech Notes
15-Nov-07 WE2R Charlie  
15-Nov-07 W2JEK Don  
15-Nov-07 W2VVV Tim Ordinances on tower heights. Also for determining date of original license.
15-Nov-07 KF2ID Ben Wanted to know how to determine when you were first licensed.
15-Nov-07 W2TTT Gordon Net Control Mentioned that the FIOS installation was pending in his home and described the process.
    Needed info on how to identify system components for KC2NZC who phoned in the question
W2VVV and N3CRT" recommended Everest Home Edition" and "Belarc Advisor"


22-Nov-07 W2VVV Tim Liked attending kit night. Built a combo kit of
22-Nov-07   keyer and instrumentation. Question on if there is a
22-Nov-07   way to characterize "rubber duck" antennas?
22-Nov-07 WE2R Charlie
22-Nov-07 N2OOJ Orrie Question on where the orange water-resistant boxes
22-Nov-07   came from
22-Nov-07   See also
22-Nov-07 K2AMI Tony
22-Nov-07 KC2SAV Al Question on whether you can listen to public safety
22-Nov-07   frequencies using Amateur equipment.
22-Nov-07 WA2CAI Tom
22-Nov-07 N2ICL Kevin
22-Nov-07 KC2AWX Harvey
22-Nov-07 W2TTT Gordon Net Control


29-Nov-07 K2AMI Tony     C: Please note the weather forecast for the weekend and make preparations in your ham shacks.
29-Nov-07 KC2SAV Al  
29-Nov-07 N3CRT Charlie  Q: Do they make N type long barrel connectors?
29-Nov-07 NS2K Jim  
29-Nov-07 NJ1W Dave  
29-Nov-07 WE2R Charlie  Q: How can one identify repeaters between NJ and ME?  ARRL Travel Plus, EchoLink, IRLP
29-Nov-07 W4DSA Daniel  
29-Nov-07 KC2QYM Peter    Q: How does the ICOM IC-746PRO and what do you suggest for a power supply
29-Nov-07 KC2AWX  Harvey  
29-Nov-07 WA2CAI Tom      Q: How well do Anderson PowerPoles work?
29-Nov-07 W2TTT  Gordon Net Control C: BARA Dinner Saturday, 7:00 PM


6-Dec-07 K2AMI Tony     C: Watch for possible severe weather this weekend. 
6-Dec-07 N3CRT Charlie  Ponder this: is doing Amateur Digital Television. 
6-Dec-07   What about MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 format and bandwidth?
6-Dec-07 NS2K  Jim  
6-Dec-07 KC2QYM  Peter    Q: The signals in AM mode seem “muddy”. 
6-Dec-07   K2ZO & W2JEK thought that the filters may be misplaced. 
6-Dec-07   Will investigate and report findings.
6-Dec-07 K2ZO Jim  
6-Dec-07 W2JEK Don      Q: What suggestions can be made to standardize Headset, PTT and Keying connections?
6-Dec-07 K2DSL David  
6-Dec-07 KF2ID  =Ben      Q: Would like to obtain a connector to provide power to a Kenwood TH-79A handheld. 
6-Dec-07   Connector from Radio Shack didn’t quite fit. 
6-Dec-07   K2ZO suggested Wayne Electronics
6-Dec-07 KC2AWX  Harvey  
6-Dec-07 W2TTT Gordon Net Control

Reel 1 Reel 2
W2JEK   Don, Net Control               
20-Dec-07 W2TTT   Gordon, Net Control (we split it)             
20-Dec-07 KC2QYM  Peter       
20-Dec-07 KF2ID   Ben                
20-Dec-07 KC2OCC   Joe           
20-Dec-07 W2VVV    Tim           
20-Dec-07 K2AMI  Tony        
20-Dec-07 NJ1W   Dave            
20-Dec-07 N2OEL    Noel              
20-Dec-07 NO2T   Jerry                 
20-Dec-07 WA2CAI    Tom          
20-Dec-07 Discussion topics were:
20-Dec-07 How to measure power from a high power amplifier?
20-Dec-07 How to determine elevation of various QTH?
20-Dec-07 Tech Course and Test Sessions
20-Dec-07 IRLP maps and linking